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444: Overcoming Excuses For Good

The most dangerous excuses are true. The reason they keep winning out over your goals & intentions might be because you realize they are true so you don’t fight against them. You equate “true” and “right”. Just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s the most true thing or the only true thing. We’ve got to stop making assumptions & choosing the most convenient truth. When it comes to making choices & pursuing our goals, we often don’t tell ourselves the whole truth. We don’t even...


443: What You Need To Know About Beans

Earlier in the week I got an email asking, "Why aren't beans paleo?" It's a great question & one we're diving into in today's episode. We'll talk about macronutrients - are beans really a good source of protein? Do they have a lot of carbs? We'll talk about micronutrients - can your body actually absorb & utilize the iron & zinc you see listed on the nutrition label? We'll also talk about other components in beans and how they interact with our bodies at the cellular level. If you're...


442: Think Big, Go Small

Our lives are busy. We all have a lot going on. And, unfortunately, that often means we aren't achieving our most important goals. When we aren't intentional about the highest priorities in our lives, we can easily become victims of our circumstances, feeling that there isn't enough time or energy to do what we should be doing. That needs to change. That can change. Creating change doesn't require that your life be stress free and your days be wide open. It just requires that we not...


441: Why You Are Stuck

At times, we all feel stuck. Or unhappy. Or both. In today's episode I'm talking about the danger of participating in our own problems instead of participating in the solutions. When we complain, blame, rehash the past, gossip, explain & justify, we are participating in the problem, not the solution. When we participate in the problem, our energy, attention, time & effort are going to proving that we are right and that our struggle is real instead of going towards getting it right,...


440: Clearing Up Conflicting Nutrition Advice

I know how frustrating & confusing it can be to hear conflicting information about what you should eat and why. Lots of people feeling stuck & paralyzed by indecision because they don't know who or what to believe. In today's episode I want to help you clear through the confusion and find your best approach to health, fat loss, energy, longevity and your best, healthiest life. I've tackled this topic on a few other podcasts which are linked below under "Resources". I hope you enjoy the...


439: 4 New Ways To Win When Eating Out

For most people, eating out is a struggle when they're trying to lose weight. Maybe you feel like your options are limited or if you make a "healthy" choice, you're making a sacrifice and won't enjoy it. Sure, we all know that we could get a salad or a burger without the bun and if that's the extent of the options we think we have, of course we feel limited! There are so many other creative ways to enjoy eating out, love your food and feel great after you eat it! Today's episode is a...


438: Simplify

We are so used to overthinking, overconsuming, overanalyzing and coming up with long term strategic plans that we've forgotten how to simplify. I had a listener email me recently saying that she wants to stop dieting. She wants to get healthy. She doesn't want to over-restrict or count anything, she just wants to eat more real food and less processed foods. Then she said, "I have no idea where to start". That is evidence of how far we've strayed from simplicity. Where she starts is,...


437: Needs Of The Body Or Needs Of The Mind?

One of you lovely listeners emailed me the other day to request that I do more of my "Inside EB's inbox" episodes where I share my responses to some recent emails! That's what we're doing today! We're covering a ton of topics from breakfast meal ideas & recipes to what to do when you don't trust yourself and differentiating between needs of the mind (stress relief) and needs of the body (fuel). So much good stuff in today's episode! Resources Breakfast...


436: Transforming Your Mental Operating System

Let's stop fighting against ourselves & relying on discipline and willpower to create change. I believe that one of the most simple things we can do to make change easier and dramatically accelerate our rate of progress is: ask better questions. Tim Ferriss says that if you want uncommon results, ask uncommonly clear questions. Tony Robbins says that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself. I'll add to that "and the honesty with which you answer...


435: EB Answers 'Tribe of Mentors' Questions

In his new book, Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferriss asks 11 questions of some of the brightest minds & top performers in the world. The book is a collection of their answers. In today's episode, though I certainly don't consider myself one of the brightest minds, I'm answering the 11 questions I'd love to hear your answers! The 11 questions are below - post in the comments with your answer to one or more of them! Resources Join the Winter Fat Loss Fast...


