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Bears & bulls, the future of fintech has room for both

Jordan and Trevor are the fintech bull and bear, respectively. They had a friendly discussion about the industry and some of their concerns. Gives a good look at consumer finance, personal finance media, institutional finance, and commercial finance (brief, very brief). Small interlude into healthcare, but good conversation abounds.

Duration: 01:47:34

Excel & Craigslist, Slaying the Goliaths of Entrenched Workflows

Full house this week. Brian, Drew, Jordan, and Trevor return for a discussion format on the entrenched players: Excel and Craigslist. Difference in use and appearance, incredibly similar in market stickiness. We discuss the products, their merits, our use cases, and the ever present holy grail of replacing these products. As a bonus we discuss some cafes we've recently enjoyed and a few blog posts for your interest.

Duration: 00:50:14

Location, Location, Location, Veterans

Trevor Ewen, Jordan Frankfurt, and Chad Arroyo talk about the importance of location. This week, Chad also joined us to discuss Bunker Labs and being a veteran in the startup and product community.

Duration: 01:35:59

Higher education and learning options

Drew and Trevor discuss models for education in the past present and future. They ask the usual questions about the future of higher ed in the United States. For founders and people developing products, the biggest question is not should I learn? But, how should I learn? We discuss the pros and cons and emerging culture around several models of education. Additional reading: - Cornell's Roosevelt Island Campus Opens ( - The College That Produces Founders at Five Times...

Duration: 01:39:10

Niche markets and Casper's unique strategy

Drew, Brian, and Trevor discuss strategies for entrepreneurs entering niche markets. They close the episode by discussing a recent article on Casper mattresses.

Duration: 00:58:22