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9: How to Hack Blog Rituals to Amp Your Power

• You are searching for methods to make your blog writing faster and better. • In our evolutionary past, humans adapted rituals to create meaning and motivate action. • Famously creative people sometimes have what seem like odd rituals. • You can strategically use a wide and dynamic variety of rituals to rock your writing.

8: How Linguistics Sparked the Cognitive Revolution

Today, a story from history that has made all the previous episodes possible. Not many know this story but it is fundamental to modern neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, computer science, and machine learning. Our story for today is gripping and informative, and it’s probably one you have never heard.

Machines Steal Blog Gigs?

Blog Action Takeaways - Robot reporting, Natural Language Generation (NLG), is taking over mundane data mining, processing, and reporting of information that previously has passed without writing or processing. - Currently humans add unique personalization, critical thinking, and interpretation for more substantial and less mundane stories. - The future allows room for cyborg reporters, but the blogging environment will evolve and adapt. - Learning some of the complex context and...

6: Artificial Intelligence Fails and Stunning Successes in Blogging

With the most recent and complex writing software, bloggers can be real time reporters and analysts within their niche, of events through social media, bloggers are key cyborg writers with the incredible power to alter the future.

5: Digital Darwinism, AI Evolves Beyond Humans

Many people await the moment when machines will essentially surpass the abilities of humans. I argue that already our abilities are so intensely augmented by the digital world that we are cyborgs, especially bloggers who are harnessed to their sophisticated electronics. With with complex word processing software, live links to the internet, and real-time reporting of events via social media, bloggers are key cyborgs with the power to alter the future.

How to Blog to Motivate Radical Politics

How do you get your reader to connect with your writing, not to necessarily even read every wonderful word you put down, but how do you inspire your readers to think deeply and critically about your topics?

How to Have Fun With Your Blog

I write from the heart and mind, and so it is painful for me. If you are a true writer you are probably in a similar situation. Writing about important issues is taxing. But, writing isn't always painful. Blogging can be fun.

How an Introvert Evolves to Be a Power Blogger

Our culture tends to view introverts as disabled, but people who are shy actually represent many of the best performers in the workplace and blogging. This episode redefines the term introvert and provides action steps to achieve the highest quality blogs.

Duration: 00:23:53

1: The Psycho and the Social in Blogging

In episode 1, Darin discusses why the hell he is starting a podcast about blogging and life. Conclusion: Narcissism.