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Episode 5: STLV Day 5 WE MADE IT!

We made it to Day 5 of STLV 2017. Sunday was Star Trek Mash Up Cosplay day, doing a cosplay that combined Star Trek with a non Star Trek character. It was also Mirror Universe day at STLV. We talked to people who were cosplaying for Star Trek Mash Up or Mirror Universe. We also … Continue reading "Episode 5: STLV Day 5 WE MADE IT!"

Duration: 01:58:33

Episode 4: Day 4 – Skanturday in the Rio, I think it was STLV

And after a winter’s nap we have returned with Day 4 from STLV 2017. In today’s episode we’re on Skant Watch 2017: In search of Bill Smith and Dan Davidson in Skants, spoiler we did find them and a lot of other people wearing them; we talk to Katy MacKenzie about service animals at STLV; … Continue reading "Episode 4: Day 4 – Skanturday in the Rio, I think it was STLV"

Duration: 01:39:18

Episode 3: STLV Day 3 All Access

Hello, we’ve returned with an all new episode of the podcast. In this special extra large episode we find out that Hayley is Cool and Hip; Hot Underwear Talk; An interview with Richard Herd who played Admiral Paris in Star Trek Voyager; Updating you on whether Michael Dorn is at his table or not; talking … Continue reading "Episode 3: STLV Day 3 All Access"

Duration: 01:52:24

Episode 2: STLV Day 2 – Discovering My Blue Period

It’s Day 2 of STLV. The Discovery Exhibit opened up. I freak people out wearing a blue sweater. An exclusive interview with David Mack about his Discovery Novel, Desperate Hours, available now. Coffee Table talk. Is Ian the father? Me wondering around talking to people. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google … Continue reading "Episode 2: STLV Day 2 – Discovering My Blue Period"

Duration: 01:23:22

Episode 1: STLV Day 1 Opening the Space Disco

Here it is, Episode 1 of the Promenade Podcast. Here is our coverage of the First Day of STLV 2017. Enjoy

Duration: 01:08:18

Promenade Podcast Episode 0: My Name is Robert Reyes…..

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, not as exciting as the 8th wonder of the World: The Backside of Water. But it’s almost as good. Here is the first episode of The Promenade Podcast: My Name is Robert Reyes…..

Duration: 00:14:41