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Pro Wrestling Now is a weekly radio show and podcast. All the latest news, views, interviews and competitions from the world of pro wrestling. Hosts Tony & Martin bring you all the latest on WWE, TNA & the biggest promotion in U.K Our man in Japan, Puro Yottsume runs down everything happening in the world of New Japan. Dan Masters covers all the latest from US super indie Ring of Honor. All this and much much more every week. Follow us on twitter @pwnradio.






Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - HBK V HHH

On his final episode for PWN - Captain Jack is joined by his good friend Eddie Van Glam. They discuss Eddies favourite feud of all time between Triple H & Shawn Michaels. They talk their favourite moments, matches & highlights from the feud. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @eddievanglam Be sure to check out www.thesteelcage.com for the Captains latest podcasts in the new year.

Duration: 01:31:02

No Sell It - Once More, With Feeling!

In their final episode on PWN - Cristen & Florence review the latest PWG show 'Mystery Vortex' They talk the entire card, their favourite matches and moments. They also discuss some of their favourite moments from recording the show on PWN. You can follow them on twitter @wanda102 & @flaux Be sure to check out www.thesteelcage.con for more info on their move.

Duration: 01:11:57

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Everybody Loves Shinsuke

Captain Jack is back with special guest Max Murillo. They headed to the first ever NXT show in Los Angeles and review the show in full (spoilers) They also discuss WWE Hell in a Cell, Dusty Classic & more. They also bring a new feature to the show where they record a commentary track for one of their favourite matches. The match this week is the ten man tag from night 3 of PWG BOLA 2016. You can follow the Captain on twitter @seejacktalkback Be sure to hit the subscribe button on iTunes or...

Duration: 01:49:19

Catchcast - Progress, WOS, Rev Pro, NJPW.

On this weeks show Martin is joined by Lawrence O'Brien to preview the upcoming Rev Pro/NJPW Global Wars shows. They also talk the recent World Of Sport tapings, review Progress Chapter 37 & discuss the title situation and Mark Haskins. You can follow us on twitter @pwnradio and Lawrence @lob_3 Be sure to hit the subscribe button on iTunes or follow us at Soundcloud, Acast, Player FM or Tune In Radio.

Duration: 01:18:51

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Favourite Feuds

Captain Jack is back to talk one of his favourite feuds of all time. Joining him is Arturo R. Garcia from Snopes.com to discuss the classic Ric Flair V Ricky Steamboat from the late 1980s. They talk through the history behind the feud, Chi-Town Rumble, why its the Citizen Kane of wrestling & much more. You can follow the captain on twitter @seejacktalkback & Arturo @aboynamedart Be sure to hit Jack up using #CJAE and follow us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Player FM, Acast or Tune In Radio.

Duration: 01:24:52

No Sell It - The Iron Maidens

Cristen & Florence are back to catch us up with all the latest happenings in Lucha Underground. They review the past few episodes and talk the storylines so far. They also discuss what a Vampire owned Library would be like and M

Duration: 01:31:53

No Sell It - Brothers In Broken Arms

Cristen & Florence are back to catch up with the last few episodes of Lucha Underground. They talk all the latest story developments, matches, weird pictures & more. They also discuss how Catrina would be as a a property manager, John Carpenter & more. You can follow them on twitter @wanda102 & @flaux Be sure to hit the subscribe button on iTunes or follow us on Soundcloud, Tune In Radio or Player FM

Duration: 01:01:55

Retro Wrestling Now - Shinsuke Nakamura V Kota Ibushi

Our retro review show is back. Martin is joined by Oli Court from Voices of Wrestling to talk two matches between Kota Ibushi & Shinsuke Nakamura. Oli tells us why he picked these as his favourites and what the matches mean to him. They review both matches and talk the build up for both. They also talk Nakamura in NXT & Ibushi in the CWC and the possibility of a third match between the two. You can follow Oli on twitter @anotheroli and be sure to head to Voices of Wrestling for his...

