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Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.

Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.
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Welcome to Process to Profitability, a podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. Join me as I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.






45 | Designing Your Book to Connect with Your Clients with Lisa Von De Linde

Today I’m talking with Lisa Von De Linde about designing a book that connects with your clients. If you’ve listened to my previous episode with Jodi Brandon (episode 14), this is a really great follow-up. We are talking about how design works, as well as the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. In this episode, Lisa talks about how designing a book is different from designing for other platforms and why you need an experienced book designer to help you through the...


44 | UX - What is It and Why is It Important?

Today I’m talking about UX – what it is any why it’s important. This is a topic that I’ve wanted to a cover for w while, but I wanted to make sure that I could bring you the best information possible and show you how I use this in my own business so that you can start thinking about this topic as you make decisions for your website or for other areas of your business. Today we’re going to cover what UX is, why it’s important, how you can think about this during the design process and as...


43 | Nurturing Client Relationships with Geomyra Lewis

Today I’m talking about nurturing client relationships with Geomyra Lewis Pollard. We get into some really great topics for anyone who works with clients in their business, including the best way to begin building a relationship with someone you want to work with and how you can balance giving your clients enough information without overwhelming them. We also talk about some of the ways you can make your clients feel special during their time with you can after the project has wrapped up....


42 | Why Your Website Matters to More than Your Clients - Website Design from a Podcast Host Perspective

In addition to being a website designer, I’m also a podcast host and I interact with a lot of people online. I’m always looking at other people’s websites as I consider bringing them onto the show, collaborating with them, recommending them to my clients, or just trying to get to know other people in the online space. The problem is that when people design their websites, they forget that it’s not just for dream clients – it’s also for all the other people who want to learn more about...


41 | Growing Your Team and OBM vs. VA with AllieDanae Walker

Today I’m talking about growing your team with AllieDanae Walker and we also get into what an online business manager (OBM) versus a VA. It’s two different topics that AllieDanae blends perfectly. We’re going to talk about finding the perfect person to work with, what to expect when you bring someone on to your team, and who is responsible for what. We also discuss the difference between an OBM and a VA and her best tips for growing and managing your team. AllieDane is a great person to...


40| Choosing and Optimizing Images for Your Website

Whether you’re a photographer or not, the images you choose for your website can draw in or turn away your dream clients. The trick isn’t finding images – there is stock photography all over the internet – but finding the right images and making them work for your website. Topics Discussed: Resources Discussed: Connecting with Your Clients through Brand Photography with Mallika MalhotraHaute StockTurquoise and PalmSC StockshopCreative...


39 | Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship with Lee Chaix McDonough

Today I am talking about mindfulness and entrepreneurship with Lee Chaix McDonough. We have a great, in-depth conversation about what mindfulness is, the key aspects, why it’s important to us as entrepreneurs, and how we can practice mindfulness in our own lives. She gives some great insights and I know that this episode will be really useful for you to listen in and then put into practice. As Lee says, we don’t have to do everything and we don’t’ have to get it right all the time, but by...


38 | Finding Keywords for Your Website and SEO Basics

Today I’m talking about finding keywords for your website and some SEO basics. Many of my clients struggle with SEO and some of them don’t even understand what it is, and so I wanted to get on the show today and go over what SEO is, why it’s important for your business, and how you can work on your website so that your SEO is better. If you’ve ever gone into a Facebook group and seen people asking about SEO, search engines, or keywords and you’re not sure what that means or how you can...


37 | Managing Multiple Businesses without Complete Overwhelm with Krista Miller

Today I’m talking with Krista Miller of Krista Rae all about managing multiple businesses without complete overwhelm. Even if you aren’t managing multiple businesses right now, this episode is still really relevant because we’re talking about practical steps you can take to avoid overwhelm in your business as you’re adding side projects or just juggling client and business work. I’m excited about the way Krista runs her business and her willingness to share the systems she uses. She gives...


36 | Website Redesign vs. a Refresh - Which Option is Best

Today I’m talking about a website redesign versus a refresh or customization and which option is best for you. Right now, as we go into 2018, a lot of us are looking at redesigning or updating our websites, refreshing what we have so that we can better speak to those dream clients and really start to grow our businesses and meet those big goals in the New Year. For me, this included updating my website with my new signature process, The Strategic Website Design Roadmap, and I wanted to...


