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A silly podcast centered on hockey, the Puckin' Around Podcast hosted by Tim Gale and Raj Gandhi. Join the boys as they give their unique, comedic and uncensored take on what's going on in the hockey world. It also includes, guests, games and more! Don't sleep on it.

A silly podcast centered on hockey, the Puckin' Around Podcast hosted by Tim Gale and Raj Gandhi. Join the boys as they give their unique, comedic and uncensored take on what's going on in the hockey world. It also includes, guests, games and more! Don't sleep on it.
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A silly podcast centered on hockey, the Puckin' Around Podcast hosted by Tim Gale and Raj Gandhi. Join the boys as they give their unique, comedic and uncensored take on what's going on in the hockey world. It also includes, guests, games and more! Don't sleep on it.






Episode #18.5: The Denis Savard Edition (Part II)

This episode went a little long on recording, so this is Part 2 of Episode #18: The Denis Savard Edition! In the second half of the show, the boys give their in depth season projections on the NHL standings, Raj gets trigger-happy with the new drop on the soundboard, and they finish off the Preview Series with ranking the 10 best goalies in the league right now. The NHL season is finally here, and they couldn't be more ready.

Duration: 01:02:07

Episode 18: The Denis Savard Edition

This episode went a little long on recording, so this is Part 1 of Episode #18: The Denis Savard Edition. In the first half, the boys enter the Wu-Tang, they retire the Game of Thrones/Emilia Clarke is Hot segment, and they review the first week of action in the NHL season!

Duration: 00:57:37

Episode #17: The Jarri Kurri Edition

Welcome to Episode #17: The Jari Kurri Edition! In this show the boys continue the Preview Series by ranking the 10 best defenseman in the league, they also attempt to talk some hoop, and they even get into it about the national anthem controversy. Also co-host of The Funding Chest podcast Frank Robert stops by to talk about the magic of Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns!

Duration: 01:13:44

Episode #16: The Brett Hull Edition

The boys are back to ramble some more nonsense in Episode #16: The Brett Hull Edition. In this episode they continue their Preview Series by ranking the best right wingers in the NHL, Raj and Tim wonder what it would be like if they had their own NFL team, and The List covers the top 10 ways that Hockey Night in Canada would improve if it was run by them. The NHL regular season is almost here, so get ready for it with another great episode.

Duration: 00:59:14

Episode #15: The Milt Schmidt Edition

WE. ARE. BACK with Episode #15: The Milt Schmidt Edition! The boys ponder on what could have been in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, Raj fails to understand MoviePass yet finally gets Game of Thrones, and the Preview Series continues with a break down of the best left wingers in the game. Plus special guest Eric Moller from The Hook Boston calls in to discuss all things Boston Bruins. Summer's over, but the podcast is just heating up.

Duration: 01:15:31

Episode #14: The Radek Bonk Edition

Settle in. There's still no hockey going on so there's a lot of rambling on this one. They boys recount stories from their high school and college years, they open up about #MegWatch, and Radek Bonk is praised for the god he is. Also the countdown for the new NHL season is officially on, as the boys start their Previews Series - starting with the games best centers. Guess you could say that this episode is....bonkers.

Duration: 01:26:12

Episode #13: The Mats Sundin Edition

It's the first "Third Man In" episode as the boys are joined by comedian, Serag Meletian for the duration of the Mats Sundin Edition. The trio discuss homeboy Trevor's life, the hot take triples in discussion topics, and they get an unexpected lesson in finances from a coked up bookie. How could you not be intrigued? Oh, and don't forget everybody: #CrushJamesDuthie.

Duration: 01:10:24

Episode #12: The Jarome Iginla Edition

The boys are finally over their awards show hangover and return with Episode #12: The Jarome Iginla Edition! They give their insight into free agency signings and decide on the winners and losers so far, fan favorite segment Would You Rather returns in an oddly dark fashion, and they even take a moment to ponder what it would be like to record an episode from a water park. It's lit y'all.

