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PHEC 031: Interview with Dr. Cynthia Hickman: Proud Nurse & Nutritional Health Educator

In this episode, I introduce you to Dr. Cynthia Hickman. She is an active researcher, public speaker, and nutritional health educator. At an early age, she knew she wanted to be a nurse and she shares her journey through nursing and explains how she was a natural educator and developed a passion for nutritional health. After a rewarding career in nursing, including 25 years of nursing experience, Dr. Hickman pursued and accomplished her PhD in Health Services. Her plans are to explore...


PHEC 030: REAL TALK: Bold Answers Clarity & Action Steps

Born out of my experiences, I am “being the change that I want to see.” In this episode, I speak clearly and boldly so that people who choose to connect with me fully understand my purpose and motivation. I provide answers, clarity, and direction. Answers to these questions: Clarity about purpose, who this podcast and resources are for (and who it’s NOT for). Direction in terms of 4 specific action steps for action-takers. This time, you’re going to have to listen to the full episode...


PHEC 029: Interview with Christian Vigil: Global Public Health and Cultural Experiences with MEDICC

In this episode, I introduce you to Christian Vigil, as he shares a great story of the global public health initiatives with Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC). He shares his amazing journey into public health, and how he combined his personal experiences growing up, his education, and his passion to see positive changes in health throughout his community. Christian talks about the robust health system in Cuba, and how MEDICC is taking action to help foster collaborations...


PHEC 028: Quick Tips for Applying Your Knowledge as You Learn

This episode is a quick message to share some ideas about how you can begin to apply the knowledge that you’re learning as a student, right now. You don’t have to wait for the perfect volunteer opportunity or internship to come along before applying what you’re learning in your coursework. Listen to this brief episode for some quick tips and ideas to get you started. Tips covered in this episode include ideas for: Let me know if this episode sparks some ideas for you!


PHEC 027: Why I Started the Myth-busting Challenge

A large portion of my audience includes people who have completed their degree but struggle with getting into the field of public health for one reason or another. Questions about how I became an epidemiologist were (and still are) the most common questions I received on LinkedIn, because people really wanted to know how I managed to get into the position that matched my degree. That is one of the main reasons I started this podcast. I place a big emphasis on motivating students and...


PHEC 026: Interview with Samantha Santos-DaSilva: Motivating and Inspiring Public Health Professional

This interview is filled with wisdom and powerful messages that will motivate and inspire you to pursue your public health career goals with a new burst of energy and enthusiasm. That is how I felt after my interview with Samantha. She is a first generation college graduate, who has propelled through more than her fair share of challenges. She doesn’t complain, but instead has built upon every event and continues to pursue her goals. I encourage you to listen to the full episode here.


025 PHEC: Five Ways to Focus on Personal Development

We are all super busy people, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities. If you’re in graduate school, then that adds another layer of responsibility. Organizing your life in a way that accomplish all of the tasks that are in front of you seems to be a never ending challenge. Some days we handle things well, get lots of things checked off of our to-do list, while other days are the exact opposite. We live and learn and keep moving forward, right? Well, today I want to speak to you...


PHEC 024: Interview with Angel Algarin: The Importance of Active Participation in Public Health

In this episode I interview Angel Algarin. He provides guidance and helpful tips for becoming actively involved, and gaining public health experience. Angel is a doctoral student, working towards his PhD in epidemiology. He is a very active member of the American Public Health Association’s epidemiology section, as well as a few other national and local organizations.


PHEC 023: Importance of Reflection and Best Use of Resources

Avoid information overload! It is important to reflect on the abundance of information that we take in from the many resources that are available to us. In this episode I discuss some ways to reflect and take away the messages from each episode that speak to your situation and help you face your challenges. I also discuss how to access the resources that I make available to everyone and ways to put them to good use.


PHEC 022: Interview with Dan Rutz: Advancing Public Health through Communication Initiatives - Part 2

This episode continues the discussion with Dan Rutz, who shares his successful 30 year journey through radio and television broadcasting where he was able to develop and use his expertise in communication to advance public health. His career path includes success with the Cable News Network (CNN), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as his current initiative called My Growing Edge. Be sure to listen to episode #21, which is part 1 of...


