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Hi, we’re Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy blog and Dave Lozo of Vice Sports. This is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone. Either way, enjoy this Nerdist Sports podcast!






Free Agent Idiocy

In our season finale until our inevitable summer editions, Greg and Dave break down all the big free agent signings in the NHL, from Kevin Shattenkirk to Alex Radulov to Karl Alzner; the state of the Washington Capitals; the Ilya Kovalchuk affair; new contracts for Carey Price and Connor McDavid; cheap old players; a steroids in baseball debate; Pierre McGuire gets even weirder; the big changes at Fox Sports 1; a massive disagreement over BABY DRIVER (warning: spoilers, so skip ahead if...

Duration: 02:03:32

Live From Brooklyn

It’s the first Puck Soup live show, taped on June 26 at Brooklyn’s Union Hall. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin joins us to talk growing the NHL, Pierre McGuire and state of the sports media. Greg and Dave talk Hockey Hall of Fame, the NHL Awards, the Blackhawks’ big moves, the Derek Stepan trade and free agency, plus we play live versions of “Does Sidney Crosby like …?” and The Roster Game: Tournament Edition. Sponsored by Seat Geek!

Duration: 01:34:30

Connor McDavid

Greg talks with NHL MVP Connor McDavid about video games, weirdos hugging him, junk food and much more. Plus, Greg and Dave break down the Vegas Golden Knights and the expansion draft, review the NHL Awards, talk about the new Adidas jerseys, cover Dave Tippett's departure, debate Marian Hossa's retirement, celebrate a potential rules change, talk about the merits of stoner comedies, NBA offseason vs. NHL offseason and answer reader mail. Sponsored by Seat Geek and Audible!

Duration: 01:33:25

NHL vs. NBA Playoffs

Greg and Dave put a bow around the Stanley Cup Final, debate the merits of Sidney Crosby as MVP, offer their top 10 favorite things from the 2017 playoffs, dive deep into the NBA vs. the NHL and super teams, reveal a secret about DIE HARD, re-rank that stupid French Fry ranking, create a Sir-Mix-A-Lot tribute to catfish, discuss Dan Girardi’s buyout, preview the Golden Knight’s expansion draft and read your listener mail from waffle sex to NHL coaches as Uber drivers. Sponsored by Seat Geek.

Duration: 01:47:32

Ilya Bryzgalov

Ilya Bryzgalov, former NHL goalie and The Players' Tribune correspondent, joins us to talk about the universe, bears, Peter Laviolette, Greg's impression of him and the relationship between Russia and USA. Plus, Greg and Dave discuss the Stanley Cup Final, P.K. Subban's antics, a stirring round of "Does Sidney Crosby like...?", Dennis K. Morgan, angry Penguins fans, new coaches for Florida and Buffalo, a tribute to Adam West and reader mail! Sponsored by Seat Geek and Blue Apron.

Duration: 02:05:15

Bob McKenzie

Greg and Dave talk about the Stanley Cup Final, Jake Guentzel and the Conn Smythe, the Predators fan who used a catfish as an "instrument of crime," Doc and Pierre eat sandwiches, trading Alex Ovechkin, the Olympics and a mailbag that features the Penguins vs. Cavaliers playing hockey and basketball. Plus, TSN Insider Bob McKenzie talks about breaking news, keeping sources, how journalism's change since he started, the NHL playoffs, his love of canoes and his even bigger love of hip-hop....

Duration: 01:42:38

Charlotte Wilder

Greg and Dave welcome Charlotte Wilder of SB Nation to talk about the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Final, Boston as a hockey town, when Patriots fans attacked her, America's Test Kitchen, horse racing and "is this a sport?" Plus, our Stanley Cup Final picks, Ryan Getzlaf's dirty mouth, the P.K. Subban hate, Ottawa's empty seats and reader mail that includes pizza, MVPs and which sports franchise we would curse.

Duration: 01:50:38

Salty Anthem Singers

Greg and Dave talk about babies named after Phil Kessel, John Tortorella in "Multiplicity," a terrible Stanley Cup commercial, the GM of the Year Award, the evils of Ryan Kesler, the sad saga of a salty national anthem singer in Nashville, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," a special expansion draft quiz for Lozo and your reader mail, including whether you should use the phone while pooping. Presented by Seat Geek.

Duration: 01:47:13

Alex Ovechkin and Vladimir Putin

Greg and Dave take a thorough look at the Washington Capitals' demise in Game 7, including Nicklas Backstrom's defeatism, blaming Alex Ovechkin and what the team does next. Plus, previews of the Stanley Cup conference finals, Vladimir Putin is Russia's greatest hockey player, Tyson Barrie is injured 'rasslin with a teammate, Jason Botterill is hired Ottawa as Canada's team, the best and worst supermarkets, drunken diners, burning jerseys, "Baywatch" and travel snobs. Sponsored by Seat Geek...

Duration: 01:34:35

Chris Johnston

Greg and Dave welcome Chris Johnston of Sportsnet and, in a podcast first, Chris's adorable dad to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the ridiculousness of fame, Ottawa as a hockey town, Canada vs. the U.S., separate rules for playoff hockey and much more. Plus, Rob Rossi pens a wild Sidney Crosby conspiracy theory, the Devils win the Draft Lottery, Mike Milbury and the future of hockey hot takes, NHL players as MARIO KART drivers, a round of "Is This An A-Hole?" and your reader mail,...

