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Strippers On Strike -- 11/6/17

THIS WEEK: NY Skrippas is mad. Kaepernick got a book deal. KRIT dropped an album. David Stern says NBA players should be able to toke up. Stephen A. said some more dumb shit. Amongst other thangs... Hit play for details.

Duration: 01:32:59

"One Mic / "Her Head Big As Fuck" -- 10/28/17

WE GOT A MICROPHONE, FAM!!! We comin' up in this bitch. Anyway... This week: Ric Flair's wrestling Mt. Rushmore is wrong. Eminem's "cypher" at the Hip-Hop Awards was not the shit. Puff Daddy be fat shaming? Yo head too big and yo skin don't fit. Plus MUCH more.

Duration: 01:56:31

Top Flight / #LateAsFuckPost -- Recorded 10/8/17

So this is an episode we recorded about 3 weeks ago but never posted because Max-El be bullshittin'. But late is better than not at all, so shut yo ass up. Anyway... in this episode we continued the Chris Tucker/Mike Epps "who's funnier?" debate, which is a debate Max-El's cousin TJ says ain't even a damn debate. (He's #TeamTucker) We also discussed whether it's easy to still support the art of people you KNOW ain't shit, Talked about Nelly's rape allegations (*cough* BULLSHIT *cough*),...

Duration: 01:17:07

Come Together / "Professional Muthafucka-er" -- 10/6/17

WOMEN (in rap) BE FIGH-INNNNNNN!! ...But they need to chill. Come together like buttcheeks and be the shit. (That's an Eddie Griffin line.) Also: Chris Tucker is overrated, "Funkdafied" is the greatest rap album ever released by a female MC, And Trump continues to be ain't shit. Press play for more details.

Duration: 01:26:21

The Wackness -- 9/28/2017

How fuckin' wack was the sudden surge of National Anthem demonstrations? Let me count the ways... We also talk about a place where white people go to voluntarily be tortured. Why do they do that, you ask? Because... dogs. We talked about some other shit, too, but I can't remember exactly what. So just press play. **"The Wackness" logo was used without permission. But that shit dope. Shout out to whoever made it, though. And go check out the movie.**

Duration: 01:00:52

"I Will Body ANYBODY!" -- 9/23/17

Yup, episode 16. We know the last one we dropped was #14, but if Apple can skip shit, so can we. Fuck numerical order, son. Anyway, this week we go in on Apple CEO Tim Cook and how he ain't really done no fresh shit since Jobs died; give ALL the props due to the Black Delegation at ESPN for riding for Jemele Hill; discuss why Slaughterhouse is SO disappointing while laughing at that one time Joell Ortiz looked like Drake's older, fatter cousin; and take a quick stroll through The Firm...

Duration: 01:23:47

Fuck Snapchat! / "Ignantly" -- 9/7/17

This week the homies debate whether a grown man should have a Snapchat account, discuss why vegetarians don't get the itis and have taupe turds that don't stink, then get REAL nerdy and have a long-ass conversation about wrestling. And SPEAK comes thisclose to hitting the blunt! He ain't do it, though. One day... We talked about other shit, too, but you'll have to tune in to find out what those topics are... because we don't remember. Say no to drugs, kids.

Duration: 01:24:23

Buzz Killington -- 9/1/17

This week, the homie SPEAK didn't have any liquor in his coffee. Max-El didn't like that shit. We talked about some shit, too, like Trump being Trump, Floyd whoopin' Conor's ass, NBA trades and why "Bodak Yellow" is one of the stupidest song titles EVER. Amongst other things.

Duration: 01:33:01

Where Is Kaepernick? / "Sans Coochie Hole" -- 8/23/17

This week we chop it up about the upcoming Chris Brown documentary, discuss how Dave East can blow up without getting corny, try to figure out where the hell Colin Kaepernick has been while the whole damn country is ready to move in his name, and examine the curious case of a young woman born with an incomplete vagina. Among other topics. This one got a little animated. Blame it on the drugs. Say no to drugs, though.

