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New Season Updates & Announcements

This is a very short episode simply to let you know that we are working on the new season and it will be coming to you before long. Thank you! Martin


[Trevor Tipton] How Trevor Sells High End Luxury Projects

Today's guest is Trevor Tipton from @outdoorlivinginnovator in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has quite a story! In this episode, among other things, you'll learn: This episode is jam-packed full of experience. Trevor's history is full, and he doesn't spare the goods in this interview. If you love this show, please help spread the word and share it with others. Thanks for joining us today! We are behind you all the way. Go out there and work. Stay in your lane. And leave an impact on those...


[Lakisha Woods] An Exclusive Interview With The Senior Vice President and CMO of The National Association Of Homebuilders

How would you like to sit down with the senior vice president and chief marketing officer of NAHB? (National Association Of Homebuilders) Well, that's exactly what we get to do today! It is such an honor and privilege to have Lakisha Woods on the show. You get to hear some of her own story and experiences in this industry. She also shares a very experience about one contractor in Montana who is making a difference in the lives of veterans. Among other things she expounded on these...


[Sean Collinsgru] The Importance Of Knowing WHY You Do What You Do

Sean Collinsgru from Premier Outdoor Living is our guest today! We had an awesome conversation. The main theme seemed to be centered around the importance of knowing why you are doing what you are doing. If you know why you are working on a project, or even why you are in this business, then it will help carry you through the inevitable hard times that come with business. Here is just a sampling of some of things we talked about in this episode: Listen to this episode all the way...


[Lou Olerio] How To Protect Your Personal and Company Assets When Building Million Dollar Spec Homes

In this episode Lou Olerio from @oleriohomes talks about how he grew his home building business. He has definitely had his ups and downs, and he tells all about it in this episode. Listen to this episode and learn: Listen to day and be inspired! #Protractors - Making A Difference!


[Kyle Stumpenhorst] An Exclusive LIVE Session With Kyle About His Business

This is a special episode where Kyle Stumpenhorst @rrbuildings goes LIVE and answers people's questions. Contractors from all over had the chance to ask Kyle questions about his post-frame building business. He took the time to answer every one. We have the entire session published here for your inspiration. He revealed such things as: After you listen to the show be sure to go tell Kyle "Hi." @rrbuildings Thanks so much for being with us this week. Have some feedback you'd like to...


[Blake Carter] How This Contractor Deals With Difficult Situations In The Marketplace Without Losing His Mind

[New Episode] "How This Contractor Deals With Difficult Situations In The Marketplace Without Losing His Mind" In this episode, Blake Carter @californiadeckpros and I discuss dealing with difficult people and situations in the marketplace. Plus, much more! So if you want to get through tough times victoriously, get more leads using social media, be more efficient with time management, and successfully get through hard situations in the marketplace, tune in now! In this episode, you'll...


[Alan Muncey] How Alan Is building His Business Debt Free

Today our guest, coming to you all the way from Prince Edward Island is Alan Muncey. He is a carpenter, specializing in custom cabinetry and other fine finish work. In this episode we discussed many interesting things, but one thing that stands out to me is what Alan had to say about taking on debt in business. It actually came up a few times throughout our conversation. He also shared the story of how he got ripped off by another contractor, and what he learned from that hard lesson....


[Austin King] Our Motto Is Build And Learn

Today our guest is Austin King from @_Rafterhouse_. He has worked very hard to develop the unique feel of his brand. And His work has been featured in magazines, and on HGTV. He shared openly with me about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey. You’ll be inspired by the insights we discovered in his story. And as you listen through to the end, you’ll see exactly why his motto is: "Build and Learn." Here are some things you'll find inside: How he uses his athletics discipline...


[Tim Holton] How Tim Is Carrying On His Fathers Good Reputation

Our guest today is Tim Holton, from @JKHolton_inc. Tim came into the business that his father had started, which makes his story interesting… We talked about many areas of the contracting business. A couple of things that stood out to me is what he shared about, how your reputation will haunt you or carry you for the rest of your life. If you do the right thing, you won’t have a problem getting work. He shared many other excellent and inspiring tidbits such as: Why he bought the family...


[Freddy Roman] Why It Is So Important Not To Fear The Process

Our guest today is Freddy Roman, also known as “Period Craftsmen” on social media. His company makes top-of-the-line furniture and does intricate restoration work as well. He has a well-rounded background in the contractor space, and so we had many things to talk about in this interview. Such things as: How to price your workBuilding your brand on social media … and a whole lot more! So, listen to the end. You’re going to love this one! Check out the Contractor Resources page on our...


