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044 | Heather Haynie & Dani Antol, Rock Paper Scissors on running a brick & mortar shop, dividing responsibilities and how they've overcome personal and business challenges together

Heather Haynie and Dani Antol are the owners of Rock Paper Scissors, a custom invitation and paper goods shop in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rock Paper Scissors is the go-to destination for locals and visitors alike looking for laugh-out-loud greeting cards, journals, dec accessories, calendars, planners and modern gifts. On today’s episode we talk about a wide range of topics including what it takes to run a retail storefront, how they divide responsibilities as business partners and what...


043 | Renee Griffith, HeartSwell Co on changing her business name, finding a voice within your brand and why she scraped her product line and started anew

Renee Griffith, the founder of HeartSwell, designs and creates her products using her original hand lettering style, incorporating patterns, colors and textures inspired by her deep love of the ocean and lush landscape where she lives in South Florida. Renee is a TSBC alum who has attended our Paper Camp Conference twice, once when she was starting her business and a second time after she had revised her line and rebranded her company. On today’s episode we’re talking about why she...


042 | Beth Penn, Bneato Bar on misconceptions around clutter, tips for tidying and the benefits of decluttering your home and business life

Beth Penn is a professional organizer, speaker and life hacker. She is the founder of Bneato Bar, a professional organizing service whose clients range from corporations looking for big-picture management solutions to busy individuals simply flooded with email, paper or stuff in their home. Beth has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Oh Joy!, DesignLoveFest, and more, and has collaborated on projects with Style by Emily Henderson and Apartment Therapy. On today’s episode we’re...


041 | Melanie Karlins, Grey Moggie on retail craft markets, overcoming creative blocks and redefining success for different seasons in life

TSBC alum, Melanie Karlins of Grey Moggie started letterpress printing in 2008 as a creative outlet while she was in law school, and later taught letterpress classes at a local art center. In 2011 she started selling her products at local craft fairs and picked up wholesale accounts through her Instagram feed. Today, Grey Moggie is Melanie's full-time job and her greeting cards are sold in stationery and gift shops all over the United States, including Paper Source On today's episode,...


040 | Rebekah Tennis, Wild Ink Press on responsiveness, reliability and how she pitches wholesale buyers

Rebekah Tennis is the founder of Wild Ink Press, a letterpress studio and retail storefront located in northern California. Rebekah started Wild Ink Press in 2009 and was part of our very first Tradeshow Bootcamp class in 2011. The Wild Ink Press brand offers witty and pretty greeting cards, stationery, and other paper goods that can be found in hundreds of retail shops nationwide including the Container Store, Papyrus, and Paper Source. On today's episode, Rebekah talks about the power...


039 | Nicole Block, The Nic Studio & Tyles on how her life inspires her work, benefits of getting a workspace outside of her home and challenges she faced when creating a new product category

Nicole Block is the owner of The Nic Studio a stationery, design and illustration studio. She’s also the founder of Tyles, which is a line of sophisticated, removable wall decor made from cut vinyl! Nic and I first met on Twitter back in 2009 and she’s been a part of the TSBC community since we started in 2011! On today’s episode Nicole shares how her life inspires her work, the benefits of getting a workspace outside of her home and the logistical challenges she faced when creating a new...


From the Archives | Katie Wilson, The Good Twin on trendsetting, sticking to your core values and the importance of slow sustainable growth

Happy Holidays friends! This episode with Katie Wilson of The Good Twin is a crowd favorite and I’m so excited for you to listen to it again! Katie is one of our TSBC alumni and she has such a unique story and fresh perspective on small business life. Katie is inspiring in how she runs her business; balancing her love of art and creativity with savvy business smarts. I love sharing the stories of our alumni because it reminds us that there is no singular one way to run our businesses....


From the Archives | Tonya Dalton, inkWELL Press on systems, automations and prioritizing your home and business life

Happy Holidays friends! You may want to relisten to this episode with Tonya Dalton of Inkwell Press twice! Seriously. Tonya is the queen of productivity and goal setting -- fitting topics as we enter the new year! Tonya is an incredible businesswoman and a natural teacher, I’m thrilled to reshare this episode with you. Enjoy the show! -------------- Tonya Dalton is the owner of Inkwell Press and host of Productivity Paradox. Tonya is a productivity expert who believes that too many women...


From the Archives | Jen Gotch, on building and leveraging a strong brand, the importance of self-reflection at all phases of business and how she built into the lifestyle brand it is today

Happy Holidays friends! Oh boy, this episode with Jen Gotch was one of my favorites and I’m excited to reshare it with you. Not only is Jen an inspirational business woman, but she’s honest, open and real with sharing both her successes and her failures. This episode is a great reminder that we all start in the same place -- the beginning. Enjoy the show! -------------- Jen Gotch is the chief creative officer and fearless leader of Jen founded the company in 2008 with no prior...


From the Archives | Kimberley Yurkiewicz, Crow & Canary on sales reps, why you need a printed catalog for wholesale and the importance of giving back

Happy Holidays friends! I’m so excited to reshare this episode with Kimberley Yurkiewicz with you. Not only is this one of our most downloaded episodes, but its hands down the one I get the most emails about -- podcast listeners praising Kimberley and telling me how helpful the episode was in building their catalogs. -------------- Kimberley is the New York sales representative for Crow + Canary. During her 15+ year career in the stationery industry, Kimberley has worked at Crane & Co.,...


