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Why IoT Products Are a Big Opportunity by IoT Product Leader

To be successful, IoT products require a new breed of Product Manager capable of managing an end-to-end solution from a business and technical perspective. Daniel discusses why IoT products are a big opportunity for Product Managers, and also points out the complexities involved in building IoT products. Daniel introduces the building blocks of the IoT technology stack from a Product Management perspective, including smart devices, cloud platforms, and cloud applications. He also describes...


Intro to Machine Learning for Product Managers by Google Product Manager

Groundbreaking technologies like neural-net algorithms, along with the ability to run much more powerful computation, started a new era in Machine Learning (ML). We're now able to use Machine Learning for products in ways we could only dream about and companies from all around the world are starting to seize the opportunity.


The Importance of Prioritization as a Product Leader by Salesforce Dir of PM

How do some Product Managers drive innovation while others get mired in the day to day? The answer cuts to the core of product management: prioritization. Alexander Lovell, Director of Product Management at Salesforce, will talk about how to be a true Product Leader by separating the urgent from the important, balancing today's demands against tomorrow's goals, and realizing nothing is indispensable - but everything has consequences.


How to Get Your Apps Featured with Apple by former Beachbody Director of Product

Travis discusses what it’s like having Apple showcase your app to the world during their Keynote presentations. From initial meetings to launch and press events, this candid talk gives a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process.


How Do E-commerce Products Succeed by Atlassian Head of Product

E-commerce is not just for retailers anymore. While business-to-consumer, B2C, e-commerce gets most of the attention, growing at 10%+ per year, business-to-business, B2B, e-commerce isn’t far behind at 7%+ growth per year. Across both, Product Managers play a critical role in defining the next generation of e-commerce experiences for consumers and businesses to increase sales/conversion, build loyal customers, and support brand positioning. Brendan Foley, Head of Product at Atlassian,...


What Is Gaming Product Management Like by former EA Product Manager

Product Management in the Gaming industry; what’s so different about it? Join us for a walkthrough of the rise of social and mobile free-to-play gaming and the evolution of the Product Management role within it. At the crossroads of creativity and business, this key role has reshaped video game development and redefined corporate cultures by forcing entertainment companies to adapt to the millennium’s new platforms. From Associate to Director, from concept to sunset, you’ll learn the...


What I look For When I Hire A Product Manager By AirBnb Product Lead

Curious about what companies are looking for when hiring Product Managers? Companies may have different approaches as to what they place more emphasis on. However, there are some fundamental core values & skill sets that are clearly evaluated when talking to prospective candidates. Angeli talks through some core skill sets a Product Manager is evaluated on and how to assess your own skill set to determine company fit.


Setting Yourself Up For Success as a New Product Manager by Former Head of Product at DreamHire

The quicker you ramp up in a new project or new company, the sooner you will own your product. While this is true, it is important to build the right foundations during your onboarding period to set yourself up for success. Putting in the effort and time investment up front will pay dividends throughout your tenure. Listen to Alice Liang, from Lenda, for 5 things that you should never miss when you join a new project or company.


What Are the Myths & Realities of Product Management by Google Product Manager

Product Management is hard to define and many people often give vague analogies, like the "CEO of the product". When you're making a big career change, you need to know the cold, hard truth of what the role is and whether you'd enjoy and succeed at it. Zerzar tackles some of the biggest myths about Product Management and helps clarify whether it would be the right transition for you. Main takeaways: - A Product Manager is not the CEO, but rather the shepherd of a product - Visionaries and...


How to Get into Product Manager Interviews by OKCupid Product Manager

This talk is aimed at job seekers, and is completely focused on 1) how to get a higher number of first-round interviews for product management roles 2) how to succeed in those interviews. Matthew Du Pont discusses the key elements, such as, how to get informational interviews with people who you’re not socially connected with, how to turn those informational interviews into invitations to apply to a company and how to ask the right questions to get meaningful information about a company,...


Onboarding Effectively as a Product Manager by Former Google PM

For those of us that have switched jobs before, we know how essential the first month can be. The crucial on-boarding process is where you begin creating relationships, understanding the internal jargon and workings of the company, all while figuring out the scope of your role and how you can make an impact. This talk focuses how to effectively onboard as a product manager. Apart from my own takeaways, the talk will contain personally crowdsourced takeaways from among some seasoned PMs in...


5 Tips on How to Be a Good Emotional Leader by former Nokia PM

Ira provides aspiring Product Managers with the early insights into the emotional ups and downs of Product Management and how to keep pushing forward. Main takeaways include, how to be emotionally aware of self and others while managing product, how to handle emotions around product & market failures and wins and how to be an emotional leader.


Intro to Bitcoin by Reddit Director of Product

By this point you've probably heard of Bitcoin and may know someone who owns some, but even though you nod your head when it comes internally you were wondering ... what exactly is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world's first finite digital resource. It's a currency that no single person or organization can control - kind of like a digital gold. Unless you have a background in cryptography or economics or both, phrases like cold storage, hard fork, and segregated witness can all seem pretty...


The Lean Product Playbook with Author Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen shares the key ideas from his bestselling book The Lean Product Playbook. Most of us are familiar with Lean Startup and its valuable concepts, such as product-market fit and the build-measure-learn loop. However, many product teams run into challenges when they try to adopt Lean Startup principles because they lack specific guidance on what to do and how to do it. The Lean Product Playbook provides specific, step-by-step guidance on how to apply Lean Startup ideas. Dan describes...


Product Strategy Basics with SiriusDecisions' Product Manager

One major responsibility of product managers is to define and oversee the strategy of a new or existing product. However, ask a product manager to describe the product’s strategy, and the response may be anything from a vague collection of buzzwords to a detailed list of technical functionality. An effective product strategy needs to be well-thought out and comprehensive enough to cover all of the key elements while still being concise and focused enough to be easily communicated and...


How to Prioritize for Success by Flipkart Product Manager

A majority of product managers find prioritization their biggest challenge at work. Knowing that it can set your product up for success or failure; how do you build, rank and prioritize a product roadmap with multiple stakeholders, limited resources and missing data to back decisions. Flipkart product manager talks about how you can learn how to build, rank and prioritize a product roadmap with multiple stakeholders, limited resources and missing data to back decisions. She discusses how...


10 Lessons I Learned by Slack's First Product Manager

In only a few short years, Slack has become one of the fastest-growing and most beloved enterprise SaaS products of all time. But the secrets behind its growth aren’t what you might expect: it wasn’t all about analytics and A/B testing. Slack's first product manager, Kenneth Berger, tells stories from his time there and shares two surprising principles that helped drive Slack’s success. Combining detailed examples and a behind-the-scenes perspective, this talk provides insights and...


7 Tips for Non-Technical Product Managers by CBS Interactive PM

Are you trying to get into product management but can't code? No tech background? No problem! Former Product Manager at CBS Interactive, Rekha Gavini, gives tips to set yourself up for success and ways to strengthen yourself in the "tech" area. She discusses how you can dip your feet in the technical stuff, pair your non-tech strengths with Product Manager qualities, and practice thinking and talking tech like a Product Manager.


Why Data Is the New UX by LinkedIn Senior Product Manager

Technology products today collect billions of signals from users, and Product Managers are increasingly responsible for shaping features based on a dynamic flow of data — as opposed to traditional static UI design. How can we most effectively build for the content and data that flow into our products? What is the right way to design machine learning features to jump the expectation gap users experience? Keren Baruch answers key questions about building products in a data-rich world derived...


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