35 | Using Verticals to Connect with Your Dream Clients with Reina Pomeroy

Today I‘m talking with Reina Pomeroy about using verticals to connect with your dream clients. This is a topic that I have learned from Reina in person and I was so excited to be able to share it with you. We talk about what verticals are and how they help you in your business, how you can figure out what that is for your specific business and what makes you different in the areas to talk about, as well as how to plan content based on these big topics. Reina also talks about how she uses...


34 | Standing Out in a Crowded Industry with Marva Goss

Today I’m talking with Marva Goss all about standing out in a crowded industry. We cover a lot of topics including why standing out in a crowded market is so important, how you can figure out what makes you different, and how you can build your visibility with your dream clients. We also tackle the question of why being visible actually a benefit to your clients. Plus, Marva gives us a few steps that we can take today to stand out and get noticed online. Marva is the brand + content...


33 | Looking Back on 2017 and What’s Next

Today I am looking back on 2017 and talking about what’s next for the New Year. I’m going to be sharing my big accomplishments, what worked and what didn’t, and even getting into some of the numbers. I hope this episode gives you a chance to see what it’s like behind the scenes of an online business and encourages you to reflect on the past year as you start to make your goals for 2018. Topics Discussed: Process to Profitability Resources Discussed: Social Glue SessionsDubsado...


32 | Using LinkedIn to Create Connection and Establish Expertise with Deneen Troup-Buitrago

Today I am talking with Deneen TB all about using LinkedIn to create connection and establish expertise. She has some great information to share about the LinkedIn platform and why we shouldn’t be scared of it as creatives. She goes over some great tips about creating a profile that people will be able to find, connecting with your dream clients online, the experience of building connections and getting into groups, and how we can use LinkedIn to share our expertise. We talk about a ton...


31 | A Brief History of Lemon and the Sea

For the month of December, my solo episodes are going to giving you a little but more information about my business and what it is that I do and how I came to do that. Today I’m going over a brief history of Lemon and the Sea, starting way before running a business was even on my radar. Topics Discussed: Resources Discussed: SquarespaceReina Pomeroy


30 |Being Financially Savvy in Your Business with Melissa Whaley

Today I’m talking with Melissa Whaley of and we are chatting all about being financially savvy in your business. Melissa shares a lot of great information like getting started with the right accounting system (including some free ones that she suggests). She also talks about staying up to date with your finances and what you should be doing yourself versus what you should look into outsourcing early in your business. She also discusses some of the mistakes she sees...


29 | Creating Content for Your Website

Welcome to Episode 29 of Process to Profitability. It’s another solo show this week and I’m covering one of the topics I get asked about most from my website design clients: creating content for your website. Your content is one of the most time consuming and intimidating pieces of a website design (or redesign). You want to get it just right because you’re investing in a brand new website and you really want to see growth in your business. But if you’re like many small business owners,...


28 | Writing an About Page that Connects with Maria Carras

Today I’m talking with Maria Carras of Carras Creative all about writing an About page that connects with your ideal clients. Maria goes into a great outline of what you need to include on your About page and how you can lay that out so that you are communicating what you do, who you work with, and how you can help people, as well as ways that you can interject some of your personality onto this really important page of your website. Maria Carras is the CEO & Founder of Carras Creative --...


27 | Setting Goals and Planning Your Website

We’ve all heard about goal setting in our business and you may have tried to do some yourself, whether successfully or not, but when it comes to website design, many of us don’t consider setting goals for our site before we sit down and design. As I have been learning more and more about strategic website design and working with clients, I’ve learned that this is a really important first step to getting your website right the first time. If your website isn’t working to help you meet your...


26 | Creating a Process for Content Creation with Abby Herman

Today I’m talking with Abby Herman of Write Solutions about creating a process for content creation in your business. We’re going to talk a little bit about why you need a process for content creation, how you can create one that works for you, and how you can find the right content for your audience. Abby talks about some great information that you can put into place today to plan your content in advance so you’re never worried about doing things at the last minute and so that you can...


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