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466: Food As Medicine

Ready for another Food As Medicine episode? I'm really psyched for this one because I'm VERY passionate about sulfur-rich veggies like brussels sprouts & broccoli. I have no doubt that they have transformed my health. Today we are talking about everything from skin health to metabolism, detoxification, hormones, arthritis & asthma. Plus, we'll go into how you can make these veggies super delicious if you're not usually a big veggie...


465: When Circumstances Challenge Choices

There is no circumstance that takes away your ever-present super power: the power of choice. No matter how much time you have, how much stress you're under, how upset you are or how inconsistent your past has been, you still hold the transformative power of choice. It's always with you. In today's episode we're talking about a major barrier to change: elevating your circumstances, diminishing yourself and convincing yourself that you are small & powerless in the face of things that...


464: The Most Important Thing

The other day I listened to Dan Heath share a story about college professors. It really moved me & inspired this episode. Here's a quick summary of the story he told. A group of college professors were asked what one or two things they'd want their students to remember 10 years later. Of all the things they'd teach, what was most important that they carry with them, understand or know how to do years into the future? The professors all shared their answers. Then, they were asked what...


463: Maintenance, Plateaus & Shame

Just because you could lose more weight or you want to lose more weight, doesn't mean you're a failure if you aren't seeing results. We need to stop being ashamed of maintenance or plateaus. We need to see them as critical parts of the process that shouldn't be fought or rushed. One of the best ways to ensure the change you've worked hard to create is permanent is to prove your ability to maintain it. Periods of maintenance can & should happen along the path to progress. Furthermore,...


462: How I Transformed My Travel Habits

My travel habits used to be a complete nightmare. I'd binge in airports, overeat on roadtrips and justify every indulgence because I was out of my normal routine. All the while, I'd make myself empty (yet well intentioned) promises about how "on point" I'd be when I returned home. I'd return home from vacations, business trips or road trips feeling exhausted, defeated and tremendously disappointed in myself. I was both physically & emotionally heavier than when I had left. Because of...


461: Travel Tips To Avoid Trackwrecks

I used to fear travel. For me, based on my past experiences, travel was a time for overeating, overindulging, and making all sorts of pledges about how I'll "get serious" when I return home. I'd return exhausted, frustrated, feeling bad about my body and completely overwhelmed by all the changes I wanted to make. In the past few years, I have transformed my travel habits. Over the next two episodes I'll share how I made those changes (without restriction, deprivation or missing out) and...


460: This Will Rub You The Wrong Way

Why is it that we hold others to higher standards than those to which we hold ourselves? Why is it unacceptable for others to break promises to us but we let ourselves off the hook for it every day? Is it not a little hypocritical to demand change from others before demanding it of ourselves? Today's episode is short and powerful. I hope you'll take a listen and then take action. Resources: Join the Wait List for the Spring 2018 Fat Loss Fast...


459: EB Talks Mindset

Last week I was interviewed about the role of mindset - the way we think and make decisions - in our quest to create change. I talked about the most common mistakes I see that hold people back and some simple strategies to overcome them. Plus, I talk about my journey, my childhood and how I created massive change and improvement in my own life. When the full interview becomes available, I'll be sure to share on Instagram where you can find it. For now, this episode is a great...


458: Food As Medicine - Turmeric

I am beyond excited for this 2nd episode in the Food As Medicine series of the podcast! Today we are talking about turmeric and it's active components, curcuminoids. Curcumin has long been used to fight inflammation but it does so much more than that! We'll explore the role of turmeric in cell health, inflammation, skin health, depression, cognitive function and more! We'll differentiate between turmeric root and turmeric powder, talk about how to identify a quality supplement and I'll...


457: Becoming A Warrior

We've become too passive in our own lives. We go with the flow instead of stepping up to be in charge of the journey. Today's episode is a call to be warrior in your own life. It's a call to stop being a victim of your circumstances, to stop acting as if stepping into your potential is a burden or a chore - it is the purpose of your life and the path to a much more fulfilling version of yourself. Here's to becoming a warrior! Resources: Breaking...


