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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.
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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.








Episode 34 - Cleaning up, Kevin Hearne

This week we'll talk about cleaning up after someone else, that is the situation where you have taken over for someone else and for every thing you get done, you uncover two things that need to be fixed. We'll also check in with our Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon), and see if she is back on track. And then we talk with author Kevin Hearne, and find out how he keeps himself organized. Links for this Episode: Kevin Hearne's Official Website Hounded (Iron Druid Book One) on Amazon...


Episode 33 - Refills, Endings, and Letters

Kevin was in an office supply store alone and without a minder, and that means new things to review! In particular, the new line of TUL refills from Office Depot, and so we'll take a look at all four packs, as well as the stickers that go with them. And then we talk about the recent events in and around the Wombat Test Subject's "On Hold" status, meeting deadlines, and end-of-life care for relatives. Finally, we read some of your letters, and have the contest results! Links for this...


Episode 32 - Lilith Staintcrow

With our Wombat Test Subject on book tour, we're going to jump straight into the interview with Lilith St. Crow. Please excuse the bit where I get a call early on in the interview, and we might wonder around a bit, but this is a great discussion, and I hope you like it. Links for this Episode: Lilith Saintcrow HomepageLilith Staintcrow on Amazon Beast of Wonder on AmazonAfterwar Pre-Order on AmazonThe Daily Grind BlogLevenger CircaPalomino Blackwing PencilsThe Artist's Way


Episode 31 - Book Tour, Theresa Colon

Hi everyone! The Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) is on book tour this week, and so we are going to jump straight into the interview with Theresa Colon of Wounded Birds Ministry, and the very long conversation we had about how she keeps herself organized, coping mechanisms, and the role of spirituality in her own productivity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Links for this episode: Don't Should On Me I Didn't Want to be a ChristianUncondemnedWounded Birds MinistryWounded Birds...


Episode 30 - Grooming, Lydean Kenzall

This episode we have some big news, which we will talk about first thing. Then we follow up with a discussion of how our Wombat Test Subject (aka Ursula Vernon) did with re-integrating to-do lists into her life. As a part of that, we'll talk about the value of task grooming and pruning, which is something we should all do every so often. Finally, we have an interview with Lydean Kenzall, who also has a giveaway for us this week! Links for this Episode: Lydean on TwitterA Heroic Moment...


Episode 29 - Starting Again, Letters

This week we talk about how Kevin stayed productive this past weekend at MAGFest, where he was part of the event Security crew. We will also talk to our Wombat Test Subject about where she is at in her productivity journey, and then we'll read some of your letters, with color commentary from special guest LizardBeth! Links for this Episode: Levenger Circa Steno Ruled NotepadMAGFestLizardBethTimeboxing


Episode 28 - Packing, K. C. Alexander

I am packing up to go to MAGFest, and so we talk a little about prep for the trip. We also touch on mind-maps, editing books. Then we launch into an interview with one of my favorite authors and a really cool person, K. C. Alexander. We had a lot of fun talking, and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Links for this Episode: K. C. Alexander HomepageK. C. Alexander PatronK. C. Alexander MastodonK. C. Alexander on AmazonK. C. Alexander's YouTube Video on her...


Episode 27 - New Year Goals, Bertha Tang

It is that time of year again - all the blog posts, radio stories, and articles about "Meeting your Goals in 2018!" and "Be Your Best You in 2018!" - and we have opinions. Many, many opinions. We also talk about strategies for doing a yearly review, celebrating your successes as they happen, and not feeling like a failure in February. After all that, we interview friend of the show Bertha Tang, and talk about how she stays organized. Links for this Episode: Bertha Tang on TwitterScribble...


Episode 26 - Big Tasks, Matt Wallace

This week, we will start by talking about having a "miss" day: a day when something interferes with your planned activities and throws you off. After that, we'll talk about doing big things a little bit at a time (a.k.a. "eating the whale/elephant"). After that, we have a chance to talk to author, podcaster, and vlogger Matt Wallace. Links for this episode: Matt Wallace on Twitter Matt Wallace on Amazon (Sin du Jour)Matt Wallace's WebsiteAngry Writer VlogMattFnWallace VlogDitch Diggers...


