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How to Put on Great Club Events - Denny Corby - PCR 114

Great events don't happen by accident. In this episode we'll chat with Denny Corby, to find out what ingredients make up the perfect event mix. You'll find out some ways to increase member engagement and attendance as well as how to make sure everyone is talking about your event when they leave. Denny is The Club Entertainer, and he brings a unique comedy and magic show to clubs around the country. You'll learn about Denny's show and how you can book him to wow your members. He's also go a...


Brian Friederichs - PCR 113

On this episode we chat with Brian Friederichs of Capstone Hospitality. Capstone is an industry-leading sales & staffing firm specializing in membership sales for private clubs. You'll find out what Brian saw at clubs while playing on tour as a professional golfer. We'll discuss why Clubs struggle to get new members, and Brian's unique solution. In addition, Brian will share one thing clubs can do immediately to increase membership sales. Learn more at Also on...


Michael Wells, Carnoustie - PCR 112

Michael Wells, Chief Executive of Carnoustie Golf Links joins us on this episode. Carnoustie will host the Open Championship in 2018 and you'll find out what preparations for a major championship are like. Michael just happens to be one of the world's leading experts on tournament prep as he previously worked as the R&A's Director of Championship Staging. Carnoustie claims to be the world's most challenging course. You'll find out why Michael believes that's the case on this episode. We'll...


Justin Baer, Member Text -PCR 111

On this episode, Justine Baer of Member text joins us to discuss his new technology. Member Text is a new way to communicate with your members to send them timely updates. With text messages having much higher open and response rates than email, your members are more engaged and connected than ever. Learn all about the features of Member Text and how your club can get setup. Brad Steele also joins us on an edition of Club Perspectives, presented by the National Club Association. Brad gives...


Club Board Professionals - PCR 110

In this episode we'll discuss the survey results that Club Board Professionals conducted on board best practices. We're joined by the team of Joseph Abely and David Duval from Club Board Professionals. Together with Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly, CPA’s, they surveyed over 100 private clubs from around the country.


Emerging Club Trends With Jackie Carpenter - PCR 109

On this episode we’re joined by Jackie Carpenter, editor of Private Club Advisor. Private Club Advisor is a monthly newsletter highlighting trends and news in the industry each month. Jackie had so much value to bring last year that we’ve brought her back for a repeat performance here on Private Club Radio. Jackie and Gabe discuss emerging trends within the private club industry. Topics they cover include golf trends, food and beverage trends, wellness trends as well as member engagement...


Brad Rudover, Country Club X - PCR 108 - Auphonic

On this episode we are joined by Brad Rudover, founder of Country Club X. It's a first of its kind country club - completely digital. Members around the country and even around the world can connect with each other for reciprocal privileges at their respective clubs. Find out about this new technology and hear Brad's story on how Country Club X was developed. You'll learn why Brad thinks this system can benefit your club and your members.


The Art Of The Interview & Jim Butler Of Club Benchmarking - PCR 107

Looking for that next dream job and want to Ace the interview? We'll give you tips on today's episode. Norm Spitzig of Master Club Advisors joins us to give us his best advice in The Art of the Interview. We're also joined by the new CEO of Club Benchmarking, Jim Butler. He'll tell us about the exciting new developments happening at Club Benchmarking and some of the new insights their data is gleaning.


Private Club Turnarounds With Michael Crandal - PCR 106

Michael Crandal, CNG is a private club turnaround specialist. On this episode we'll pick his brain and get a recipe for success. We'll discuss some common problems facing private clubs today. We'll also identify some potential hazards and road blocks that a new GM should look for when starting a new position. If you're coming into a new position, you will learn about some warning signs that you should look out for in a club's governance and particularly the board. Michael will share some...


Club Leadership Summit Part 2 - PCR 105

Live from The Club Leadership Summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland we chat with Rob Bray, Chief Executive of Edgbaston Priory Club and Mark Marais of Chakka Travel and Sport Changes Life.


2018 Resolutions, Henry Wallmeyer & Gary Collins - PCR 104

New year resolutions. We all make them, but how often do we follow through? Commitments we make tend to fall by the wayside if there is no accountability. You can change that this year by taking advantage of a special gift to PCR listeners. Henry Wallmeyer joins us to wrap up the 2017 federal and state legislation initiatives that the NCA is tracking. We also find out what issues will be important for private clubs in 2018. We'll also get a preview of the 2018 National Club Conference...


Live From St. Andrews - PCR 103

Gabe travels to the home of golf, St. Andrews, to chat with Leighton Walker, GM of Burford Gold Club and Stuart Finlay of Wales Golf. Learn how a younger group of club leadership is driving huge change throughout the UIK.


Club Leadership Summit Part 1 - PCR 102

What do the Tottenham Hotspurs, Northern Ireland Tourism and a golf course in the Scottish highlands have in common? They all assembled at the 2017 Club Leadership Summit at the Titanic Experience in Belfast. Take a journey overseas with Gabe as he interviews the many delegates, speakers and sponsors at the conference live from Belfast. Andy O'Sullivan, Hospitality Manager for the Spurs shares how the their new stadium is revolutionizing the English Premier League fan experience. You'll...


Real Estate On The Rise - PCR 101 - Auphonic

Russ Curtis, General Manager at MacGreggor Downs and Peter Nanula, Chairman of Concert Golf Partners join us to discuss the real estate market and how private clubs are helping spur growth.


Private Club Radio's 100th Episode

We take a look back at 100 episodes. Rick Coffey hosts as the tables get turned on Gabe and he becomes the interviewee. Notable call ins from Henry Wallmeyer, Michael Crandal, Norm Spitzig and other past guests and friends.


Bill O'Brien, Troon - PCR 099

On this week's episode we our joined by Bill O'Brien, VP of Operations at Troon. We discuss observations on membership growth and learn why retention is as important as new sales. We'll also get Bill's ideas on creating a culture of sales within the organization. You'll also learn how to avoid potential pitfalls and why leaders desperately need to get out of the office. Norm Spitzig also joins the mix for another edition of Master Class, presented by Master Club Advisors. Norm and Gabe...


Joel Livingood & Lou DiLorenzo Of Interlachen CC - PCR 098

What happens when a prestigious private club steeped in history hires a young millennial manager? Find out on this episode as we chat with Lou DiLorenzo and Joel Livingood, member of the Board of Governors and General Manager respectively, of Interlachen Country Club. Learn why the club decided to take a chance on Joel and what has happened since he has come on to manage. Joel shares his perspective, the challenges he's faced, and his plans for the future of the club. This episode is...


Henry DeLozier, Global Golf Advisors - PCR097

This week we chat with Henry DeLozier, partner at Global Golf Advisors and voted one of the 10 Most-Recommended Consultants in the Golf Industry by Golf Inc. Henry shares his thoughts on trends within the private club industry and shares his best tips for club sustainability in the modern world. Henry's background is in real estate. We'll find out if he thinks we're headed for another residential housing market bubble. We'll discuss the hot areas around the country as well as the cold...


Job Resources & Board Chats - PCR 096

This week we discuss some industry resources for job seekers and hiring managers.


Lisa Brantly, Instagram Inluencer - PCR 095 - Auphonic

You may have seen her on Instagram, but you probably don't know her backstory. We learn all about Lisa Marie Brantly in this episode of Private Club Radio. Find out what influencer marketing is and how your club can work with influencers to promote your property, special events and membership.


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