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PMB S03E05 Basil: The Kirchin Experience (Ivor & Basil Kirchin Band, The Basil Kirchin Band, Johnny Keating, Broadcast, The High Llamas, Stereolab, Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan)

This week we celebrate the life and work of one of Britain’s greatest big band leaders, soundtrack composers, library music composers and time/mind-bending musicians, Basil Kirchin. Hull City of Culture 2017 recently put on a weekend of the great man’s … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:12:27

PMB S03E04 Shapes (Michael Cole/Michael Jessett, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, i am robot and proud, The Pierre Arvay Orchestra, Jez Butler, John Baker, [PHYSICS], Bernie Green & His Orchestra, Harmonic 33, Griff, Csum, Acts Travel, N99, Our Albert)

We’ve neglected the world of geometry for far too long and so this week we thought it time we brought you the latest developments in shapes. Most of the tracks on the show are about specific polygons and, because we … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:59:20

PMB S03E03 Like (Tokyo Elvis, Robots With Rayguns, YMCK, Osaka Shunkashuto, S U R V I V E, The Karminsky Experience Inc, Le Matos, Leggysalad, Droid Bishop, Circus Brekovic, Venetian Snares, The TechnoMagic, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

Every season we have one or two theme-free shows where we bring you some of our favourite recent discoveries. For this first show of “likes” in Season 3, we have synthwave, darkwave, retrowave, lollywave, breakcore, j-pop and no doubt many … Continue reading →

Duration: 06:24:15

Jean-Jacques Perrey Destination Space interview (part 2)

Following on from our interview with Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman earlier in the year, we caught up with these two fine gentlemen again towards the end of 2008 to talk about the second album they made together, Destination Space. … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:50:08

Jean-Jacques Perrey Destination Space interview (part 1)

Following on from our interview with Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman earlier in the year, we caught up with these two fine gentlemen again towards the end of 2008 to talk about the second album they made together, Destination Space. … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:49:56

Jean-Jacques Perrey AV Festival interview

In 2008, Jean-Jacques Perrey and his musical partner Dana Countryman appeared at the first AV Festival, which took place at the Sage, Gateshead in March of that year. In the afternoon, Jean-Jacques presented a lecture talking about his life of … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:03:09

PMB S03E02 Black and White (The Tony Hatch Sound, Barry Gray, Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw, Birds ‘n’ Brass, Mandingo, Frank Hunter And His Orchestra, Kim & Buran, Meteor, Ìxtahuele, Orgasmo Sonore, Dario Russo, Snail’s House)

This week it’s all about the light and the dark or, more specificaly, the black and the white. Some have controversially argued that this might be a companion show to our Rainbow Collection. But nothing could be further from the … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:44:47

PMB S03E01 Low Energy (CaptainX, Joseph Vann, Iko Chérie, Snail’s House, Dario Russo, David Mellor, Ìxtahuele, The Hardy Tree, nightskys, Lullatone, Freschard, Vanishing Twin)

Gradually emerging from hibernation, the crew aboard the Moonbase bring you a suitably low-key start to Season 3 with a selection of soothing tunes to ease you into the new year. Listen now: Your browser does not support the audio … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:43:48

PMB S02E05 Jean-Jacques Perrey Jamboree (Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kai Winding, Gershon Kingsley, Billy Mure, Harry Breuer, Gilbert Sigrist, David Chazam, Dana Countryman)

Patron saint of the show, Jean-Jacques Perrey, recently moved on from this planet to spend eternity with the stars. His music was a perfect example of all the things we love at PMB: humour, virtuosity, ping-pong stereo, the Moog synthesizer, … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:42:27

PMB S02E04 Keep it Clean (Jack Hulbert & Eddie & Rex, Caerphilly Youth Big Band, American-Standard, Barry Gray, The Advisory Circle, Maruo Maruko, Lullatone, Mike Sammes, oDDling, Baby Bear, Elmo, Mice, Stepmother, Telly & Zoe, Klangverkstedet, Daphne Ora

It’s time to pop on the marigolds, arrange a selection of cleaning products on the worktop and get scrubbing before also giving yourself a good hose-down. Yes, on this week’s show we celebrate cleanliness and the art of attaining cleanliness. … Continue reading →

Duration: 04:42:12

PMB S02E03 You (Calibro 35, Grizzler, Diamondback Manhunter, DJ Bongoboy, Dean Elliott And His Big Band, Dorothy Ashby, Alan Haven, Daphne Oram, Robert Drasnin, Belbury Poly, nmlstyl, The Tony Hatch Orchestra, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