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Cruiserweight Classic Finale

On this weeks show - Captain Jack is joined by Jonathan Sprung from The Steelcage podcast. They talk the semi- finals and final of the WWE Cruiserweight classic. They discuss their favourite matches, thoughts on the winner & the cruiser division coming to Raw. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @jasprung

No Sell It - PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2016

Florence & Cristen are joined by their friend Sara to talk this years PWG Battle of Los Angeles. They talk being at each show live, their favourite matches & moments, the live crowd & much more. They also talk Paige & Del Rio, crossfit & more. You can follow them on twitter @wanda102 @flaux & @fifigigantor

Catchcast - Stevie Aaron & Mike Groom (Three Count Wrestling)

On this weeks show we are joined by Mike Groom & Stevie Aaron from Three Count Wrestling (3CW) They give us a brief history of the promotion and talk about their big comeback show in Hartlepool on November the 12th. They talk their relationship with NGW, some of the wrestlers who have come through the doors at 3CW and much much more. They also make two EXCLUSIVE announcements for the show this November including the first match! You can get all the info for 3CW including tickets for their...

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Carcast 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jack is on the open road this week as he is joined by Cristen from 'No Sell It' They talk the quarter finals of the cruiserweight classic, Kevin Owens title win, Brian Kendrick and much more. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @wanda102

Jabbawocky - Life's A Bith

Florence & Bryan are back to talk all things Star Wars. They rundown all the latest news - including the return of Thrawn, upcoming novels, Episode 8, Rogue One and more. Bryan also tells us about his trip to the San Diego Comic con and all the Star Wars panels he attended. You can follow them on twitter @flaux & @shieldagentbrom Be sure to hit the subscribe button on iTunes and follow us on Soundcloud.

No Sell It - James Kee (Smash Wrestling) Interview

On this weeks show - Cristen is joined by the managing director of Smash wrestling, James Kee. They talk about how the Canadian based promotion got started, some of their best shows to date, how James got his title and the huge Progress V Smash shows happening this September. You can follow them on twitter @wanda102 & @smashwrestling Be sure to head over smash-wrestling.com for all the latest info on shows, VOD & more.

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Box Brown Interview

On this weeks voyage - Captain Jack is joined by award winning cartoonist & author Box Brown. They talk about Box's bestselling graphic novel 'Andre the Giant: Life and Legend' ,how he came to write the novel, his other work and how he became a wrestling fan in the first place. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @boxbrown Be sure to head over to www.boxbrown.com for more info on the authors work and how to pick up his graphic novels.

Catchcast - Yorkshire Wrestling

On this weeks show Martin is joined by fellow Yorkshire man - Tony Greenhall to discuss a variety of shows happening in the Yorkshire area. They discuss how Tony originally got into wrestling - watching Big Daddy etc at the Sheffield City Hall, WWE house shows in Sheffield and 1PW in Doncaster. They also review two recent shows in the area - Southside 'Infamous' & Tidal Wrestling 'High Tide' They also talk Rev Pro/NJPW Global Wars and much much more. You can follow them on twitter...

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Cocktail Hour With The Mayor

On the fifth episode of the show - Captain Jack is joined by the Mayor of Reseda himself - Derek Montilla. They talk how Derek first got into wrestling, their mutual love of all things Macho Man, how Derek's view of wrestling has changed watching it with his daughter and much much more. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @cap_kaveman Got a question for the good Captain? hit him up on twitter using the hashtag askcaptainjack

No Sell It - Dick Thirteen

Cristen & Florence headed to Reseda, CA for PWG Thirteen on July 29th. Joining them were Sara & Captain Jack Heartless. They review the whole show and talk their favourite matches, moments and being there live. They also talk their BOLA precautions & much more. You can follow them on twitter @wanda102 @flaux @seejacktalkback & @fifigigantor Be sure to hit the follow button on Soundcloud or the subscribe button on iTunes.

J Shoot - Where's Kamitani's Tooth?

Zach & his puropal Bonski are back for more Japanese wrestling talk. This episode they discuss NJPW G1 Climax, Super J Cup, BJW & DDT. You can follow them on twitter @thekoalamask & @original_bonski Be sure to check out www.koalamask.com for show notes and other wrestling related articles.

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium - Legalize Wrestling

On this weeks show Captain Jack is joined by Burlesque performer & Pro wrestler - Eddie Van Glam. They talk how Eddie originally got into wrestling, meeting the Macho Man as a child, early 90s WWE house shows & more. They also discuss Eddie's career as pro wrestler with 3-2-1-Battle, the #legalizewrestling movement in the state of Washington & tons more. You can follow them on twitter @seejacktalkback & @eddievanglam You can also check out @321battle for more info on the promotion Eddie...
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