434: The One Resolution Everyone Should Make This Year

Though I am not a fan of one-size-fits-all approaches to any goal, there is one resolution I believe everyone should make this year and I'm sharing it in today's episode. This episode is the last one to air in 2017 but it doesn't matter when you stumble across this gem - it has the power to dramatically accelerate your progress, reduce your excuses & change your life! To register for the free New Year's workshops, click here! To join the Winter Fat Loss...


433: When To Choose "Better"

Have you ever fallen into the trap of "better"? You know, when your choices aren't your best but you keep justifying them because they are better than what you used to choose? You're still eating ice cream every night, you aren't making progress, but you feel justified because it's better than your past binges? I am all for the pursuit of better...until it becomes the trap of better. I'm all for the pursuit of "better" until it keeps you from identifying and acting upon your best. The...


432: How Your Microbiome Can Help You Burn More Fat

We have more bacterial cells and bacterial genes in our bodies than we do human cells and human genes. Our microbiome influences every single aspect of our health. It has a tremendous influence over our metabolisms, hunger, appetite, fat storage and fat burning. If we aren't being intentional about optimizing our microbiome, chances are that it's not working in our favor, or, a best, not working for us as well as it could. In today's episode we're talking about tactics and strategies to...


431: Motivational Minisode

The first rule of holes is: stop digging. Today's episode is a motivational minisode to help you in those moments when you feel stuck or you find yourself making a series of choices you don't feel good about it. It could be a small moment, like mindlessly grabbing handfuls of Goldfish, or a chain of moments over a day, weekend or week. This episode will be a great tool to help you implement a simple re-direct and stop digging deeper into a hole you don't want to...


430: Slowing Down To Speed Up

I caught myself making a big mistake in my approach to creating an improvement in my life. While my mistake was in the gym, it's a mistake I see most people making in the way they approach losing weight or improving their food choices. This mistake, which I describe in detail in today's show, is choosing intensity before establishing stamina. While this can absolutely happen in the gym, it's just as common in our food choices. Choosing intensity over stamina means choosing the intense...


429: My Personal Mantra For Today & 2018

I am feeling so happy & peaceful now that I've found my perfect mantra for today and into 2018. It's not just a mantra though, it's a new operating system that is going to absolutely help me with nutrition, fitness, business, finances and relationships. In today's episode I'm sharing with you this mantra, inspired by The Soul of Money, and how I plan to apply it across every area of my life, starting today. It's a short episode & you won't want to miss this one! It's going to be a game...


428: How To Diagnose & Solve Your Execution Problems

In episode 427 we talked about how to break a big habit into a tiny one to acclerate your progress and build momentum quickly. Today, I'm showing you how to figure that out in real life. This episode is an actual coaching call with one of my clients. I take you through the process of how we identify what's not going well, why it's not going well and then establish micro changes to both mindset and behavior to create change. I think you're going to love this episode! Make sure to...


427: No Time Or Motivation?

Do you avoid journaling because it takes too much time or effort? Or have you ever skipped a workout because you don't have the time? Have you opted for fast food because you don't have the energy to prepare a fat loss friendly meal? You don't want to miss today's episode! Today we are talking about finding a micro version that you can do when there's a macro strategy you won't do. Do not miss our New Year workshops! They're free! They're live! They're online! Click here to make sure...


426: Discipline Equals Freedom

I read a lot. Multiple books each week. Within the Primal Potential Masters Club we have a monthly book club where we read, discuss and implement the strategies within many of my all time favorite books. Every once in a while I do a book club episode on the podcast and share ideas from a book I've recently enjoyed. Today we're talking about Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual by Jocko Willink. Though I don't know him, I have an immeasurable amount of respect & admiration for him & his...


425: Creating Balance With Food & Life

Does being disciplined mean missing out on connection? How do you balance making great food choices with enjoying life to the fullest and reaching your goals? That's one of the questions we're tackling on today's podcast episode. Today I'm taking you inside a clip of a bonus webinar within the Fat Loss Fast Track. I'm sharing with you two of the questions we discussed in the Fat Loss Fast Track including one about how to translate your goals from a long term objective to a daily...


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