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Episode #206: Ventura Nationals Interview

Episode 206 (Click to listen) William goes solo on this one with a re-broadcast of our interview with Holly and Aaron with the Ventura Nationals Car Show coming up on Labor Day. We will be back from our “Summer Vacation” in about two weeks. As always, thanks for listening.

Duration: 00:58:33

Episode #205

Episode 205 (click to listen) BACK at the Galaxie studio in Long Beach, Calif. for more shop talk. Davis has suspension parts and William is getting bathroom ready and front disc brakes for Daisy. There is a movie review, listener questions, plumbing, and more. Make sure to check out Blacktop Magazine’s contest, hit us

Duration: 01:07:46

Episode #204

Episode #204 (Click to Listen in New Tab/Window) Back at the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach where we mostly talk about our own stuffs, Ranchero brakes, Truck brakes, Mustang suspension, and thankfully not William’s embarrassing lack of work on the Galaxie. Some tangents and some bathroom and window talk, oh and some “Doh!” moments.

Duration: 01:12:09

Episode #203

Episode #203 (Click to Listen) Back at the Satellite Studio in North Long Beach for master cylinder bleeding again on Project Nickel and Dime, brake system bleeding on the Mustang and a driving lesson with a manual transmission. William is getting brakes done soon from Jamco Parts, Davis got the Optima battery installed, bathroom

Duration: 01:11:28

Episode 202: LA Roadster Show

Episode #202 (Click to Listen) From the North Long Beach Satellite Studio, we went off to Pomona Fairgrounds for a disappointing annual LA Roadster car show, but we turn the podcast around to some more productive notes about (slowly) getting things done. Edelbrock carburetors, YOM license plates, master cylinders, the passing of Vic Edelbrock Jr.

Duration: 01:12:08

Episode #201: No Mustang at Irwindale

Episode #201 (Click to Listen) Back at the Galaxie Studio and William has questions. Edelbrock carburetors, outboard Honda engines, Optima batteries, SSBC brakes and the master cylinder failure, (install video here), we missed the SBMO club at Irwindale Speedway event, bullet electrical connectors.. and then some. You can check out what Davis is talking

Duration: 01:12:21

Episode #200: DRAG RACING

Episode #200 (Click to Listen in New Window/Tab) William and Davis made it out to Fontana, CA for our first drag racing event of 2017. We missed it last year, probably due to William’s health. Great to talk with David Steele from the American Hot Rod Foundation. More other cool stuff so make sure to

Duration: 01:04:17

Episode #199: Fabulous Fords Forever

Click to listen to the Podcast in new window/tab Beautiful Buena Park, CA was the host of the 32nd Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show... ALL FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN! So of course we talked about that from the North Long Beach Satellite Studio and also about William’s trip to the Hippy Killer Hoedown with our buddy Tony

Duration: 01:13:45

Episode #198: Autocross in Pomona

Episode #198 (Click to Listen) After a day at the 4th Annual Muscle Car and Street Machine Nationals, we sit down at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio. We talk about the Girls in the Garage Show, Mustangs Plus leaf spring install on the Mustang, good information regarding tire and wheel combinations. Learn about

Duration: 01:25:36

Episode #197: Reproduction Never Fits Right

Episode #197 (Click to Listen in a New Window) or Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite Podcast App. Projects! Davis is installing Speedhut gauges for the Mustang and prepping for autocross at the O’Reilly Street Machine Nationals in Pomona in April, William is building stuff for a bathroom and bedroom remodel. The guys hit

Duration: 01:18:19

Episode #196: Jamco Parts

Episode #196 (click to listen in a new tab) William and Davis swing by Jamco Parts in Cypress, Calif. for a sit down with Tony Genty and George Lopez. Great guys and great products with an ever expanding inventory for classic cars and trucks. Yes, they started with shoe-box suspension…but they have so much

Duration: 00:59:20

Episode #195:

Episode #195 (click to listen in a new tab) Back at the Galaxie Studio, William and Davis talk about our latest projects, some of the unforeseen headaches. Also, William goes to DMV to register his YOM 1963 issue black plates (matter), homemade cherry mallet, good quality tools, and an upcoming interview with Jamco Suspension.

Duration: 01:23:16

Episode #194: Post Turlock Swap Meet and Projects

Episode #194 (Click to listen in a new window) Back at the Galaxie Studio…Davis and William discuss current states of projects. The pain of reproduction Ford parts as Davis tackles original dash, heater box removal and instrument cluster upgrade with Speedhut gauges. The somewhat annual trip to Turlock Swap Meet. William gets original 1963

Duration: 01:19:45

Episode #193: On to 2017

Episode #193 (Click to Listen in a new tab/window). Easier to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, or where ever…but thanks for listening! Back at it for 2017 everybody! In the Galaxie studio with some project updates, moxon vice finished, 2017 resolutions, Xena vs. Buffy talk, Death Race 2000/, new Death Race 2050 and more. Rain

Duration: 01:20:18

Episode #192: End of 2016

Episode #192 (Click to listen in a new browser window) A suck production via Skype, but our last podcast of 2016. Much thanks to our listeners and supporters, this one is for you. Hoppy Holidays and a Happy New Year for us all. Got some time to kill? Check out our photo gallery and youtube

Duration: 00:30:58

Episode 191: Post Mooneyes

Back at the Galaxie Studio for a chilly podcast. We talk about updates on the Truck and Mustang, Mooneyes Show, pencils and pens, a couple of listener questions, William has a movie review, thieves, some things for 2017, and more! Listen to Episode #191 here, or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, your phone, Podbay, or

Duration: 01:06:50

Episode #190: Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio

Episode #190 (Click to Listen in a New Browser Window) After a quick brake bleed on the Mustang, we turn the mics on and talk about current state of projects, post-SEMA suffs, William has a movie review (!?!), and a couple of questions answered by one of our listeners via Facebook. William’s pick from SEMA:

Duration: 01:05:06

Episode #189: SEMA!

Episode #189 (Click to Listen in a New Window) Our annual SEMA show at our Circus Circus studio in fabulous Las Vegas. Special guest, Tony Colombini from Blacktop Media joined us for some of the show activities. Check it!

Duration: 01:18:51

Episode #188

Episode #188 (Click to listen in a new browser window/tab) Back at the Galaxie studio a week after The Race of Gentlemen (check our coverage here) to recap the event. William goes on about his work as some fabrication work for the truck, and Davis has no progress report. SEMA update, kickback is NOT

Duration: 01:11:35

Episode #287

Episode #287 (Click to Listen in New Tab) Davis and William kick back in the Galaxie studio after a couple of weeks of trying to get things done and fighting motivation. William got some work done on the Ford F100 truck and Davis is tackling paint on the Mustang. Obviously some tangents and interruptions,

Duration: 01:20:28

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