038 | Erin Dollar, Cotton & Flax on navigating licensing partnerships

Erin Dollar, the owner of Cotton & Flax is an artist and textile designer, focused on creating home goods and bold surface pattern designs. Her background as a printmaker guides her work for Cotton & Flax, and the entire collection of Cotton & Flax home goods are designed, silkscreen printed, and sewn in California. On today’s episode we’re talking about how Erin licensed her artwork for a line of fabrics manufactured by Robert Kaufman. She’ll share her story of how this licensing...


037 | Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence, Banquet Atelier & Workshop on taking risks with new products, letting passion steer business decisions and why this Canadian company exhibits at U.S. based wholesale shows

Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence are the owners of Banquet Atelier & Workshop, a Vancouver-based design studio. All of Tammy and Sarah’s products are conceived, designed, printed and produced in Canada with a fine attention to affordability and environmental sustainability. They offer screen printed signed and dated prints, stationery, textiles as well as clothing and jewelry. They’ve also licensed work and collaborated with large brands such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Terrain,...


036 | Cara Underwood, Underwood Letterpress on outsourcing manufacturing, building relationships and living life with no regrets

Cara Underwood is the owner of Underwood Letterpress which is a lifestyle brand offering custom work and stationery & gift products to the wholesale and retail markets. Cara attended Paper Camp in 2014 when she was undergoing a transition in her business - shifting from custom work and deciding whether wholesale was something she wanted to go into. Since then, Underwood Letterpress’ greeting cards, paper goods and gift items can be found in stores nationwide. Cara and her products have...


035 | Gia Graham, Betsywhite Stationery on Pinterest, faking it until you make it and why she chose to discontinue her wholesale line

Gia Graham is the founder of Betsywhite Stationery. Gia started her first stationery business in 2005 and has been undergone major transitions over the last 12 years. She’s renamed and rebranded her business, shifted from custom work to ready-made products, ramped up wholesale to the point she was working with big box stores and multiple reps and most recently she’s scaling back and slowing down. On today’s episode we’re talking about how pinterest helped her business, the importance of...


034 | Adam Smith, Life is Funny Press on pursuing entrepreneurship, juggling family & business and why it's important to not force yourself into creative work that doesn't feel right.

Adam Smith is the founder of Life is Funny Press, a letterpress greeting card company based in Los Angeles. Adam worked a pressman for Sugar Paper before branching out on his own to start Life is Funny Press. Adam’s passion for printing, his family and making products with purpose really shines through in this episode. Adam came to Paper Camp in 2014 before jumping into trade shows. He currently sells his products via wholesale, retail and custom channels. On today’s episode we’re...


033 | Samantha Barsky, Noteify on sourcing new manufacturing partners, leveraging passive income streams, and starting small when branching into new products

Since 2010, Samantha Barsky, the founder of Note•ify has combined her love of travel, photography, and entrepreneurship into making paper and textile goods. She has had success growing her business through a wide range of sales channels including Etsy, craft shows, her own website, as well as licensing and collaborations. On today's episode, Samantha talks about sourcing new partners for manufacturing and how tough it is, leveraging passive income streams, and the importance of starting...


032 | Jeanette Champion-Fanning, Sweet Perversion on gaining momentum in business, running a debt-free company and owning our mistakes

TSBC alum, Jeanette Champion-Fanning is the founder of Sweet Perversion a quick witted line of stationery and gift products. Jeanette got her start on Etsy in 2006 and has had over 20,000 sales there. She attend Paper Camp twice, once was to refine her wholesale program, and the second time was to figure out whether wholesales shows like the National Stationery Show were right for her. She’s had a lot of growth over the last few years and on today’s episode we’re talking about gaining...


031 | Heather Lins, Heather Lins Home on licensing opportunities, pitching the press and how being busy doesn't always equate to being productive

Heather Lins is the founder of Heather Lins Home, a textile and home goods business. Heather comes from a design background and has a fascinating story of starting her business before she even had products to sell. On today’s episode we’re talking about licensing opportunities, simple strategies for pitching the press and why hard work and being busy doesn’t always equate to being productive. ON TODAY’S EPISODE: How Heather got into this business & Heather Lins Home’s product...


Katie Hunt, TSBC on camaraderie not competition

Katie Hunt, founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp on why she chose to share her business experiences and resources with her ‘competitors’ and the importance of community over competition.


030 | Kyle Durrie, Power and Light Press on tradeshows, transitions and how she raised $80,000 for Planned Parenthood

Kyle Durrie is the founder of Power and Light Press, a ship-shape letterpress print shop built to handle all of life’s messy emotions. On today’s episode we covered a lot of ground including the pros & cons of different trade shows, how Kyle has grown her team and why she makes travel and down-time an important part of her life. We also talked about how Kyle has donated over $80,000 to Planned Parenthood through the selling of her Stand with Planned Parenthood Tote bags - how she did it,...


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