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Hookworms, The New Racists and Facebook - Public Futility

Episode 9 (1:17) Charlottesville and Racism Don’t conflate two issues Racism is indefensible Has this caused us to talk about “how we talk about racism”? Gut Fauna and Hookworm (starts: 24:13) Extinctions in our gut fauna. On NPR Hookworm your allergies away! Helminthic therapy (what?) Radiolab piece here Buy your own! Please don’t. BONUS: Hookworming... Read More in Episode 9 – Parasites: Racists, Hookworms and Facebook

Duration: 01:17:28

Public Futility - Trump Matters, Airport Security, TSA, MLM's - Public Futility

Trump, the World and Whether We Care Why Is Donald Trumo So Horribly Witless About The World? (New Yorker) Would You Even Care If He Was Guilty?(Fox News) If we don’t care what does that say about us? Security Theater (starts around 31:00) Bruce Schneier’s blog: Schneier On Security Homeland Security 2017 budget: $40.6 Billion... Read More in Episode 008 – Different Theaters

Duration: 01:08:24

007 - Bigfoot - Public Futility - Public Futility

How’s Sasquatch doin’ these days? Sasquatch 101 So, what’s the evidence? Bigfoot Maps! (Download The Google Earth Overlays) Patterson-Gimlin film Pretty good original Stabilized Lots and lots of remote land in the US Or just ask Google “Big Foot Prints”, Grover Krantz BONUS AUDIO – They hung a microphone in a tree, out near... Read More in Episode 007 -Sasquatch (51:41)

Duration: 00:51:41

Trump Update & FAKE NEWS - Episode 006 Public Futility - Public Futility

Trump Update Trump visits France and the Macrons Machismo and cat-calling Trump Jr. emails Promised picture of Rob Goldstone (the intermediary) Fake News, For Real (Starts around 34:00) 150 Pro-Trump sites in a single Macedonian Town How Donald Trump Is Making Money For Macedonia’s Internet Entrepreneurs (DW) It was actually $91 million that the Trump... Read More in Episode 006 – Trumpdate & FAKE NEWS

Duration: 01:04:02

Are You Looking At My Brainstorm? - Public Futility

(Once again presented for your consideration — the worst title in history. One of us — I won’t say who, insists on titles drained of all life and interest. It’s like our podcast episodes are titled by a rogue AI… that has only listened to our podcast) Eye Contact (27:51) Joe expresses discomfort with eye... Read More in Episode 005 – Eye Contact, Brainstorming

Duration: 00:55:01

Public Futility 004 - Good Trump, Leaks - Public Futility

Episode 4 Good things about Trump (29:53) Unfiltered language Trump Travel Ban Starts Thursday (Bloomberg) The humor of Trump It is surprisingly controversial to think Trump is funny. 10 times Trump Was Funny (WIRED) What is a leak? (11:43) What is a leak? Recent use of the term Did James Comey admit to leaking... Read More in Episode 004 – Good Trump – Much Ado About Leaks

Duration: 00:43:41

Episode 003 – Filibuster and Obstructionism - Public Futility

Filibuster and Obstructionism (46:33) Recorded April 8th, 2017 * Senate changes filibuster rules, some history and context * “Historic levels of obstructionism” * This may be a bigger deal than you think ( (Brookings) (Filibuster and Cloture in the Senate – Congressional Research Service)

Duration: 00:46:33

Public Futility 002 – What To Do With Your Whale Carcass

Episode 2 – What to do with your whale carcass Alt title: Whale carcass, Netflix and Star Trek (this is the 2nd worst title suggestion in history) What to do with your whale carcass (length: 18:49) Washed up whale carcass? What to do. Ideas for disposal Joe asserts boats are hard to get Orca whales... Read More in Public Futility 002 – What To Do With Your Whale Carcass

Duration: 00:54:39

Public Futility 001 – The Trump-Russia Connections

Well, hi everybody! This is the first episode of PUBLIC FUTILITY – a conspicuous new audio event with Kevin and Joe. This is a session we recorded in April, one of our first attempts, where we went through a pretty detailed timeline of Trump’s interactions with Russia. At the time, it was known that Kushner […]

Duration: 00:56:00