PHEC 021: Interview with Dan Rutz: Advancing Public Health through Communication Initiatives - Part 1

This is an informative and interesting interview with Dan Rutz, who shares his successful 30 year journey through radio and television broadcasting where he was able to develop and use his expertise in communication to advance public health. His career path includes success with the Cable News Network (CNN), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as his current initiative called My Growing Edge.


PHEC 020: Interview with Dr. Jenn, an Exceptional PhD Coach

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jennifer Rounds-Bryant, commonly known as Dr. Jenn. Dr. Jenn is a genuine and authentic coach who demonstrates a high level of excellence as the normal level of service that she provides to her students. She is an exceptional PhD coach who combines her experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, 16 years teaching graduate students and chairing dissertation committees, as well as 20 years of experience publishing research in peer reviewed journals. She...


PHEC 019: Preparing for the New Year

This episode focuses on a few things you can do to wrap up this year and start preparing for the new year. There are so many new and exciting updates that I shared with you in the last episode that will help us wrap up a great year and prepare to start a new one. Please take some time to listen to that episode if you haven’t already, so that you’re up to date on the most recent changes. Our community has developed and grown, and I hope that we continue to grow. We started with just a small...


PHEC 018: Exciting Updates and New Community Developments

There are so many new and exciting updates that I share with you in this episode. I discuss how the community has developed and how we are growing. The community that we started with has progressed to adding this podcast show, and connecting in broader social media platforms. Instead of connecting in just one site, I realized the need to meet you where you are, in your social media platform of choice. However, everything is still connected back to the website. Think of the website...


PHEC 017: Five Essential Strategies for Building a Strong Professional Network

In this episode, I discuss some important and essential strategies for building a strong professional network. Professional networks have become the primary way that people are finding new job opportunities. Building a professional network is more than just having a profile on LinkedIn, although that is an important tool and resource to use. Building a strong network starts with genuine beginnings that develop into long-lasting quality professional relationships. Five Essential Strategies...


PHEC 016: Using Your Passion for Public Health to Drive Your Career Preparation and Development

In this episode, I discuss how you can identify your passion for public health and how to use that passion to help you progress through grad school, gaining experience, and preparing for your career. Last week Steve Vick the significance of having a strong and deep interest in your cause and how that energizes you to do the day to day work of running a nonprofit organization. That sparked a great deal of thought, and led me to apply that concept to public health, graduate school journey,...


PHEC 015: Interview with Steve Vick: Starting a Nonprofit Organization

This podcast episode is an interview with Steve Vick, founder of Nonprofit Ally. Nonprofit Ally is a community website loaded with resources to help those who are interested in starting a nonprofit organization. Steve is the executive director of Noble Paws in Alaska, where the mission is to help people with disabilities find new means of mobility and independence with the help of sled dogs. He has a background in journalism and never planned to pursue a nonprofit career. He shares his...


PHEC 014: Understanding the Goal of Nonprofit Organizations

In this episode, I discuss some of the common myths and misconceptions regarding nonprofit organizations compared to for-profit businesses. I encourage you to investigate truths instead of accepting some of the common myths that surround the topic of nonprofit organizations to gain a deeper understanding for your own benefit. I also encourage you to explore career and volunteer opportunities within nonprofit organizations, as well as any ideas that you may have had regarding starting a new...


PHEC 013: Summarizing My Thoughts After Presenting at Two National Conferences

In this episode, I discuss some of the highlights of my experience sharing my research at two different national conferences. There are so many things I’d love to go into, but instead I focus on some action points that will hopefully motivate you to plan to attend your first meeting, or take your meetings to the next level if you are already actively attending your association’s annual conference. If you have not done so already, please listen to the last episode, where I discussed some of...


PHEC 012: Seven Benefits of Membership in Public Health Associations

In this episode I discuss some of the benefits of membership in public health associations. Although there are many important reasons for you to become involved in public health associations, I focus on seven benefits in this episode. It is important that you not only become a member, but that you also become actively involved. Public health associations can provide you with the opportunity for professional development, as well as chances for continuing education, research, and...


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