Episode 25 - Certified, Letters

Once more into the mailbox! This week we will announce the winner of the planner giveaway from Episode 23! After that, we discuss the next app for our Wombat Test Subject to try, followed by your questions and comments! Links for this Episode : TickTickHollyAppOurGroceries Lydean's Planner


Episode 24 - Scrum, Jacob Dawson

Hey! I'm just back from Scrum Manager class, and we'll talk about that a little this week. We also check in with our Wombat Test Subject and how she is doing with Remember the Milk, and her rant on certain other software tools. Finally, we get a chance to talk to our friend Jacob Dawson about how he stays productive. Links for this show: Charlie Stross's "Why Microsoft Word must Die"Jacob Dawson on TwitterMyke Cole on PTSDMidwest FurFestThe Art of Continuous Improvement


Episode 23 - Lists, Planners, Terri Ash

This week we tackle planning for the holidays, and then we review a pile of planners we've picked up as we look towards the new year. We will even give one away, and you can find out how you can be entered into a drawing for a Simple Elephant Planner! We also talk to Terri Ash, who we met at Arisia earlier this year, and find out how she keeps herself organized. Photos of the planners are linked below. Links for this Episode: Photos of Planners we ReviewedTerri Ash on TwitterArtist...


Episode 22 - Focus, Deb Kosiba

This week we discuss being able to focus on one thing, and one thing only, start to finish. Our Wombat Test Subject finally tries out Remember The Milk, and we get to hear what she thinks. Our interview this week is with one of our favorite people, Deb Kosiba from Seward Street Studios. Links for this Episode: A PSA from Mugin the Pit Bull's MomSeward Street StudiosGoogle KeepOberon DesignNaomi Dunford Download this Episode


Episode 21 - New Laptop, Jeff Eddy

Slightly shorter show this week, since I am fighting off a mild case of "Con Crud." That's OK, since we talk to Jeff Eddy from SofaWolf Press this week! We also find out why our Wombat Test Subject still hasn't tried Remember the Milk, and discuss her win when scheduling her next book tour. Links for this episode: SofaWolf PressSelligentRemember the MilkTrelloTodoist


Episode 20 - TaskWarrior, Letters

Hi folks! We're gonna start off this week with an apology, and then get to a quick review of TaskWarrior. And then our Wombat Test Subject and I will answer your letters! (Also, I really need to get a mouse that doesn't make such a loud click) Links for this episode: TaskWarriorInThe.AM TaskWarrior SyncRemember the MilkManifesto for Agile Software Development


Episode 19 - NANOWRIMO, Tarus Balog

November is upon us, and it is time to start the discussion around 2018 planners (if you are a paper planning person). It is also time for NaNoWriMo, and our Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) has some advice and thoughts on the process. Finally, we have an interview with our friend Tarus Balog, who talks about his experience in Open Source and how he and his team stays productive. Links for this Episode: Tarus BalogTarus Balog on (Open Source Project)OpenNMS...


Episode 18 - Habitica, Vicky Hsu

The last week has been absolutely fantastic, and this week's interview is just the icing on the cake! Guest (and Habitica co-founder) Vicky Hsu and I were at All Things Open talking about being productive with Habitica. And that is what we are going to talk about on the show this week : why we like Habitica, some of the features we use, and why it works so well for us. Links for this episode: HabiticaVicky Hsu on Twitter Vicky Hsu profileAll Things Open Download this Episode


Episode 17 - Know Yourself, Mur Lafferty

This week, we discuss the value of knowing yourself and having multiple projects running at once. At the same time, we will talk about how that's not for everyone. We also have an interview with Award-winning Author and Podcaster Mur Lafferty, who discusses her workflow and how she keeps on track. Links for this Episode: The MurverseSix Wakes I Should Be Writing (Book)I Should Be Writing (Podcast)Ditch DiggersMur's Patreon Download this Episode


Episode 16 - Overcommitted, Letters

This week, our Wombat Test Subject (author and illustrator Ursula Vernon) and I will talk about being ovecommitted, and some of the challenges that come with it. We will also read and answer your letters! Enjoy! Links for this Episode: Unfuck Your HabitatMy New Me (aka Productivity Lady) Notebook Video Levenger Circa Daily Agenda Pages


Episode 15 - Disconnecting, Dylan Wilbanks

This week we will recap the reasons to do an off-site and why it is a good idea to disconnect sometimes. Our Wombat Test Subject speaks to when she is most productive, how Bullet Journals are just not for her, and why almost everyone we know who is in a creative field is running behind right now. Finally, we have a really good (but noisy) interview with freelance UX designer Dylan Wilbanks. And for the record, I wimped out on harassing the anti-abortion protesters. They just weren't all...


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