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Two friends sit down and have a lively conversation filled with good laughs and good times. Topics range from science fiction movies to sleeping with lesbians. Come on in and enjoy a good talk.

Two friends sit down and have a lively conversation filled with good laughs and good times. Topics range from science fiction movies to sleeping with lesbians. Come on in and enjoy a good talk.
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Detroit, MI


Two friends sit down and have a lively conversation filled with good laughs and good times. Topics range from science fiction movies to sleeping with lesbians. Come on in and enjoy a good talk.




PTA 093 – The Last Poppins

Here it is, our Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion, review, and critique. Spoilers galore, of course! Apparently Jason and Steve swapped spots since The Force Awakens, now Steve loves it and Jason is not terribly enthused. We discuss the entire movie, the things we loved, the things we didn’t like, and our opinions of […]

Duration: 02:05:07

PTA 092 – The Over-Correction

Happy Holidays! We dish on Christmas gifts and Jason gets his phone stolen. We talk Net Neutrality and how Disney will soon own the entire world, and also Hulu. Jason notices something about his favorite TV shows and we discuss if it is an over correction or necessary, and if how it is being handled […]

Duration: 01:02:35

PTA 091 – The iPhone Incident

Steve talks about his annual Christmas date night seeing Jerry Seinfeld. We rank the top 5 standups of all time. And Steve tells us about seeing Birbiglia. We talk about the changing Detroit, the Q-Line, LCA. Jason took the family to the Holiday Nights at the Zoo. And we finally talk about the new Star […]

Duration: 00:49:28

PTA 090 – The Strangers of Perfection

After 8 long months, we are back in action! Thanks for sticking with us and supporting the show while we were gone! We talk about our time off, what podcasts and books we’ve been listening to, what TV we have been watching, and the latest phone scams. Oh and Jason gets pretty deep into a […]

Duration: 01:10:16

PTA 089 – The One Armed Tipper

Jason had a rough week. We dicuss our fears about surgery and going under. Both of us relate a bad restuarant service experience. Jason asks an important question about the service industry.

Duration: 01:30:01

PTA 088 – Dark Matter: A Podcast

We go deep into breaking down the amazing sci-fi novel Dark Matter: A Novel by Blake Crouch. Hear about what we loved and didn’t love about the book. And of course, we offer our special brand of thoughts on how we would improve the story in our unique PTA way! Buckle up, this is a […]

Duration: 02:17:28

PTA 087 – The Best Comedian You’ve Never Heard Of

Jason gets another phone scam. Steve relates a story about what happened to the podcast. Jason gives his opinion about walking right of ways. And we both dig in on the latest comedy specials we have seen, including our recommendation for the greatest comedian you’ve probably never heard of.

Duration: 01:21:26

PTA 086 – The Well-Spoken Troll

We discuss the never ending search for movies to show our kids, and how Jason fell into a dire situation. Why is the term “well-spoken” only applied to a certain type of person. We both relate recent customer service nightmares and wonder if this is the real downfall of brick and mortar. And Jason FINALLY […]

Duration: 01:33:57

PTA 085 – The Checkbook

Jason relates an unexpected story of surprise and horror about a checkbook in central Indiana. Jason FINALLY tells the story of the disappearing lawnmower man. And we breakdown the 2016 scifi thriller “Arrival”.

Duration: 01:22:51

PTA 084 – The Guy And The Hot Chick

We talk about awkward encounters with baby penis, and what we look forward to as fathers of boys once they grow out of diapers. Jason gets sentimental with a movie trailer. Jason talks about the worst way to come home from work. A man is buried alive in China, and a white guy makes a […]

Duration: 01:21:13

PTA 083 – The Galen Hole

The first episode of Season III is here! And just like last year, and just like next year, this is all Star Wars! We dig deep into Rogue One! How does this movie change the existing movies? What do we love and what do we love more??

Duration: 01:19:58

PTA 082 – The Giver and The Receiver

We find out which of us is the giver and which is the receiver, for Christmas presents! Do you take your kids to see Santa? Elf on the Shelf? Can Christmas movies be viewed as historical documentaries? We talk about our favorite movies and music to celebrate the season, and how we go about buying […]

Duration: 01:46:53

PTA 081 – The Cracker Shoes

Jason relates a story about peanuts, and complains about taking off his shoes. We update Trump’s America and talk about a new sneaker conspiracy. We dive into collecting things, a bit about Star Wars, and having remote start in your car. And we talk about the worst thing to wear on your face in the […]

Duration: 01:24:35

PTA 080 – The Butthole

With special guest Kevin! We hear an update on the IRS scandal Steve was apart of over a year ago. Jason tells us about a useful new descriptive word in his household and we dig into the differences in dirty words. We talk about some updates in the world of Cord Cutting and we tell […]

Duration: 00:55:33

PTA 079 – The Childstars and The Racists

We talk about the current state of political correctness and actual racism in America. We make contact with a former child actor, or at least an asian man with the same name. We discuss Jason’s home remodel with his wife. And we get into Screech, why not?

Duration: 00:51:30

PTA 078 – The Callsign

We talk about the odd results of the Cy Young voting and how they might affect our next presidential race. Jason receives an odd piece of mail. Jason shares a podcast that makes him scared to be alone and we finally talk about the upcoming Star Wars Rouge One!

Duration: 01:04:52

PTA 077 – The Trump

We dive right into Trump’s America! This is our last political conversation for awhile, but how could you not talk about this election? We discuss the post-election fallout and hope for the best future possible. We also start the Christmas season talking about some shopping and some decorating!

Duration: 01:16:14

PTA 076 – The Cubby Elder

Special extended length episode (for her pleasure)! A family member finds out an intimate secret. We dig into what it is like to hang out with your dad. Steve talks about seeing The Book of Mormon. We talk politics just a few days before the election. And Steve dishes on why he hates the Cubs […]

Duration: 01:50:06

PTA 075 – The Studio in the Woods

Our annual Halloween episode! This year we dish on homemade treats, Jason’s first Halloween at the new house, and grind some gears about allergies. Then we dig deep into a movie review for “Cabin in the Woods”!

Duration: 01:34:31

PTA 074 – The Neighbors

Special guests Andy and Kevin this week! We talk about hitting a major milestone for Pretending to Amuse. Andy relates a story about a bad neighbor. Jason tells us about terrible places to run into ex-girlfriends. And Andy tells us how he met his ball and chain.

Duration: 01:23:28

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