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e81 - 2018 is gonna roll me

We set some new year’s resolutions and recap our best and worst picks of our 2017 shows. Warcraft old and new is discussed as well as Exploding Kittens. A full review of Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Magicians on SYFY and Daredevil. And news of whats to come for us in 2018. PS - This whole episode was made to annoy Brittany.


e80 - Black Friday Recap / Xbox 360 and iPhone X Reviews

We tried something different this episode. Hear about our Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal picks and what we bought. We do some hardware first impression reviews of Xbox 360 and iPhone X.


e78 - Mortal Kombat (Arcade, SNES, Genesis) Reupload

Mortal Kombat turned 25 years old this month so we celebrate by having Ashlee, Finn, and Danny come review it with us. It’s arcade vs SNES vs Genesis. Find out which version we think is the best and why. TV talk brings us to the finale of Channel Zero: No End House, The Walking Dead, and the strange dreams that Rick and Morty have given us.

e77 - Monopoly Gamer

Monopoly Gamer takes an old board game that everybody hates and adds a new twist that everybody loves. Ashlee joins the show again to talk about this fun for all ages game. There is a lot of new TV we discovered with Channel Zero: No End House on the SYFY Network, Seth Mcfarlane’s The Orvile, and Vice Principals on HBO. NHL 94 is still going strong with the NHL 94 Kings tournament is Las Vegas and a new documentary on the way called Pixelated Heroes. Music in this episode is brought to...


e76 - Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4, PC)

We dare to enter the depths of hell and the twisted mind of a delusional and insane woman to search for her beloved. This unique game has benn praised by many and we are definitly with that group. Find out what makes Hellbalde such a wonderful trip into Sanua’s psyche. Adam revisits the old Adam Sandler movie Waterboy, finishes off the Regular Show series, and gets back into Suthpark. Toys R Us may be filing bankruptcy and be gone forever and nintendo switch has a hidden game.


e75 - Pit Fighter (Arcade/Genesis)

This game is terrible! Nintendo has a lot of news with Mario not being a plumber and the internet loses its mind, Miiverse being shut down, and Nintendo Switch requiring more memory. Terminator 2 3D is released in theaters and Adam gets a private showing. Does this classic movie hold up and is the 3D worth it?


Episode 73 - Movie/TV Reviews

As Adam recovers from surgery, he has been watching a lot of TV. Get caught up on some of the latest shows like Room 104, Vice Principals, Castlevania, and Game of Thrones and some movies like The Great Lebowski, Robocop and The Kingsman.


Episode 72 - Atari Lynx and Blue Lightning (Lynx)

Because you asked for it! Find out all the history of the little talked about but revolutionary system the Atari Lynx and Blue Lightning, the flagship game for the system! Game of Thrones is back on the air so of course we have to talk about it. SPOILER ALERT! If you dont want spoilers, skip that part.


Episode 71 - Outrun (Arcade, Genesis)

Come drive cross country with us in our Ferarri in Sega’s driving classic, Outrun. Considered to be one of the pioneering and one of the top simulations of all times, we tell you if the ride is still worth it or if you should finally trade in that old car. Its been a while since we talked about movies and TV so we finally catch up with our thoughts on Wonder Woman, Captian Underpants, and the HBO series Silicin Valley. In gaming news we give you all the dirt on the SNES Classic and tell...


Episode 67 - Final Fight (Arcade, SNES)

WARNING: This episode could almost be as controversial as the game was! We speak all in good fun on some controversial topics. Please do not take everything we say seriously. Final Fight was a hug beat-em-up from the late 80s early 90s tht was heavily influenced by many things from the time as well as heavily censored for different regions and systems around the world. Learn all about these things and more as we discuss one of Adam’s favorite games.


Episode 66 - Nintendo Switch Conference Reactions

Nintendo finally announced the release date andeverything coming out for the system! We give you the entire scoop on everything from the system and what it comes with, accessories, and games announced for it’s release and the rest of the year. We finally both got to see Star Wars Rogue One. Find out if its any good.


Episode 63 - Robotron 2084 (Arcade)

Beep, Boop, Bop join Adam and Brittany in the year 2084 as they slay killer robot aliens in Robotron. Find out what Brittany thinks of one of Adam’s favorite arcade games. They also discuss new movies with female leads, Ghostbusters & Star Wars Rogue One.

Episode 60 - Splatoon

On this episode we review Wii U’s Splatoon. Join us as we paint our way through Octo Valley and discuss what we like and dislike about Nintendo’s colorful and creative third person shooter. . Adam introduces the upcoming movie Monster Truck and Brittany forces Adam to endure more Fear the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones talk. Also, don’t miss Adam getting gossipy with his first attempt at celebrity news. He’s got it out for Johnny Depp.

Episode 59 - Free Comic Book Day

Brittany goes to a few shops on free comic book day. Be warned, all shops are not the same. She tells us all about how some shops run it right and how some shops can be really shady. . Adam visits a few modern arcades and is really disapointed. Can today’s arcade last like the ones from our childhood did? . Brittany tells us all about Captain America Civil War and Adam has had just about enough of Johnny Depp. We both talk about Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Episode 57 - Crypt of the Necrodancer

. Crypt of the Necrodancer is a very unique mix of retro dungeon crawling mixed with DDR style controls. Is this unique mix any good? Have a listen and see what we think. . Adam visits Retrocade in West Dundee, Illinois while on vacation and gives a full review of the arcade.

Episode 54 - Guild of Dungeoneering

Come with us and join the Guild of Dungeoneering. It’s a cute deck building, dungeon crawling adventure on PC and Tablet. We discuss some of the new games coming for 2016 and how much we hate TV right now. Plus Adam almost makes Brittany throw up!

Episode 51 - Dragon’s Lair

. Don Bluth created a classic when he made the first fully animated laserdisc based arcade game with Dragon’s Lair. Take control of Dirk the Daring as he travels through a castle to save Daphne from an evil dragon. Learn all about Don and all of his animated classics films and what the hell is a laserdisc anyways? . Links: Press Continue Podcast Patreon . Visit Press Continue Podcast’s Website Subscribe and rate us on

Episode 49 - Splatterhouse

. For our halloween special we decided to go visit Splatterhouse. During our visit we learn all about the terror mask and the Turbografx-16 system from NEC. Will Rick save Jennifer from Dr. West and the horrors found in the splatterhouse? . TV and news brings reviews of Ash vs Evil Dead and Crimson Peak as well as we check out trailers for Through the Looking Glass, The Hateful 8, and The Warcraft movie. Youtube Red starts their new pay service and slave leah is going away. . Links:

Episode 47 - PCP Mini - Pacman Battle Royale

. We find the newest pacman game in the arcade and want to tell you all about this new 4 player competitive game! . Visit Press Continue Podcast’s Website Subscribe and rate us oniTunesorSti [...]

Episode 43 - F-Zero

F-Zero is an amazing SNES drving game that set the new standard for driving games and inspired many other games in the genre. We bring in our friend Christian who is an expert on this game since it is one of his all time favorites. Will we like it as much as he does? . We get a fresh outlook on the Harry Potter series from Christian as a first time viewer of the movies. A lot of news about 3DS price drops and how to get homebrew on your 3DS. China is coming out with a new android based...

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