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Zach & Joshua bring you the most interesting, exciting, comical, whimsical and perhaps the dumbest Pro Wrestling podcast that you, mother earth and even aliens have ever listened to!! Won't you give them a listen.. Please?






Pro Wrestling: OFF-TOPIC #124

For the 124th time! PWOT comes to your ear holes LIVE from LincCon game convention in Lincoln Co. Wisconsin!! It's PRO WRESTLING news and theories with Zach Hagenbucher, Joshua Jaeger, and Nate the F'n Grate!! Thank you for spending some time with us this week!!

Duration: 01:01:44

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #123

Welcome back to the SEASON FINALE of PWOT!! Zach and Joshua are back for the big "GO HOME" to the coolest party of the Summer!! Along with some of that NXT and WWE hype the boys chat it up about the AMAZING NJPW G1 tournament and finals!! With a brief dash of GFW/IMPACT/TNA yammering in the middle for good measure!! Check us out!! You won't be disappointed!! We'll be back right after Labor Day weekend!! Love!!

Duration: 01:29:07

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #122

Welcome to your EXTREME NIGHTMARE!! A completely radical episode of PWOT that has been simply taken to the EXTREME!! Our ECW focused special brings Zach, Maxx and Joshua to a new level this week!! Join us for fun times and great memories as we share tales from the great Extreme Championship Wrestling! Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:21:13

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #121

This week on the PWOT, we have special guest Max Beattie joining us this week as we discuss all things leading up to the climax of the cum dumpster known as WWE Summer Season!! SUMMERSLAMM!!! Enjoy the show!! Check us out on twitter: @_joshuaTurbo Check Max out on Youtube!

Duration: 01:15:04

Pro Wrestling OFF:TOPIC #120

Zach and Joshua are back this week for our very impactful and special episode of the PWOT, and we're back for the 120th time baby! We discuss one of the worst wrestling PPVs we've seen in ages... HEY! Buy our merchandise! LOL~~

Duration: 00:30:57

Pro Wrestling OFF:TOPIC #119

This week we're on the heels of a superb looking Smackdown Sunday Night special with Backlash.. or is it Payback.. BackPay? A screw it, should be a barn burner regardless... Zach Hagenbucher and our good friend Aaron Otrain head up the panel this week with our VERY SPECIAL 119th episode of PWOT! Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:09:31

Pro Wrestling OFF:TOPIC #118

Back for the eleventy eighth time! PWOT delivers a very special episode this week! These guys discuss their thoughts on Great Balls of Fire from the WWE, Zach goes into great depth with sharing his discoveries with the US Title, AND Zach and Joshua get into a heated debated in regards to fanboys in the business.... Zach wants retribution after Joshua slighted him in his 'Elite Ringside Network' debut last week! Could this be the end of PWOT? Could Zach start his own pro wrestling podcast?...

Duration: 01:13:04

Pro Wrestling OFF:TOPIC #117

Welcome back to the PWOT!! PWOT 4 LYFE!! This week we discuss our special in depth look at EWW's Great Balls of Fire PPV! :P What an amazing name for a PPV. Thanks Vince! Join Zach and Joshua as they hype up Samoa Joe's big main event push!!

Duration: 00:44:58

Pro Wrestling: OFF-TOPIC #116

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming! PWOT 116 is back in your ear faces!! Enjoy our look at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary XV, some NJPW and ROH talk, and a special look into the mind of Zach Hagenbecker!! Thanks for listening folks!!

Duration: 00:53:07

Pro Wrestling OFF:TOPIC #114 - Zach Hagenbucher special!!

Hello Wrestling Fans!!! Welcome back to the PWOT!! This week, our main man, Zach Hagenbucher brings his thoughts on the latest WWE Smackdown Sunday night special! MONEY IN THE BANK!! Hear what he has to say! Also, to note: This is the very FIRST EVER episode of PWOT that DOES NOT FEATURE the voice of Joshua D Jaeger.. Like at all!! It's all ZACH!! So please, aim your hate mail at he alone!!

Duration: 00:20:44

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #113

It's post NJPW Dominion and Stacy and Britney are here to talk everything New Japan on today's SPECIAL episode of PWOT! Thanks for listening!!

Duration: 01:08:08

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #112

PWOT returns for a fun filled episode of NJPW G1 USA news with a dash of ROH and some Impact wacky talkie!! We also discuss the meaning of life! Join special guest Chad Knight as he returns to listen to Joshua and Zach argue over nonsensical garbage for an hour!! Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:08:57

Pro Wrestling: OFF TOPIC #111

This our rag tag gang of Zach and Joshua are joined by a special guest!! Chad Knight joins the chaos this week with NJPW talk, current events in WWE and a plethora of news about Impact Wrestling! Thanks for listening!!

Duration: 01:13:42

Pro Wrestling Off:Topic #110

Zachary and Joshua return for the 110th time! PWOT 110 goes all in with the EWW Backpay Sunday night special and dabble with recent events in NJPW and Impacto Resso!! Enjoy guys!

Duration: 00:43:57

Pro Wrestling Off:Topic #107

Zach Hagenbucher and Joshua Jaeger come to you this week with our thoughts on the WWE Supestar shakeup, Aftermath of Wrestlemania weekend and our favorite moments of the BIG WWE WEEKEND!! Cry with us Cheer with us Thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:47:23

Pro Wrestling Off:Topic #105

It's time for an entire episode of PWOT with Zach Hashenburger and Joshie McJagger that revolves around the happenings at Southpaw Regional Wrestling!! ENJOY!!

Duration: 00:30:33