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The Pub Songs Podcast is a show dedicated to the music of and loved by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. Enter a world of Irish pub songs, Scottish drinking songs, traditional Irish tunes, Celtic rock, Renaissance festival music, filk, stories from Science fiction conventions and Ren Faires. This is your chance to hear The Celtfather’s personal mix of Celtic and not-so-Celtic music.






Halfway to St Patrick's Day Pub Songs #160

September 17th is the halfway point to St. Patrick's Day. So this month, we're gonna celebrate with some traditional Celtic pub songs from my huge catalog. I'll share a little about the history of Halfway to St Patrick's Day, reveal the new Brobdingnagian Bards album, explain why you can get 5 classic CDs of mine for an incredibly low price this month only, and let you know where you can see The Celtfather LIVE. Listen and subscribe, then get free music at Pub...

Duration: 00:38:03

Autoharp Pub Songs #159

What is the autoharp? Why do I play it? I don't answer those questions but I do share some of my autoharp music with you as I prepare to re-launch Autoharp Radio. Listen. Subscribe. Get free music at I started to seriously play the autoharp in 1997. I was amazed by its versatility and 5-octaves that one could play on it. That's led a life-long journey of exploration of the instrument. Now, I am primarily a singer. However, I have done my best to offer a new sound to the...

Duration: 00:51:27

Best Celtic Geek Pub Songs #158

I've released 22 albums since I started recording solo in 2004. I have so many albums that I wasn't sure what to put on my Celtic Geek compilation that I giveaway free to everyone who signs up to my mailing list. I decided to give one song from my first 20 albums. I've often wondered if I should've just put together a "Best of Marc Gunn" album instead. The problem is picking those songs. I have a LOT of albums. Well, I finally sat down and thought about my most-requested songs over the...

Duration: 01:17:49

Women Pub Songs #157

Women are under-represented in music in general. Even more so when it comes to pub songs. I'll be honest. I can't think of one women from Ireland focusing on pub songs. In fact, the first place I think of women singing drinking songs is at Renaissance festivals. And so, you'll note several bands in this show from there. Get FREE MP3s at Do you have a favorite female musician or band? Post in the comments. Pub Talk There are new Irish & Celtic Music Podcast t-shirts....

Duration: 00:36:04

Rebel Pub Songs #156

This is a show of Rebel Songs. From traditional Irish rebel songs to rebel songs inspired by Firefly, you'll hear a fun mix of songs to get your blood boilin' with music from Marc Gunn, Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Kilt Lifters, Crikwater, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, Bedlam Bards, 3 Pints Gone, Kilted Kings, Ed Miller. Listen and share. Then subscribe for 5 Free MP3s at Before we get started, I want to let you know that...

Duration: 00:48:54

St Patrick's Day Pub Songs Playlist #155

Nearly 3 hours of St. Patrick's Day pub songs in one giant playlist with music from House of Hamill, The Selkie Girls, Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger, Sons of Malarkey, Andrew McKee, Poitin, NUA, The Muckers, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Runa, Connemara Stone Company, Black Market Haggis, Boston Blackthorne, Marc Gunn & Samantha Gillogly, The Ne'er Duwels, Claire Roche, Seamus Kennedy, Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser, Plastic Paddy, Johnsons Motorcar, FIMM, We Banjo 3, Abby Green, The Dubliners' Tabby...

Duration: 02:53:02

St Patrick's Day & Wild Rover Pub Songs #154

St Patrick's Day is almost here. I thought I'd celebrate with nearly 2-hours of St. Patrick's Day pub songs, including a special feature on the famous Irish song "Wild Rover. Enjoy music from Marc Gunn, Jamie Haeuser, Barleyjuice, Poitin, Noel Nash, Danny O'Flaherty, Brobdingnagian Bards, Bedlam Bards, Dan the Bard, Bret Blackshear, Spirited Lads, Norah Rendell, Mason Brown, Black 47, Beltain, Kilted Kings, The McCabes. Download 5 Free MP3s at Pub Talk Watch me...

Duration: 01:37:50

Valentine's Day Love Pub Songs #153

Happy Valentine's Day with Celtic love pub songs from Marc Gunn, 3 Pints Gone, Lady Moon, Shillelagh!, Abby Green, Emerald Rose, Black 47, Gaelic Storm, Kilted Kings. Download 6 MP3s free, including "When She Held Me In Her Arms" at Pub Talk Live internet show on Concert Window on Feb 16, 2017 at 8 PM Special thanks to new patrons: J Lynn Baker Join the Gunn Runners Club. Get a free autographed copy of Not Every Day Is St Patrick's Day Who's Playing the Pub...

Duration: 00:43:32

Kilted Kings/Andrew McKee CD Release Party #152

The official CD release of Kilted Kings' new album "Name On My Soul" is just over a week away. So I wanted to highlight more songs from the album and share lots of news, including the daily Facebook Live videos I am doing. It is also the CD release of Andrew McKee's debut album. You'll enjoy some fun music from Marc Gunn, Andrew McKee, Battlelegs, Chris Murphy, Tom Smith, Kilted Kings. Download 6 MP3s for free at Pub Talk Make a donationScottish music on this week's Irish...

Duration: 00:42:03

Pub Song Craic for the Soul #151

Kilted Kings will officially release our debut album on Thursday, February 2, 2017. We're planning a big CD Release to launch the album up the charts. You can help. In the meantime, I have a bunch of fun Celtic pub songs for you to enjoy this week. Enjoy music from Kilted Kings, The Rogues, Marc Gunn, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Matt Hughes, Crepuscule, House of Hamill. Get 5 free Mp3s at This Week in the Pub O:12 "The Prettiest Hobbit" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul 2:32...

