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#6 - Stephan van Maris (E-village)

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Stephan van Maris, Product Owner of the Clang e-mail marketing platform at E-Village. Stephan has a technical background and developed himself from one of the core engineers to Product Owner who is now letting go of the technical details to focus on improving the product through customer collaboration. In the 5 parts to this interview (new experiment!) we discuss: 1. Introduction, path to current role, context (organization) and mandate level as a...

Duration: 00:55:40

#5 - Prioritizing Stories with Matthias Orgler (Dreimannzelt)

In this 5th podcast we chat with Matthias Orgler, a Product Development Expert & Agile Coach from Germany. He has experience working in startups in Silicon Vally and these days together with his colleagues at Dreimannzelt he helps businesses build awesome products. When he's not helping businesses, he can be found on stage with one of his bands, working on his book (How to Prioritize Stories) or teaching an Agile Project Management class. And according to Matthias, students have a knack...

Duration: 00:37:02

Episode #4 - Wilbert Seele (Prowareness)

In this fourth episode of the podcast I chat with Wilbert Seele, my colleague at Prowareness. He’s an Agile Scaling expert and ‘Continuous Disruptor'. I asked him on the podcast not to discuss tips and tricks for the Product Owner, but to discuss the idea of a 'Chief' Product Owner and why he thinks that is a really bad idea or even a really, really, really bad idea. In this interview we also discuss the importance of knowing your problem, translating that into your process/product design...

Duration: 00:33:04

Episode #3 - Dave West (CEO / Product Owner

In this podcast I had the pleasure to chat with Dave West, Product Owner & CEO for After discussing his road towards becoming a Product Owner (which includes a well known three letter acronym), we go in to the three most important things a Product Owner should master. Along the ride we gain insights into the vision for in the coming years. We touch on the interactions between Product Owner and his Stakeholders, among which all the Professional Scrum Trainers who...

Duration: 01:05:14