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11. The Bigamist

Mary Turner Thomas says she married a bigamist. She claims her husband, William Allen Jordan, was involved with 8 different women and fathered 13 kids. At one point, he had two wives, two fiances and a girlfriend on both sides of the Atlantic. William Allen Jordan and Mary Turner Thomson How in the world did Mary not know about these other relationships? How can one man pull off a con this big? It's easy to dismiss Mary as being naive. However, William Jordan was a skilled con man. Once...

Duration: 00:32:28

10. The Pretender Part 2

The Pretender - Marc Ruskin FBI undercover agent Remember the name Marc Ruskin: because if you run into him, chances are he will introduce himself as Alex Perez, H. Marc Renard, or Sal Morelli – just a few of his FBI undercover personas. Marc Ruskin started his career as an assistant DA in Brooklyn and left it all behind to join the FBI Academy. It didn’t take him long to become an FBI undercover agent. His first big undercover case landed him in Wall Street busting up trading scams. That...

Duration: 00:25:12

9: The Pretender Part 1

Before Marc Ruskin was an undercover FBI agent, he was an assistant DA in Brooklyn. Why did he give up his career as a powerful attorney to join the FBI academy? Well, in order to prosecute criminals, you have to catch them first. It didn’t take long for Marc to become an undercover agent. For 27 years, he slipped into various different characters busting criminals ranging from drug dealers to Wall Street insiders. At one point, Marc was juggling three or four cases at a time – switching...

Duration: 00:18:39

8: The Sculptor

Sharon McConnell-Dickerson is preserving the Mississippi Delta blues with her own two hands. She's doing it by creating molds of some of the most influential blues musicians of our time. The lifecasts include a mask of Bobby “Blue” Bland, Little Milton from Memphis, “Honeyboy” Edwards from Chicago, and Pinetop Perkins from Clarksdale, just to name a few – almost 60 musicians total.

Duration: 00:22:22

7: The Realtor - Part 2

South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp confesses to the Superbike Motorsports mass murder. This is part 2 of "The Realtor." I suggest starting with part 1. It was a Thursday morning. Kohlhepp walked into the Superbike motorsports store and started scoping out the place. He’s not shopping for motorcycle. He’s looking for his next victims. Kohlhepp: "I got there. Not everybody was there. I went in sat on a few bikes, did my usual. Basically buying for time. And doing my best to make sure...

Duration: 00:21:58

6: The Realtor Part 1

This week’s story is about self-professed serial killer Todd Kohlhepp. What’s terrifying about Todd Kohlhepp? He’s not the type of serial killer you see in the movies. He doesn’t collect body parts in his fridge. He doesn’t taunt the media with riddles. He seems like a normal guy who owns a successful real estate company. Listen as his last surviving victim describes how he killed her boyfriend and locked her up in a shipping container for weeks. And that's just the beginning. SUBSCRIBE...

Duration: 00:26:38

The Realtor - Preview

The Realtor, part 1 Preview Professed serial killer Todd Kohlhepp confesses to killing Meagan Coxie, Johnny Coxie, and Charlie Carver. His last victim, Kala Brown, was found alive. This is just a preview episode. If you want the full episode now, visit and click on the donate button. If you can't donate today, hang tight. The rest of the season will be out soon. Thank you for listening. Javier

Duration: 00:04:16

4: Birth Of A Con Man Part 1

Imagine, you’re driving on the road when suddenly a beat-down car full of passengers pulls into the lane right in front of you. Then, suddenly, the driver slams on the brakes. You look up at your rear view mirror, but it’s too late, you’re in a three-way accident. But no one should be hurt. It was a minor fender bender, right? Wrong. All eight passengers stumble out of both cars holding their necks and rolling around on the ground. The police officer shows up and incredulously writes up an...

Duration: 00:22:38

The Prophet - Part 3

In the Prophet part 3, we’ll look at the Word of Faith Fellowship from a completely different lens. We’ll hear from current sect members and get their version of the story. Plus, you'll hear the latest on trial against five ministers accused of beating and kidnapping Michael Fenner. If you enjoy the show, consider donating a dollar: Follow us on: Twitter: @pretend_radio Facebook:...

Duration: 00:21:08

2: The Prophet Part 2

John Cooper remembers one of the Word of Faith Fellowship ministers commanding him to beat his wife. He also describes his family’s attempt to what he describes as a cult. Then it finally happened. John escaped. We’ll listen to secret recordings of pastor Jane Whaley trying to lure him back. Subscribe now: Apple Podcasts: Google Play: Stitcher: Also, make sure to sign up for our newsletter at...

Duration: 00:22:14

1: The Prophet Part 1

The Prophet part 1 explores The Word of Faith Fellowship. You will hear about the accused cult leader, Pastor Jane Whaley, who many inside the sect believe is a prophet with direct communication with God. John Cooper describes the day 20 to 30 sect members surrounded and attacked him. He also shares secret recordings of Pastor Jane Whaley commanding someone to throw someone down to the ground. Plus, you’ll hear “blasting prayers” — ear-piercing crying sessions meant to cast out demons.

Duration: 00:23:42

Pretend Radio - Season 1 Preview

What is Pretend Radio? It’s a documentary-style podcast about people pretending to be someone else. Each episode features con artists, fakes, phonies and their victims. Season one explores The Word of Faith Fellowship and the accused cult leader, Pastor Jane Whaley, who many inside the sect believe is a prophet with direct communication to God. And witness the birth of a con man. Learn how one man went from being a small-time street thug to running a multi-million dollar medical scam. But...

Duration: 00:02:49