Duration: 00:33:24

Hallelujah Pub Songs! #150

Hallelujah! The year is almost over. It's almost time to evaluate my successes and failures. But not in this show. This is Marc Gunn Radio with a highlight on a recording I made several years ago of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. I'm trying to decide if I want to re-record it or use this version for a future album. I'd love your feedback at You can support my music. Buy a CD in my Celtic Music CD Store. Who's Playing the Pub Today 1:15 "Marionette Jig/Spinner's Reel" by...

Duration: 00:37:37

Science Fiction Convention Music for 2017 #149

This show is dedicated to the music of science fiction conventions. I have quite a lot of it. If you love cons as much as I do, I think you'll enjoy this episode of Marc Gunn radio. Over the years, I have found science fiction conventions to be my ideal musical venue. All the Rennies who are working at Renaissance festivals attend my shows. All the geeks as well as the Celts who love geeky things are there. That's why I continue to book shows at cons. Get 5 Free MP3s when at...

Duration: 00:35:19

St Andrew's Day Kilt Songs #148

I got a reminder today that is was St. Andrew's Day. St Andrew's is the patron saint of Scotland. So I thought this would be a great day to share some Scottish songs and to celebrate us kilt fans. Music from Brobdingnagian Bards, Marc Gunn, Ceann, Patrick's Head, and The Stubby Shillelaghs. You can find shownotes at and you can also download 5 free MP3s when you subscribe to my mailing list. Pub Talk * Kilted Kings are at Louisiana Renaissance Festival for the next two...

Duration: 00:31:05

Election Day Drinking Game #147

Which is scarier: Halloween or the U.S. Presidential Elections? I think the later. To make Election Day easier, I present to you an Election Day Drinking Game. This episode will get you warm and toasty drunk enough for more drinking on Election Day, thanks to Spoon University. Music from Marc Gunn, Syr, Andrew McKee, Merry Wives of Windsor. Please LIKE and SHARE this podcast with your friends. You might even learn something... Download 21 Celtic and Geek MP3s for free at Pub...

Duration: 00:38:55

Halloween Pub Songs #146

Halloween is just around the corner. I want to share with you some awesome music for your own Halloween celebrations. You can thank me later! Enjoy Halloween Pub Songs from Marc Gunn, Brobdingnagian Bards, Phillip Hole, Aurelio Voltaire, Samantha Gillogly, Flying Fish Sailors, Kilted Kings. Pub Talk * I have one final Patron's Picks concert that I will broadcast on Facebook live, Tuesday, October 25 at 11:00am. This is the last for October. Again, a big thanks to all my awesome patrons...

Duration: 00:37:36

Popular Irish Pub Songs & Van Morrison #145

This podcast was founded not just on pub songs but Irish pub songs. I haven't played any in a while. So while searching for popular Irish pub songs, I found a nice list on Irish Central. I have recorded versions of many of these songs. So I thought I would share them in this episode along with a couple awesome song surprises from Brobdingnagian Bards, Socks in the Frying Pan and Van Morrison! Pub Talk * I want to send out a special thanks to all of my new patrons. I had a huge uptick...

Duration: 00:32:27

Geek Music vs. Nerd Music #144

Which phrase is more appealing to you? At Dragon Con, Mikey Mason and I were talking about this branding topic. He calls his music Geek Comedy Rock. I call mine Celtic Geek. We obviously prefer the term Geek music over Nerd music. But the NerdCore genre has Nerd Music taking off around the country. Would it be better to use "Nerd music"? Whether it's called Nerd or Geek, it's all great fun. Music from Marc Gunn, Tom Smith, Rambling Sailors, Bill & Brenda Sutton, Brobdingnagian Bards, The...

Duration: 00:48:09

Dragon Protection +5! #SaveTheDragons

This month, the Pub Songs Podcast is dedicated to the dragons who deserve protection. You'll hear some music from my new CD, Pirates vs. Dragons, plus some dragons songs from Brobdingnagian Bards, Boogie Knights, Gallamor The Bard, TheLoneGunman, Tania Opland and Mike Freeman's collaboration with Anne McCaffrety, and Dan the Bard. Pub Talk Pirates vs. Dragons topped the charts, climbing as high as #9 on the Top Now charts where it stayed for most of August. The album is still on sale...

Duration: 00:38:26

Pirate Pub Songs, Arrr! #142

There are just two days left until the big CD release of Pirates vs. Dragons on July 27. You'll be able to buy the album at 40% off its regular price. You can find details at In the meantime, I have a lot of pirate music on my computer. I thought I might share some of the songs for to celebrate the pirates we love so well. Enjoy pirate music from The Jolly Rogers, The Bilge Pumps, The Pride of Bedlam, Wandering Gypsy Theater, Red Rum, The BOOM Pirates, Whiskey Bay...

Duration: 00:56:35

Star Wars Day, Pirates vs Dragon on Kindle, Origins of The Celtfather #141

It's Star Wars Day for the official reboot of the Marc Gunn's Pub Songs Podcast. I'm gonna share with you a bunch of Star Wars pub songs, update you on my album Pirates vs. Dragons, and share with you the origins of my nickname, "The Celtfather". Read the complete shownotes! Pub Talk * The "Pirates vs. Dragons: A Steampunk Adventure Journal" is now officially on sale on Amazon Kindle. This eBook tells the riveting tale of how I was shanghaied by the notorious air pirate, Captain Black Jack...

Duration: 00:26:16

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