Duration: 01:11:40

Episode #11: The Mark Messier Edition

It's a very special episode as the boys host the first ever Puckin' Around Podcast awards! Spend the first part of the podcast with Tim and Raj as they take in the sights and sounds of the red carpet, all while still talking about what's going on in the hockey world these days - including a good discussion on the Jonathan Drouin trade. Afterwards, the PAP Awards finally begin in what was definitely the best awards show they've ever hosted. Enjoy the awards show, folks!

Duration: 00:46:52

Episode #10: The Guy Lafleur Edition

In what is unofficially dubbed "The Full Circle Episode", the boys upgrade the soundboard, Raj is in trouble with the law, while Tim realizes that his planning skills are subpar at best. They also take time to reflect on the Stanley Cup Finals and debate on whether or not Sidney Crosby is one of the top 5 players of all time. This episode even features a cameo appearance by Pod Legend Dave - I swear to god!

Duration: 01:26:07

Episode #9: The Gordie Howe Edition

The boys are gearing up for the Stanley Cup finals in Episode #9: The Gordie Howe Edition! They reflect on what happened in round 3 of the NHL playoffs, and give their thoughts and opinions on the Penguins/Predators finals match up. This episode also includes Raj's rivalry with Nicki Minaj reaching new heights, the boys unearthing great movie scenes that featured hiccups, and Insider Bouff stops by live from Pittsburgh! It's the last episode before the NHL season ends, so you best believe...

Duration: 01:25:03

Episode #8: The Teemu Selanne Edition

The boys are back to discuss everything that's been going on in round 2 of the NHL playoffs and get you ready for round 3! Not only that, but beloved segments such as The Weekly Colorado Avalanche Are Bad fact and Would You Rather have returned! This episode also includes the podcast lair being invaded by birds, Raj promising a diss track and the boys forgetting to finish the List prior to the recording. Keep breadin'.

Duration: 01:19:25

Episode #7: The Phil Esposito Edition

The boys recap what was a thrilling first round of the 2017 NHL playoffs, and preview the series to come in round two. This episode also includes Raj going through a break up, how Tim is nearly bested by a cat, and they even make time to talk about the new Kendrick Lamar album "Damn".

Duration: 01:19:00

Episode #5: The Nicklas Lidstrom Edition

In a somewhat Red Wings themed episode, the boys get real when discussing the NHL's absence from the 2018 Olympics. Raj sings his heart out, David becomes a podcast legend, and the first ever Game of Thrones/Emilia Clarke is Hot update. Plus, we take you back to 1989 with The List. It's the most pop culture oriented episode yet!

Duration: 01:12:18

Episode #4: The Bobby Orr Edition

After two busy weeks of action, the boys are back! In this weeks jam packed episode you won't only hear their take on the week of hockey that was, but you'll find out how they survived the recent blizzard in the northeast region, hear them sling too many Calgary Flames puns, and discuss the pros and cons of a shortened NHL season schedule. And of course the exclusive 1 on 1 interview with mascot icon Youppi!

Duration: 01:30:09

Episode #3: The Pierre Pilote Edition

The boys are back to discuss the hot play of the Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning. They've also made time to geek out about Mass Effect, ponder the whereabouts of Michel Therrien and manage not to screw up The List! This episode also has a huge announcement regarding Episode #4, and there's also an interesting conversation from a caller that you won't want to miss out on.

Duration: 01:18:34

Episode #2: The Brian Leetch Edition

Oh dear. The boys had a rough go at it this week. There were some technical difficulties this week, but that doesn't prevent it from being a great show. But it DOES make it an extra long show. Oops! Join Tim and Raj as they ramble on about the NHL trade deadline acquisitions, mourn the losses of David Desharnais and Michel Therrien and tackle the age old question: would you rather fight 40 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? Also they're joined by their first ever guest, Montreal...

Duration: 01:38:26

Episode #1: The Jacques Plante Edition

Episode #1 of the Puckin' Around Podcast. In this episode we discuss Sidney Crosby's 1000th point, the Michel Therrien/Claude Julien swap, the tradebait players of this years trade deadline and delve into the failed names of the new Las Vegas team. This was recorded literally an hour before Ben Bishop and Martin Hanzal were traded, so please bear with our flat out wrong guesses on where they would end up.

Duration: 01:04:57