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Praise The Lord 9-24-2017

Well I posted a VOTL Complitation show earlier but I must post my regular show for this week. Need to keep the radio stations supplied. Thank You WXYZ WFSN WXED WUUK WHYP WHSB WLDJ RKP Radio VFR Radio Votl Radio.

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Praise The Lord VOTL Complitation CD Number 18

In Co Operation with Voice Of The Lord Ministries. Praise The Lord Features Ten Of The Artists Recorded on this CD. Complitation CD Number 18. Now how much would you pay for this? $25.00 ? $50.00 ? No It is yours absolutely free. But Wait if you download right now you can get The Trumpet online right now for no Charge by going to If you need to learn more and find out about Gods Simple Plan Of Salvation or you would like to have your name added to the Prayer List At...

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Praise The Lord 9-17-2017

Here we are back again as the Fall Football season is underway. High School College and Pro Football games to keep us entertained.Please attend a church in your area and see what message God has for you. Thank you for taking time to listen to my show.

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Praise The Lord 9-10-2017

Well here it is September. Just had a birthday and want to thank all who took time to wish me a happy one. Being retired as I get older I enjoy making my own schedule, having the money to spend if I want or need some thing.And I am thankful that I am in fairly good health and my family is doing well. Praise The Lord

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Praise The Lord 9-3-2017

Well this week I have the Old Paths,Jeff and Sherri Easter, Gaither Vocal Band plus a couple of comedy cuts and a lot more. So pour your self a cup of coffee and keep me company for the next hour.

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Praise The Lord 8-27-2017

Another show with some good music and some good comedy to make you smile. Carl Hurley tells a Joke you will love.Did you hear the one about the Duck that walks into a feed store? No Well you will just have to listen and yes it is a clean joke family friendly.

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