[Kiefer Limeback] An Inside Look At The Life And Insights Of A Tool Review Expert

Many of you know him online as @toolaholic - His name is Kiefer Limeback - and from a little boy he’s always loved tools. He has his own remodeling company, and he gets to try out new tools almost everyday. In this episode you will hear his thoughts on some of the latest technology, and some of his favorite tool recommendations. Here's a taste of what you'll get inside: Some tools that are important for contractors getting startedHis thoughts on vans versus trucks for contractorsAll...


[Andrew Mueller] How Andrew Is Growing His Company In Spite Of The Odds Against Him

Today you will be inspired as you listen to this story of Andrew Mueller from @kustomcontractinginc Just like so many of you, He has not had an easy road, and has had to overcome many challenges. But he has developed some pretty impressive systems and procedures for his business, and I’m super excited to bring them to you today. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside: Andrew is excited about his business, and you can totally tell as he shares his story and experiences. His enthusiasm...


[Mark Rason] How Mark Overcame Fear Of Failure and Launched Out On His Own

Our guest is Mark Rason from Remarkable Woodworks. His story is very inspiring. He did not grow up using power tools, like so many of you. But rather, his background is in sales. And he had to overcame his fear of failure and launch out believing that contracting is the correct path for him and his family. In this story he shares many insights about entrepreneurship and sales. If you are a new contractor, or haven’t even launched on your own yet, you’ll love this episode. But even if...


[Joel Grasmeyer] 5 Common Business Issues Contractors Face And What You Can Do About Them

Our guest is Joel Grasmeyer. He is co-founder of the app Contractor Tools. His story is very interesting and inspiring, and I know you’ll find it fascinating. In this conversation he shared with me 5 common issues that face contractors and how to solve them. And...Towards the end of the show he gave a very generous offer which you do not want to miss out on. This is a must listen to every contractor who wants to improve their business, especially the estimating and invoicing part of...


[Mike Rossi] Why Mike Is So Excited About The Limitless Potential In This Business!

Today our guest is Mike Rossi from @RossConstruction near Chicago. He is very passionate about construction... as well as business and personal development, so I know you are going to love this conversation! Inside you'll learn: How they process what went right and wrong after a job gets done.How to instruct employees without being overbearing.Why it's so important to start a business with the proper funding in place.How they are creating specific web pages to reach specific towns around...


[JD Dwyer] How We Are Branding Ourselves Differently To Appeal To A Younger Crowd

Our guest today is JD Dwyer @sticksandbricksdev He shared with us his story about how he grew up in construction, worked for some awesome companies, and then finally took the leap and helped start a brand new company. ..... There are so many gold nuggets in this story. Here’s a small list of what you’ll learn inside: ▪ How JD’s life journey has led him to where he is today. ▪ Why they chose to brand their company they way did. ▪ How to deal with difficult clients without losing your...


[Ben Horning] How Do You Upsell Other Projects While Doing The Initial One?

Some people are very good at showing the homeowner things they should be fixing or upgrading at some point, and other people aren't so good at it at all. That's what this episode is all about. Ben Horning @bhdb_ben shared with us how they approach their current clients with upsells. You'll learn in this episode: This conversation is packed-full of goodies you can take with you and implement today or tomorrow. Dig in to this episode today and be inspired! #Protractors - Making A...


[Stefan Carlson] Why We Strive To Have Legacy Over Money

Someone once said... "In the construction business, you must be two things: slightly crazy and have a desire to serve people." And it is said of the Carlson family that they are a little bit of both… Whether they are crazy or not, I don't know... but one thing that came through loud and clear during this interview with Stefan Carlson, is how much they LOVE to SERVE people! There are so many things that were said that stood out to me, but here are just a few... Get this episode today and...


[Alex Rescha] What Is Your Estimating Process That You Have Created Or Found That Works Really Well?

What is your estimating process? What have you found works really well and sets you for success when it comes to estimating? Do you have a system for estimating? These questions face every contractor in the marketplace today. In this episode Alex Rescha from @brothersrenovations shares exactly how he does it. You'll come away from this one with at least one useful tip you can use (and probably more than one!) In this episode you'll learn: ... and more! This is a short episode, but...


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