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"Stay In The House..."

THIS WEEK: Bow Wow ain't playin' wit these niggas! Bruno Mars is a copycat. Floyd Mayweather's death wish. Racist wrestling gimmicks. Mufuckas need English class. Black whiteboys. AND MORE!!


Dreams Of Fuckin' A Superhero Bitch

THIS WEEK: - Sex with Storm is probably earth-shattering. -Royce and Tariq are better than everybody. -Michael Jackson was famous as fuck. -Jesus in Gucci slides. -Somethin' about a Jay and Beyonce concert. AND MORE!!


In Stereo

THIS WEEK: - Two mics are better than one. - Why is Future still a thing? - Beyonce vs. Tiffany Haddish? - Killmonger, T'Challa, Sho'Nuff, Bruce Leroy. - Rozay's heart. AND MORE!!


"Smoke Weed So You Can Remember Shit"

THIS WEEK: -Marijuana effects the memory. -Prince Akeem is cooler than King T'Challa. -Sitcom bitches. -Lisa McDowell got big titties. -Instagram killed the video ho. -Baby hates Wayne? AND MORE!!


"You Need To Be A Ho For A Lil' While"

THIS WEEK: - Is promiscuity a prerequisite to fidelity? - Why mufuckas always talkin' to Max-El at the gym? - Is Drake's "God's Plan" video the dopest shit ever? - Why is Chadwick Boseman's name "Chadwick"? - How far should teachers go to protect their students? - How much quality convo can Max & SPEAK have before the whiskey takes over? We didn't find answers to most of these questions, because Jack Daniel's. But the shit was fun! #PRESSPLAY


Nasty Church Bitches / "LeBron Might Fuck Around And..."

After last week's battery fiasco, niggas actually remembered to plug up the shits this time. So we had PLENTY juice to talk about... - LeBron's next move - The main reason a quality Michael Jackson biopic will NEVER (happen unless it's a cartoon) - How the fuck did Don Lemon get un-excommunicated from niggadom? - Why Lauryn Hill ain't better than Eve - Scenarios in which God is OK with nasty church bitches And MAD other shit, woadie. This episode is hella everywhere, just like the slang in...


...and then the battery died.

So we talked about the state of Trump's fucked up Union... ...gave Colin Kaepernick some well-deserved props ...broke down the Mo'Nique situation a lil' bit more ...and then the battery died. Tragic. But it's still a good episode, so go 'head and press play.



We recorded on the day the 60th Annual Grammys aired and didn't talk about them AT ALL. Why? 'Cause fuck the Grammys. Instead, we: - Questioned Mo'Nique's "legend" status - Traded baldhead secrets - Tried to figure out why Puff doesn't do more with Revolt - Looked at a fine-ass sex doll named Salma And some other shit, too.



THIS EPISODE: - Ambition, dreamchasing and self-improvement. - Fear is a muthafuckin' lie. -Why there ain't no time like NOW. - Samuel Leroy Jackson is the greatest actor alive. And some other shit. #GotThatGlow #WhoIsTheMaster


"DON'T FUCKIN' TALK TO ME!!" -- 12/23/17

**We recorded this episode a few days before the passing of Reggie "Combat Jack" Osse. So if you notice that there is no mention of the OG in this episode whose artwork features an acknowledgement of his death, that is because when we recorded, fam was still fighting. Profane & Profound sends our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Reggie's friends, family and all who are affected by his passing. May this shit he helped pioneer live forever, in his name. The internets will never...


The Do-Over -- 12/15/17

This week we discuss: Lavar Ball's latest move... Why "Friday On Elm Street" shoulda been WAY nastier... And some other shit that escapes me right now. We called this one "The Do-Over" 'cause we had to record it twice due to some user error in the initial recording. Yes, players fuck up sometimes, too. Anyway, hit play.


"You Touched His Dick For The Khakis!" -- [Recorded 11/19/17]

So we skipped #22 to hurry up* and deliver this here heat. It's the first episode we recorded with TWO microphones! You know, like an ACTUAL podcast anshit! For that reason, this is absolutely the greatest episode of Profane & Profound ever. We used those two mics to talk some shit about some shit, including: The misrepresentation of Dame Dash, Pete Rock's war of words with Waka Flocka, A hypothetical Roc-A-Fella reunion, That trash recently released by Marshall Mathers, Bootleg internet,...


Strippers On Strike -- 11/6/17

THIS WEEK: NY Skrippas is mad. Kaepernick got a book deal. KRIT dropped an album. David Stern says NBA players should be able to toke up. Stephen A. said some more dumb shit. Amongst other thangs... Hit play for details.


"One Mic / "Her Head Big As Fuck" -- 10/28/17

WE GOT A MICROPHONE, FAM!!! We comin' up in this bitch. Anyway... This week: Ric Flair's wrestling Mt. Rushmore is wrong. Eminem's "cypher" at the Hip-Hop Awards was not the shit. Puff Daddy be fat shaming? Yo head too big and yo skin don't fit. Plus MUCH more.


Top Flight / #LateAsFuckPost -- Recorded 10/8/17

So this is an episode we recorded about 3 weeks ago but never posted because Max-El be bullshittin'. But late is better than not at all, so shut yo ass up. Anyway... in this episode we continued the Chris Tucker/Mike Epps "who's funnier?" debate, which is a debate Max-El's cousin TJ says ain't even a damn debate. (He's #TeamTucker) We also discussed whether it's easy to still support the art of people you KNOW ain't shit, Talked about Nelly's rape allegations (*cough* BULLSHIT *cough*),...


Come Together / "Professional Muthafucka-er" -- 10/6/17

WOMEN (in rap) BE FIGH-INNNNNNN!! ...But they need to chill. Come together like buttcheeks and be the shit. (That's an Eddie Griffin line.) Also: Chris Tucker is overrated, "Funkdafied" is the greatest rap album ever released by a female MC, And Trump continues to be ain't shit. Press play for more details.


The Wackness -- 9/28/2017

How fuckin' wack was the sudden surge of National Anthem demonstrations? Let me count the ways... We also talk about a place where white people go to voluntarily be tortured. Why do they do that, you ask? Because... dogs. We talked about some other shit, too, but I can't remember exactly what. So just press play. **"The Wackness" logo was used without permission. But that shit dope. Shout out to whoever made it, though. And go check out the movie.**


"I Will Body ANYBODY!" -- 9/23/17

Yup, episode 16. We know the last one we dropped was #14, but if Apple can skip shit, so can we. Fuck numerical order, son. Anyway, this week we go in on Apple CEO Tim Cook and how he ain't really done no fresh shit since Jobs died; give ALL the props due to the Black Delegation at ESPN for riding for Jemele Hill; discuss why Slaughterhouse is SO disappointing while laughing at that one time Joell Ortiz looked like Drake's older, fatter cousin; and take a quick stroll through The Firm...


Fuck Snapchat! / "Ignantly" -- 9/7/17

This week the homies debate whether a grown man should have a Snapchat account, discuss why vegetarians don't get the itis and have taupe turds that don't stink, then get REAL nerdy and have a long-ass conversation about wrestling. And SPEAK comes thisclose to hitting the blunt! He ain't do it, though. One day... We talked about other shit, too, but you'll have to tune in to find out what those topics are... because we don't remember. Say no to drugs, kids.


Buzz Killington -- 9/1/17

This week, the homie SPEAK didn't have any liquor in his coffee. Max-El didn't like that shit. We talked about some shit, too, like Trump being Trump, Floyd whoopin' Conor's ass, NBA trades and why "Bodak Yellow" is one of the stupidest song titles EVER. Amongst other things.


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