Duration: 01:41:01

Slightly Under The Influence/"Really Good Bad Things" -- 8/17/2017

This week we got a little drunk and talked a lotta shit. About what, though... who really knows? There was a guy who attempted a backflip and died, there were some cracka-ass crackas doin' cracka-ass cracka shit in Virginia and there was some pseudo-psychoanalysis goin' on between the cohosts of this here shitshow, but outside of that the entire episode is kinda fuzzy. Kinda like Mr. Turner's DUI arrest video, a screenshot from which we used as the image this week. He was muthafuckin'...

Duration: 01:14:57

Female MCs, Contact Highs & LGBjujuju -- 8/10/2017

This week we're talkin' about dope MCs who happen to be female, SPEAK catches a contact high and Max-El reveals that he can't say "LGBTQ" without fuckin' it up. We also pat ourselves on the back for the dope new intro we just got (shout out to the homie JG!), argue about whether The Wire is really that amazing, and discuss how gay Atlanta is (not). Among other things. So kick back, roll up, and press play.

Duration: 01:45:42

Late Pass -- 8/2/2017

Soooo... Episode 9 was supposed to drop last week, but it didn't. Why, you ask? Because shit was happening and niggas couldn't get to it. Why you askin' so many questions? Like you my woman or somethin'. Look, we apologize and are back in full effect to talk about all the shit we missed, like Usher and his [alleged] infections, the R. Kelly "cult," the Juice gettin' loose, Jay-Z's wack-ass videos, Vick and Kaepernick and a WHOLE lot mo'. So check the new shit. And sorry we're late, OK?...

Duration: 02:11:53

Annie, Iz You OK... Or Naw? -- 7/20/17

GOOD MORNING NEIGHBORS!! This week we discuss the curious case of the woman who thinks Michael Jackson stole her life story, the legitimacy of mental health-based reality shows, what's gonna happen when Conor and Floyd finally square up, the similarities between the Crip Walk and the Riverdance and a whole lot more shit! Check it out now, 'cause them boys good!! (Good 'n terrible...) **mic drop**

Duration: 01:45:00

"Smoke That Dope, Nigga!" - 7/12/17

Yo! Bumrush the new show! This week we discuss how smart Jay-Z is for leaving those three bonus tracks off of 4:44, we remember a time when a handful of rappers were all about that fitness life, we're thoroughly disgusted by some weird lady who likes to mix her intercourse with breastfeeding, and Max tries to pressure SPEAK into smoking weed (he failed). And a random assortment of other shit. Welcome to the Terrordome. #SmokeThatDope

Duration: 01:44:28

New Hov - 7/6/2017

In case you haven't heard, some guy named Jay-Z dropped a new album. This week, we discuss it. We talk about some other shit, too, but mostly the new Hov. Surprised? Shouldn't be.

Duration: 01:03:01

R.I.P. H.N.I.C. / "You Know Why I'm Black?" -- 6/28/17

This week we're remembering Prodigy -- discussing his history in and impact on the rap game; sharing our favorite P songs and projects, and reminiscing on that one time Max-El had the opportunity to speak with the man. We also try to decide if it's cool for your woman to call you "Daddy"; explain why we ain't really fuckin' with the 'Pac movie like that; and SPEAK defends his Blackness in the face of immense criticism of his TV viewing habits. Among other things...

Duration: 01:20:05

The TV Show - 6/21/17

This week we're talkin' TV -- what's good, what sucks, shit we're looking forward to and shit we wish would just go away. SPEAK confesses that he's never seen The Wire (gasp!) and Max-El breaks down the similarities between Martin and Sanford & Son. And some other shit, too. So grab some free range chicken and pull up a seat, Chief. This gon be good!

Duration: 01:32:29

Outrage - 6/7/17

Can a Black man be too rich for racism? Kaep is still unsigned -- is we boycottin?! Is Kathy Griffin a victim of sexism or her own stupidity? What the fuck did Bill Maher just say?! Is Jason Whitlock mentally ill? And how do we decide what to be outraged over? Talkin' bout ALL this shit and a lil bit more -- namely, fatherhood and the NBA Finals -- in Episode 2!

Duration: 01:31:02

The Genesis - 5/31/17

We done jumped off the porch and into the podcast game!

Duration: 00:54:54