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Everything Is Looking Black, Activated Charcoal, PFF Podcast Episode 055

Thanks for tuning in to Prescription for Flavor your source for all things foodie and healthy. Today we discuss activated charcoal; What is it? How to use it? and Does it actually offer any health benefits? Find us on the web: Listen in on any and all podcast players! We love to hear from you! So please send us your questions, comments and topic ideas :)


How to Kill Your Boss, 5 Deadly Foods | PFF Podcast Episode 054

Our pitch for Horrible bosses 3: Killer Foods! Yep you read it right these 5 foods may seem delicious but if you eat them the wrong way or the wrong part you won't live to see tomorrow. In this episode: Jenn tells us about an interesting discovery on Food in the News. Question of the week takes a look at healthy hair. If you have a food or health question you want answered head over


Eat This for Younger, Healthy Looking Skin | PFF Podcast Episode 052

Forget the cosmetics aisle! Save time and money, just eat these foods to have healthy, younger looking skin. Healthy tummy makes for a youthful appearance. Today we discuss those things that hurt us and those that heal us. The question of the week looks at why dirt is good and why its important to give that hand sanitizer a rest. Want to have your question answered? Head over to and show us some love :) Visit for your chance to win a...


What I (we) Eat In A Day | PFF Podcast Episode 051

We jumped on the bandwagon for today's episode. What I or we eat in a day. We delve into gender differences, portion sizes and if breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Contact Jenn and Adam at show us some love at


Want Strong, Lean Muscles Then Eat This | PFF Podcast Episode 050 | Exotic Meats

Would you eat a kangaroo? How about a crocodile? Today we discuss why you should trade in the cow for something more exotic. A trip to the health food store has us sampling sheep products. Want to have your question answered? head over to Connect with us at


How to Have Matcha Better Health | PFF Podcast Episode 049

Everything you didn't want to know about matcha and more. Adam cooks up some unique matcha recipes and Jenn talks matcha health. Thank you to Desert Missus for your awesome blogging skills! Contact Jenn and Adam Support this cast


Is Barbeque Season & Weight Gain | PFF Podcast Episode 048 | Barbeque Packing on the Pounds

Can it be?? Is barbeque season responsible for annual weight gain? Christmas is usually blamed for packing on the pounds but Jenn thinks summer time is much worse! Question of the week is all about smoking meats. A trip to the health food store brings looks at vegan burgers and cheese...yum :P Want to have your question answered? Have a topic you'd like to hear about or a product reviewed? Head over to Contact Jenn and/or Adam at


These 3 Food Additives May Make you stroke Out | PFF Podcast Episode 047

We all know that additives are bad but just how bad? Today we discuss 2 common and 1 not so common food additives, how they taste, why they're used and what they do to the body. On a trip to the health food store we try out Social Lite Vodka and PeaPops. Listen for the question of the week to hear Adam dissed by a listener :) Connect with us on Social Media, and consider helping us keep this podcast running by supporting us on Patreon.


Should Humans Eat Meat | Battle of the Sexes | PFF Podcast Episode 046

On this special edition of Prescription for Flavor Jenn and Adam battle it out in the ultimate "Battle of the Sexes". Who's side are you on? Jenn takes the side of vegetarians everywhere when she discusses why we all need to eat our greens. While Adam sides with the carnivores and argues that meat tastes good! You decide who wins this battle. Cast your vote in the comments or head over to and have your say.


Guilty Pleasure Foods | PFF Podcast Episode 045 | Is it Okay to Indulge

Guilty pleasure foods are those things that you just have to have but feel sooooo guilty about post consumption. Or maybe not! Sometimes it’s just those comfort foods that make you overeat. Usually they are things that have some kind of emotional connection or provide comfort. Contact Jennifer and Adam Send us some love


Those Annoying Foodies: Are you One? | PFF Podcast Episode 044

The term foodie means a person who enjoys food as a hobby. This is very vague. Today Jenn and Adam discuss alternate meanings and define what they think a real foodie is. If you are one "those" so called foodies that only eat specialty burgers, Adam has some thoughts for you! Connect with Jenn or Adam at Send us love on


South Korean Cuisine | Foods of the World | PFF Podcast Episode 043

Admittedly we know nothing about korean food except that it's fun to eat and there are a few dishes we can't imagine life without! We take a trip to the health food store and try some asparagus pickle. The question of the week comes from Massachusetts all about pickles. Want to to have your question answered contact Jenn or Adam at give us some love on Patreon at


Memory Boosting Superfoods | PFF Podcast Episode 041

As part of our SuperFoods series today we discuss three foods that help you retain information. While these may seem like ordinary foods, they do extraordinary things when ingested on a regular basis. want more information or to have your question answered? Get in touch at like what you hear? give a little love!


Lactose | The Downside of Dairy | PFF Podcast Episode 040

Do you love milk, cheese and other dairy products? Does your stomach turn post indulgence? Then this is for you! Lactose intolerance is making the world a gassier place, but it's worth it! Find out everything you need to know about lactose intolerance and know that you are not alone! Want to have your questions answered? Check us out on


Food Trends for 2017 | PFF Podcast Episode 039

Back in February 2017 The New Yorker contained a story entitled Food Trends. This episode considers that article. While all the “trends” may not be true they are insanely funny. Check out the article here Get in touch with Jenn and/or Adam at


Foods that Detox the Liver | PFF Podcast 038

Detoxify! The liver is the primary point of detoxification. When it gets bogged down the body gets bogged down. We experience fatigue, skin irritations, stomach upset, headaches and more. So what can we do about it? Eat the right foods! Today we discuss what to eat to help the body rid toxins. Want to have your question answered? Contact Jenn and Adam at


The Beefiest Episode... EVER | PFF Podcast Episode 037

What do robots, Wagu beef and gluten free crackers have in common? They are all discussed on today’s episode of Prescription for Flavor. Writing this next line I felt like an old time fair announcer … “For one day only the world’s most expensive beef! Will this vegetarian take a bite? How much different can it be?” Contact Jenn and Adam at support Prescription for Flavor on Patreon Tune in every thursday for new episodes!


Kombucha: Scoby do What? | PFF Podcast Episode 036

Over 2000 years old this drink has cured everything from grey hair to cancer to impotence…or so they say! Kombucha! This fermented tea claims to serve up a giant glass of health. Today we break it down for you. What is it? How’s it made? Why drink it? And what else can you do with it? Plus we answer the question of the week concerning acid reflux and dive into jars of nut butter during our trip to the health food store. Want to have your question read and answered? Head over to...


We Ate WHAT! Bugs are Good for You | Episode 034

The United Nations is urging people all around the world to eat more bugs! So we decided to give it a try. Are you brave enough? Jenn wasn't! This episode covers everything you didn't want to know about consuming insects. We also tackle the question of the week all about muscle bulking after workouts. Want to have your question answered? Check us out on Keep up-to-date with Prescription for Flavor though the web:


033 The Seafood, See Food Diet | Shell Fish

To seafood or not to seafood…shellfish have often been viewed as rich and decadent. Today we discuss the facts about shellfish and how to cook it. Have a topic you would like to hear us discuss? Or a prouct you'd like us to review? Contact Jenn and Adam at Like what you hear? Send us some love on Patreon!


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