456: The Most Random Episode There Ever Was

Two completely random things inspired me this week. They reminded me of how I'm probably the least likely person on the planet to end up with a podcast about fat loss. My journey has been hard. It's been full of struggle. And yet, I'm here. "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song" ~ Mike Posner I hope you'll take a listen to this inspired episode about my heart, my mission and my passion. Resources: Breaking Barriers


455: Raw Foods Right & Wrong

For the past couple weeks, I've been challenging myself to eat more raw vegetables. I wanted to see if there was an impact on my digestion and my energy levels. There has been. In today's episode I'm going to talk about the pros & cons of raw vegetables, which ones you should eat raw and which ones are best prepared cooked (from a nutritional standpoint). I'm going to share the changes I've made recently, specifically how I'm incorporating raw vegetables and what benefits I've...


454: Meditation, Weight Loss, Focus & Motivation

What does meditation have to do with weight loss? Anything? I say with strong conviction: a lot! First and foremost, meditation decreases cortisol levels. Chronically elevated cortisol levels impair decision making, increase hunger, increase cravings, impair sleep and blunt insulin responsiveness. But: meditation takes time. It's hard. Most people suck at it. Those are the most common objections I hear. If you've ever had those frustrations or if you've wondered about meditation, you...


453: Change THIS For Fat Loss & Longevity

Two of the biggest threats to your metabolism & overall health are chronic stress and overeating. Interestingly, chronic stress drives overeating and overeating creates additional stress. It's what's known as a "feed forward" cycle. In today's episode we're talking about how stress (physical and emotional) drives appetite and cravings while impairing your ability to make sound decisions. Most importantly, we'll be talking about dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to not only...


452: Creating A Life You Don't Need To Escape

Earlier in the week, I shared a post on Instagram that got a lot of people talking. It said: create a life you don't need to escape from. I dove deeper into this idea that you need to create a life you don't want or need to escape from on the blog, but many people requested that I go even deeper on the podcast, and that's what we're doing today! Resources: Join the wait list for the Spring Fat Loss Fast Track Follow me on Instagram On The Blog: I...


451: Instead of Willpower, Use This...

The other night, I was sitting on the couch around 8pm and all I could think about was that I wanted some chocolate. I was actively talking myself into it, making a case for it, justifying it (successfully) and planning what I would get & where I would get it. Suddenly, I realized that just like I could talk myself into wanting chocolate, I could talk myself into not wanting it. I didn't have to rely on self-discipline or willpower, but I could simply make a case for why I didn't want...


450: Food As Medicine

I'm excited to kick off a new series on the podcast: Food As Medicine! Every couple of weeks I'll be featuring one food or ingredient and sharing it's medicinal benefits! This series is in no way meant to replace Western medicine but there is absolutely room for both approaches! In today's episode, we're talking about the medicinal benefits of coconut. Don't miss it! Resources: Subscribe to the Primal Potential Daily Bites Alexa Skill! Episode 446:...


449: Raise The Bar

Tough love episode coming at you! It's time to raise the bar, expect more from yourself and finally get beyond that struggle you've been working on for far too long! Resources: Wait List for the Spring Fat Loss Fast Track is now open! How to subscribe to Primal Potential Daily Bites Follow me on Instagram!


448: Food Versus Drink

Instead of differentiating between food & drink, what if you saw them both as fuel? That glass of wine is fuel. Does your body need fuel? What happens when you give your body excess fuel? It has to be stored. In today's episode I'm taking you inside my inbox to hear a response to a listener who is differentiating between her food choices and her drinking choices. Resources: The wait list for the Spring Fat Loss Fast Track is now open! Episode 445 -...


447: You Can Convince Yourself Of Anything

You can convince yourself of nearly anything. In fact, everything you believe, you've convinced yourself of through your thoughts, attention & actions. In today's episode, we're exploring how you can turn this into an unstoppable force to help you create change & crush your goals. It's a short episode you won't want to miss! Resources: The wait list for the Spring Fat Loss Fast Track is now open! How to subscribe to Primal Potential Daily Bites Here's...


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