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Episode 31: Medieval Medicine

The Pseudophiles gang welcomes London Smith (.com) to use his knowledge as a medical student to attempt to understand some of the medical practices of old and some of new. In this episode we cover topics ranging from blood letting, to ice pick lobotomies, to fecal pills, and briefly to alcoholic enemas (butt chugging). You won't want to miss it.

Duration: 01:17:07

Episode 30: Dream Interpretation

We all have odd dreams that we cannot fully explained. Why are some dreams reoccurring? Can dreams really tell us something about ourselves? Why is it that there are themes that appear to be universal in dreams like falling or being chased. To answer these questions we called in our good friend Hannah to help us answer these questions and dissect some of our own dreams.

Duration: 01:20:35

Episode 29: Hypnosis

We know that the power of suggestion can be very persuasive. But how persuasive? Could it convince you to be more motivated, quit smoking, or bark like a dog? In this episode we are exploring the history and methods in which people can be hypnotized and try to find a conclusion as to whether it is effective or a parlor trick.

Duration: 01:10:17

Episode 28: Stonehenge

What's so interesting about a bunch of stones in a field? Well, when almost nothing is known about them, they can be either extremely fascinating, or exceedingly dull. Join the gang as they dive into what we do know, as well as struggle to stay on topic.

Duration: 00:51:04

Episode 27: Lost Civilizations

This week on Pseudophiles, Torrance, Sidney, and Ben discuss Atlantis, the lost colony of Roanoke, Easter Island, prehistoric floods, ancient structures, and more. Nothing captures the imagination more than pondering a lost groups of people who seemingly vanish over night. Sure there are some logical explanations, in fact, there are several of them. But for every logical ones there are 10 crazy ones. Listen and find out which you believe.

Duration: 01:01:36

Episode 26: Homeopathy and Faith Healing

This week Torrance, Ben, and Sidney take another look at a couple different forms of alternative medical treatments. On one hand you have the televangelist who makes a spectacle of laying on hands in the name of God while asking everyone for donations. On the other you have the unregulated homeopathic expert who essentially gives you sugar pills to heal you of your ailments. Is there any merit to either of these approaches? Find out this week on Pseudophiles.

Duration: 01:16:52

Episode 25: Video Game Urban Lengends

Welcome to the second and final week of urban legends. This week Sidney, Torrance, and Ben discuss the different types of urban legends in video games and a slew of other video game related topics. Are some of our childhood games darker than we realized? Did the CIA enlist Atari to develop the most addictive game of all time? Was Fallout 3 able to predict the future? All these questions answered on this weeks episode of Pseudophiles.

Duration: 01:19:40

Episode 24: Urban Legends

Better not flash your lights at strangers on the road, unless you want to be a part of a bloody gang initiation. This week Ben, Torrance, and Sidney are joined by special guest Emily Moore to discuss urban legends. From the hook man to the death car, they get into the interesting stories we all seem to know and why we all seem to know them. So lock your car, turn up the volume, and join us for another episode of Pseudophiles.

Duration: 01:12:17

Episode 23: Werewolves

Full moons get blamed for a lot of thing: crazy behavior, crime, romance. But there's one lunar legend that has consistently played a role in our pop culture. From the comedic Teen Wolf to the action packed Underworld, to the nauseating Twilight movies, the legend of the werewolf comes with different rules, sensibilities, and levels of horror. And whether through a bite, genetics, or a curse, lycanthropy will turn you into a hairy monster, and will be, at the very least, an inconvenience....

Duration: 01:15:58

Episode 22: 9/11 Conspiracy

On that fateful day in 2001 the US was scarred by a terrible tragedy that cost the lives of many victims. Some say it was a violent act of terror and some say it was an inside job caused by the very government that claims to protect us from dangers such as these. In any case, this event sparked the War on Terror and eventually lead to the war in Iraq. In this episode we examine both sides of the coin to try to discern what is hearsay and what is fact.

Duration: 01:32:18

Episode 21: Eschatology (End Times)

Depending on who you ask, there are many beliefs on what the end of the world may look like. Some say it will be a rapture where the evil are left behind for judgement, others say a natural disaster will split the Earth in two, and some may think the end is when the sun leaves the sky. We do not know for sure, but that has not stopped people from trying to predict how and when it will happen. On this episode we take a look at end of times predictions and discuss what people think is right...

Duration: 01:07:12

Episode 20: Satanic Panic

Children are the future.It is a parents duty to keep them from anything harmful to their well-being... like murderers, pedophiles, violent video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and songs that sound like the devil when played backwards. The 80's was a strange time for children growing in religious households. The looming threat of satanists, demons, and the devil himself drove parents to a state of fear that was inescapable for their children.

Duration: 01:33:48

Episode 19: Zombies

What will cause the dead to walk again? Voodoo, a virus, or radiation? Will it be airborne, or passed along through a bite, or... maybe we're all infected? When there is no room left in hell...well, you know the rest. On this episode of Pseudophiles Torrance, Sidney, and Ben explore the world of zombies in history and pop culture. There are many iterations of what makes a zombie, how they act, and what motivates them. Let's explore that shall we?

Duration: 01:05:10

Episode 18: Possessions and Exorcisms

The gang is joined by Arlene McCloud to discuss the frightening realm of possessions. As a child in the Philippines, Arlene witnessed something she still can't quite explain. Join them as they navigate these experiences and hash out their own hypothesis on this episode of Pseudophiles!

Duration: 01:17:22

Episode 15: Palmistry and Rumpology

What do your hands and your butt have in common? They both tell you your future... So maybe talking out of your ass isn't always a bad thing. In this episode, Ben, Torrance, and Sidney are joined by the lovely Kate to explore these topics and learn to have some clairvoyant fun from your buns.

Duration: 01:16:59

Episode 9: Simulation Theory

What is real? Is the air we breath real? Are our family, friends, and loved ones real? Can we know without a shadow of a doubt that anyone other than ourselves are real. Perhaps they are or perhaps we are all a part of an elaborate manufactured simulation for the entertainment of more intelligent beings. Join us this week as we question our existence.

Duration: 01:06:09