Duration: 02:01:41

Sarah Baicker, ESPN layoffs

Greg and Dave welcome former CSN host and Philadelphia sports pundit Sarah Baicker to talk about the Flyers, Philly as a sports town, how TV people are treated by athletes and the nasty sendoff she received from one fan. Plus, comments about the massive ESPN layoffs that claimed some hockey writers, predictions for the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, working for the Sabres, chaos in Chicago, how we played NES and our favorite games, movie sequels we may not want to see, and...

Duration: 02:12:55

Amanda Stein

Greg and Dave welcome Amanda Stein, Montreal Canadiens reporter and radio host, for a wide-ranging talk about the Habs’ language challenges, P.K. Subban controversies, USA vs. Canada, her career path, Dave’s lack of love for ‘Parks and Rec’ and Amanda’s lifelong fear of mascots. Plus, the media protects its own on Calgary Flames controversy; the Stanley Cup Playoffs; the ‘Dart Guy’ for other NHL teams; Jack Eichel might get Bylsma fired; sex disrupts a tennis match, and what sporting...

Duration: 01:59:38

Stanley Cup Playoffs, Explained

Greg and Dave break down the Stanley Cup Playoffs, disagree a lot about their picks and then find out they have the same teams for the championship round. They go through the big coaching and management changes in Los Angeles, Dallas, Vancouver and Florida. They chronicle the weird sex case involving the Edmonton Oilers’ owner, and even weirder policy on selling tickets to watch playoff games from the arena hallway. Plus, why Star Wars is about sex; Tinder, but for hockey fans; being...

Duration: 01:47:08

Jamie Hersch and Olympic Debate!

Greg and Dave welcome NHL and MLB Network host Jamie Hersch for a fun conversation about Minnesota life, hockey vs. baseball, Game of Thrones and reliving the most awkward interview she ever had with a gossip columnist. Plus, it's the First Ever Puck Soup NHL Olympic Participation Debate, as Greg blames the IOC and Dave targets the NHL; looking at the Stanley Cup playoff matchups; if a Canadian team will win the Cup; how lit Dave's millennial brand knowledge is; and reader mail that spans...

Duration: 01:47:05

Kevin Blackistone, ESPN

Kevin Blackistone of ESPN's "Around The Horn" and the Washington Post joins us to talk about the early days of the Dallas Stars, Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals' place in D.C. sports, race and hockey and why ESPN doesn't talk NHL on its shouting shows. Meanwhile, Dave is recovering from Vegas, Greg has all of Edmonton mad at him, and the boys talk about the U.S. women's hockey team getting paid, the playoff teams we're rooting for, why you should never cross Gary Bettman, HBO...

Duration: 02:01:17

Dimitri Filipovic

Greg and Dave welcome Sportsnet hockey analytics smartypants Dimitri Filipovic for a chat about the warring factions of stat nerds, his work with an NHL team, what numbers we should trust, the media's ignorance and whether you can sell hockey with math. Plus,the boys debate the Olympics and the NHL; look at the Vezina Trophy field, and ponder the merits of Corey Crawford as a franchise goalie; give a March Mute-This tournament update; play a round of 'London Tube Stop, U.K. Crime Series or...

Duration: 01:45:20

Dan Barbarisi

Greg and Dave speak with author Dan Barbarisi, whose excellent new book "Dueling With Kings" chronicles his amazing adventures playing (and winning quite a lot at) daily fantasy hockey. Plus, Greg gets a nasty letter from Devils coach John Hynes's "personal brander" or whatever; the boys debate the Hart Trophy race; looking at the issues in the U.S. women's national team vs. USA Hockey; the Winter Classic at Citi Field; looking at the Top 50 fast food items and why millennials have to stop...

Duration: 01:49:28

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott, the titular goon of "GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS" joins us to talk about making a hockey cult classic, his career, the live experience of hockey vs. other sports and whether Eugene Levy is the Nick Fury of AMERICAN PIE movies. Plus, Greg and Dave address vital hockey issues like the NHL offside review, the expansion draft, the future of the Arizona Coyotes, bye weeks, Josh Ho-Sang wearing Mario's number and much more. They sing a song about Kristers Gudlevskis. Then...

Duration: 01:36:13

Best NHL Trade Deadline Ever

Greg and Dave and special guest Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy talk about the blockbuster trades of what was, without question, the most entertaining trade deadline in history. (And by "entertaining" we mean excruciating.) We analyze every trade, while also discussing alligator attacks, aliens, foods we hate, Leicester City, Neapolitan ice cream and Dave's zipper problems.

Duration: 01:49:04

Will Leitch

Dave and Greg welcome Will Leitch of Sports On Earth and the New Republic (and the founder of Deadspin) to talk about the St. Louis Blues, how baseball and hockey are constantly trying to court fans that don’t like them, Barstool Sports and the changing digital sports media landscape, and Will’s Oscar picks. That, plus the Auston Matthews vs. Patrik Laine debate goes nuclear; the downside of the “Miracle On Ice”; previewing the NHL trade deadline; and musical tribute to the sad, ignored...

Duration: 01:57:28

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