It’s time for the second in our series all about personal pronouns and this week it’s all about YOU, dear listener. Yes, for this show we move to the second person but without trying to point the finger. We cover … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:32:43

PMB S02E02 Stranger Tunes (Perturbator, OGRE, Dana’s Vision, Carpenter Brut, Cluster Buster, S U R V I V E, Zombie Hyperdrive, Velvet Overdrive, CRYSEHD, Mac Quayle, VHS Glitch, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein)

It’s all gone a bit Upside Down at the Moonbase for our Halloween special this year as we take inspiration from spooky hit TV series Stranger Things. Yes, it’s an all-retrowave trip back to the imaginary 80s with zombies, werewolves, … Continue reading →

Duration: 06:20:23

PMB273 I (Bruno Nicolai, Edmundo Ros, Kamal Ahmed (feat. Noor Jehan), Snail’s House, Cal Tjader, John Gregory & His Orchestra, Tätärä, Alan Haven, Martin Denny, William Onyeabor)

As if we didn’t have enough series on the go at the moment, we’ve taken the foolhardy decision to kick off another one, this collection all about personal pronouns. That’s “he” and “she” to you and me. But before straying … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:27:01

PMB272 Mukbang (Raymond Guiot & Jean-Claude Dubois, Felix Thoma, Carlos Pickling y su Orquesta, La tia Cata, Eddie Layton, Perfume, Anamanaguchi, Phaserland, The Carnival Steel Drum Band, Frankie Cosmos, Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam, Takara Tomy Toy

The dinner gong has been rung, dear listener, as we invite you to join us for a sumptuous three-course banquet here on the moon. For those unaware of ‘mukbang’, we were inspired to put this show together by the YouTube … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:23:20

PMB271 Let’s Kawaii! (2UNE, Omniboi, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mayuko Yuki/Vegetagirls, Kero Kero Bonito, Snail’s House, MYLK, Papa Topo, Tokyo Elvis, Yunosuke)

It’s time to pay our second visit to the world of all things cute. Primarily Japan but we have a couple of exceptions to the rule. Prepare to enjoy a majorette with sticks for arms, dancing vegetables, a celebration of … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:18:28

PMB270 The Rainbow Collection: Rainbow (The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, Kermit, Procyon Lotor, Dorothy Collins, Tony Mottola Orchestra, Hy Zaret & Lou Singer, Lusterquin, Roger Webb, Dario Russo, Monroeville Music Center, Korla Pandit, Primo Quinteto,

We’ve reached the end of the rainbow (collection), dear listener, with a show all about the rainbow itself. It’s been an emotional journey, with a fight almost breaking out on the question of whether we should do a show about … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:27:47

PMB269 Tokyo Conservation Spiders (Hackney Colliery Band, Family Atlantica, Diamondback Manhunter, Beverely Sisters, Belbury Poly, Vanishing Twin, Tokyo Elvis, Occams Laser, The Bongolian)

Before you think we’ve gone ultra-niche and come up with a set of tracks about spiders in Tokyo who are specialists in conservation, no, dear listener. No, this week’s show is a chance for us to catch up with some … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:19:12

PMB268 Escape (In Viridian, ForeignBlade, Waveshaper, Neon Nox, Cartography Studios, VHS Glitch, Quixotic, 7DD9, Aerobic)

We’re heading back to the imaginary 80s again this week, dear listener, with a retrowave show all about getting the hell out of here. Yes, it’s time to escape! It’s also time to enjoy a truly global selection of tunes, … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:29:33

PMB267 Days of the Week: Monday (Johnny Pearson, Mary Roos, Melkeveien vs. Niño, Mrs. Miller, Chanteurs Pour Enfants, Clipounets & Les Petits Minous, Trio Nago, Stepan Smetacek & New Orchestra of Dreams, Roberto Firpo, Remigio Ducros & Massimo Catalano, B

This week, dear listener, we start a new cut-out-and-keep series all about the days of the week. Perhaps contentiously, we start with Monday. Recognised by many as the first day of the week, we do also appreciate that for large … Continue reading →

Duration: 04:38:31

PMB266 Milk (Mongo Santamaria, The Go! Team, Pixelh8, Barry Gray, Alan Hawkshaw, Hatsune Miku, I Kicked A Cloud Once, capsule, John Baker, meganeko, Sesame Street)

It’s time to enjoy a refreshing, ice cold glass of milk, dear listener, as we open the carton and pour out chiptune, retrowave and radiophonics. We have a commercial break and there’s also the soundtrack to a highly instructive video … Continue reading →

Duration: 05:08:52

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