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Jan Goldsmith has spoken with authors for many years now on Published or Not. International writers, local writers and those in the writing business have all made there way into 3CR at 11.30am on a Thursday. Conversations may include characters, plot lines, topics introduced through the narrative and settings. Authors are often asked to read a little from their book and tell about their publishing story.




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Sofie Laguna and Stuart Kells

We see the challenging life around Justine through her young eyes in Sofie Laguna's 'The Choke'.'The Library: A calalogue of Wonders' is authored by Stuart Kells and is published by Text Publishing.

Duration: 00:30:32

Rose Michael and Daniel Findlay

Featured this week are two contrasting novels of speculative fiction: The Art of Navigation by Rose Michael, published by UWAP; Year of the Orphan by Daniel Findlay, published by Penguin Random House.

Duration: 00:28:47

Chris Womersley and Emma Viskic

Superstition, faith and witchcraft all feature in Chris Womersley's 'City of Crows' set in 1673 Paris.Emma Viskic has Caleb Zelik, deaf investigator, m doing his best to find out who is committing the crimes in 'And Fire Came Down'.

Duration: 00:27:35

Rachel Leary and Jessica Alice

Rachel Leary's, 'Bridget Crack', is a convict struggling for survival in the township and wilderness of Van Dieman's Land. Jessica Alice provides an overview of the authors and events in the 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival.

Kylie Ladd and Vikki Wakefield

Charlie was missing for three months, will the abuse warp her for the rest of her life? Family complexities are at the forefront in 'The Way Back' by Kylie Ladd.Dangerous challenges and unexplained events lie within Vikki Wakefield's 'Ballad for a Mad Girl'.

Duration: 00:27:54

Robert Power and Jennifer Down

'Tell it to the Dog' is Robert Power's memoir that provides an unusaul take on memory and reflection and how these elements shape a life. Jennifer Down has death as a connection in the 14 short stories that make up 'Pulse Points'.

Duration: 00:28:19

Rachel Matthews and Anna George

There is a pathos in Rachel Matthews' novel, 'Siren' which explores the circumstances in society contributing to sexual violence.Anna George centers the challenges and pressures of motherhood across society in 'The Lone Child', a page turning novel.

Duration: 00:27:08

Alan Brough with Euan Mitchell and Mark Baker with David McLean

Alan Brough's, 'Charlie and the Karaoke Cockroaches', continues the delightfully entertaining series and includes an insect orchestra.Mark Baker's memoir, 'Thirty Days', utilizes the Jewish tradition of shloshim or thirty days of mourning as a foundation for a memoir that recounts the life he shared with his wife who passed at fifty-five years of age.

Duration: 00:29:08

Dennis Glover and Cassie Lane

Dennis Glover has fictionalized the life of George Orwell and recounted how the classic dystopian novel, '1984', came to be written.'How to Dress a Dummy' is a frank and funny book by former international model, Cassie Lane, published by Affirm Press.

Duration: 00:29:01

Melanie Cheng and Iain Ryan

Melanie Cheng's award-winning collection of short fiction, Australia Day, is published by Text Publishing.Iain Ryan's noir journey, The Student, explores the criminal potential in every university student.

Duration: 00:29:05

Moira Burke and Mark Brandi

Teenager Josie is in self destrutive behaviour with underage sex and drugs in Moira Burke's 'Losing It'.Innocence meets the dark underbelly of society in Mark Brandi's 'Wimmera'.

Duration: 00:29:11

Megan Goldin and Vivienne Kelly

False memories can play havoc with a murder investigation making Megan Goldin's 'The Girl in Keller's Way', an intriguing psychological thriller.Can you blame King Arthur or the Hawthorn Football Club for a family falling apart, in Vivienne Kelly's 'The Starlings'.

Duration: 00:28:02

Gabrielle Williams and Katherine Boland

The digital world is fraught with challenges especially if your adolescent comments go viral. Gabrielle Williams explores the fallout from such an event in her novel, 'My Life as a Hashtag'.Katherine Boland writes about different cultures, communities an d family expecations in 'Hippy Days, Arabian Nights'.

Duration: 00:27:09

Jenevieve Chang

Jenevieve Chang's, "The Good Girl of Chinatown" is a memoir that takes us on Jenevieve's journey to the land of her ancestors, China, with its growing demand for all things European including the world of burlesque. A Penguin release.

Duration: 00:22:54

Sally Abbott and Alex Miles

Sally Abbott reveals a dystopian Australia of the not so distant future in 'Closing Down'.Alex Miles talks about her different writing styles in her 'Olive Black' series featuring a 10 year old superstar and her handy guide of 'Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride'.

Duration: 00:27:46

David Francis and Wayne Macauley

'Wedding Bush Road' is a novel about the choices we make, the duty to parents and the regrets that linger by David Francis.'Some Tests' by Wayne Macauley takes us on a surrealistic journey through the labyranthine world of the medical profession.

Duration: 00:28:40

Sarah Bailey and Nicolas Brasch

'The Dark Lake' is a murder mystery by Sarah Bailey set in a small Australian country town. It is part psychological intrigue with a very flawed female detective and a victim with a dubious past. An Allen and Unwin release.Nicolas Brasch is the co-founder of The Garret, a series of podcasts by acclaimed writers on writing. It is available for free via or itunes.

Duration: 00:28:30

Marija Pericic and Kate Larsen

The Vogel Award winner, Marija Pericic, talks about her novel, The Lost Pages, which not only delves into one of the contemporary world's literary controversies regarding Franz Kafka and Max Brod but raises existential questions of identity and insecurity.The Director of Writers Victoria, Kate Larsen, discusses what the organisation does for the writing community in Victoria.

Duration: 00:29:00

Bernadette Brennan and Louise Wilson

Bernadette Brennan shines a light on five decades of writing by one of Australia's most important authors in 'A Writing Life: Helen Garner and Her Work'. Published by Text Publishing.'Margaret Flockton' is a biography of Australia's first botanical artist by Louise Wilson. It also includes beautiful coloured photographs of her work. A Wakefield Press release.

Duration: 00:29:36

Rosemary Macindoe and Rebecca Rosengrave

Money or a sense of humour - what is worth more? Be amused by Rosemary Macindoe's The Toorak Jackpot.Myth and fable are integral components of Rebecca Rosengrave's Gumtree Gargoyles.

Duration: 00:29:06

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