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E64 - Lisa Miller: Regulators Are People Too

In this episode, Lisa Miller and I discuss regulators, regulations and how the insurance ecosystem can interrelate effectively with regulators. Lisa provides some advice on when (often) and how (engage and discuss) to work with regulators. Her advice is similar to what Trent Cooksley advised on how to pitch to investors...DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Make it easy for them to buy into your idea (rates, forms, products etc). Yes, regulators are human, and yes, they do like coffee.


E63 - Chris Stanley - Creating the Next Generation of Independent Adjusters

February was Insurance Careers Month. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Chris Stanley, someone who is literally helping people to build an insurance career. Chris is an author, independent adjuster and the founder of IA Path, an online training company helping those who would like to build their own Independent Adjuster or Appraiser business. We discussed how to become an IA & more importantly, what successful IA's do and DON'T do. CONNECT WITH CHRIS STANLEY: IA Path...


E62 - Cooper Cohen: International Underwriter at CNA Financial

We finish Insurance Careers Month by speaking with an up and coming insurance professional. Cooper Cohen is an International Underwriter at CNA in Chicago. We discussed how he got into insurance, blockchain, insurtech and near the end of the recording Cooper describes the real challenge we as an industry face in trying to recruit college grads into insurance.


E59 - Trent Cooksley: Head of Open Innovation at Markel Corp

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I speak with Trent Cooksley who is the head of open innovation at Markel Corp. Markel is a large insuance company, with a global presence, and Trent is in charge of exploring new technologies and innovation. We discuss the insurtech scene, how Trent filters the large (and ever growing) list of new technologies and companies. Trent also goes into how startups can be being successful ("take the bull by the horns") and how important it is for startups to...


E57 - Thomas Accardo of BrokerLift: "Disintermediate Yourself"

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Thomas Accardo of BrokerLift. BrokerLift helps brokers & agents digitize their products and services, creating a full eCommerce platform so that brokers don't have to become software developers. Like our prior guest, Thomas is from Canada and an immigrant into insurance. Thomas discusses loss leaders and other marketing concepts (his expertise) so that brokers can do what they do best while still growing and competing in a highly digital...


E57 - Karn Saroya of Cover - "Insurance Companies are Glaciers Carved by Rivers of Money"

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Karn Saroya, Co-Founder and CEO of Cover, an insurtech company whose primary product is a mobile app in which you can take a photo of a personal belonging, submit it to Cover, and Cover will find a market for that item. Karn is a serial entrepreneur who came into insurance from the fashion & marketing side of business. We discuss what lead him to get excited about insurance and what it takes to make a successful company from a startup. Karn...


E56 - DIscussing: NEXT GEN ANALYTICS AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS: POWERING INSURTECH Conference with Larry Pistell & Herbert Chain of St. John's University

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Herbert Chain and Larry Pistell of the St. John's University Tobin College of Business. Herb and Larry talked about the business school's history of insurance education. St. John's has one of the preeminent global insurance and risk management programs. St. John's The agenda for the event is: Event Signup CONNECT WITH LARRY & HERB Larry Pistell's LinkedIn Page Larry Pistell's email Herb Chain's LinkedIn Profile


E56: Tony Steuer Discusses the DOL Best Interests Standard, The Affordable Care Act and His Predictions for 2018 Insurtech Innovations

Subscribe at: Stitcher iTunes Buzzsprout RSS In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I caught up with Tony Steuer. Tony is an advocate for insurance consumers and we've had him on the show before to discuss the Insurance Bill of Rights. We discussed the new Department of Labor requirements on best interests, the current status of the Affordable Care Act and Tony's thoughts and predictions for Insurtech in 2018. CONNECT WITH TONY Twitter LinkedIn Home Page MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST Insurance...


E55: Prof. Mike Hubbel of Temple University's Risk Management Program

Mike Hubbel is a professor of Risk Management within Temple University's Fox School of Business. The program is often rated as one of the top undergrad/grad risk management & insurance programs in the US. We have written in the past, why a degree program is so valuable and in this episode Mike & I go into some detail about why. Mike, like Zach Finn of Butler University, started his career in insurance and then moved into academia. This is important in that Mike can truly teach real world...


E54: Selfies As A Life Expectancy & Health Tool With Janet Anderson of Lapetus Solutions

At any insurance conference Janet Anderson attends, she is often the most popular person in the room? Everyone wants to take a selfie on her phone and see what the technology that Lapetus Solutions is predicting for them. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Janet and I discuss this image analysis technology, application to industry and her career in insurance


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