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Join us for insights into breakthroughs in clinical medicine, research, and health policy, and innovative work being carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital. This series is based on the magazine Proto, published quarterly by Time Inc. Content Solutions for Massachusetts General Hospital.




Love It or Hate It: Changing Evidence Regarding Hormone Therapy

Host: Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD Guest: Isaac Schiff, MD In the 80-year history of hormone therapy, it has been alternately embraced and rejected. Case in point: the original term, hormone replacementnbsp;therapy, came to be seen as highlighting a negative state, and was changed to simply hormone therapy.nbsp;Why has the pendulum swung so frequently back and forth? What is the latest timing hypothesis, and will it again change our evaluation of hormone therapy? Host Dr. Bruce Bloom explores the...

When the Drug Fits: Examining Targeted Cancer Therapy

Host: Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD Guest: David Fisher, MD, PhD Imatinib mesylate was initially approved for chronic myeloid leukemia. It has also been used against gastrointestinal cancer and melanoma. What are the implications of broadening the application of this targeted cancer drug for the way that cancers are diagnosed and classified, and what will the impact be on clinical trial design? Are we getting closer to the end of tumor-typing by location? Series Produced in Cooperation With