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A loose, conversational based hockey podcast with a round table format. The show features a weekly assortment of good friends talking hockey, telling stories and trying not to take themselves too seriously.




Episode #156 - Keep Your Head Down Kid!

PON returns to the podcast airwaves for their 5th season! #PUCK5onNET - with a full bench no less! Ryan, P Mac, Dave & Geeta gather at Miss Reddy's palatial estate to talk all about the NHL preseason and upcoming 2017/18 NHL season! They discuss Brock Boeser's impressive start to the preseason for the Vancouver Canucks, and look at the leaky young defence they put out against Las Vegas. It's starting to look like all those veteran signings by Jim Benning are starting to make a bit more...

Duration: 01:09:31

Episode #155 - Boys (and Geeta) Of Summer

The season finale podcast is here! It's a full bench at Geeta's palatial estate and the gang is talking about free agency, the Canucks and the impending bliss that is summer in Vancouver! Patrick Marleau is a Maple Leaf and the gang is divided on the signing. Who likes the addition of a veteran presence? Who thinks it's too much money and too much term? You'll have to listen to find out! Both make good points! They discuss the Vancouver Canucks sensical additions of Sam Ganger, Michael...

Duration: 00:57:39

Episode #154 - Ghosts of Virtanen

The 2017 NHL Draft has come and gone, as has a dull and awkward 2017 NHL Awards and the Vancouver Canucks did some solid work on draft day! Geeta, P Mac and Ryan are with you this week to discuss the awkward NHL Awards show and how the Hart Trophy presentation was overshadowed by Marc-Andre Fleury being selected by Vegas. They discuss the Canucks' 5th overall pick, Elias Pettersson, his impact in Sweden playing along side Canucks' prospect Jonathan Dahlen and the much different approach...

Duration: 00:59:59

Episode #153 - Long Road To Drouin

The exposed lists are here. Fans get a good look at who's available to the Vegas Golden Knights and which players have been given up on! Full bench at Geeta's palatial estate this week. Dave, P Mac, Geeta and Ryan discuss the Canucks' exposed list... not the most desirable group of guys. They discuss Erik Gudbranson's new reasonable bridge deal and what he could potentially do at 100% next season. They discuss Shane Doan leaving the Winnipeg/Phoenix/Arizona Jets/Coyotes, the only...

Duration: 00:56:52

Episode #152 - Sid The Kid Catfishes Smashville

Back to back champs in Steel Town, an incredible feat to say the least in the Cap Era, but the Pittsburgh Penguins did it! Ryan, Dave and P Mac gather at Dave's apartment this week after watching game 6 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. The Penguins go back to back for the first time in the NHL in twenty years. Sid wins another Conn Smythe trophy (back to back, notice a trend) and the Penguins do it with a ramshackle defence once again! They discuss PK's comments, tweets, antics before game...

Duration: 00:56:40

Episode #151 - Mouthwash & Catfish

PK's got mouthwash for Sid the kid and the Nashville Predators fans are the stars of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final A FULL BENCH is on the podcast this week. They're discussing the Sidney Crosby/PK Subban bad breath nonsense and Dave gives his opinion on PK's gift bag of dental hygiene products for Sid before game 4. Is it wise to give the Penguins' bulletin board material? Or did the end result of game 4 suggest that PK can get away with it and not affect the Predators? They also discuss...

Duration: 01:02:14

Episode #150 - PK's Cult Of Personality

This week's cold open is an iTunes review from Brian McGee of Fargo, ND. We loved it so much, we had to open the show with it. The Stanley Cup Final is here! Nashville vs Pittsburgh Game 1 begins in the midsts of this week's podcast with Ryan, Geeta and our black ace Stu Walters of TSN 1040. We gather this week to talk all about the yellow Final of 2017. They give their Stanley Cup predictions and discuss the storylines going into the Final. From Nashville's defence and rock solid...

Duration: 01:02:57

Episode #149 - Ottawa Snoozefest

The Stanley Cup Final is almost here, Nashville is heading there for the first time and the Penguins appear to be almost ready to defend their Cup. Ryan, Geeta and Black Ace Cole join you this week to discuss the ups and downs of the Eastern Conference Championship. From Guy Boucher's unconventional tactics pulling his goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury losing his net to Matt Murray... again and quite possibly for a final time as the expansion draft looms. They discuss the dull trap played by...

Duration: 00:59:27

Episode #148 -Same Ol' Capitals Situation

There are no former NHL'ers on the show this week, we're back to regularly scheduled programming. But it's a full bench this week, and the the gang has a lot of fun! Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta gather at her palatial estate this week as Game 2 of the Penguins/Senators series wraps up. They discuss Marc-Andre Fleury's resurgence, the chances of him heading to Vegas and what this latest playoff run does for his legacy. They also discuss the same thing we see every year, the Washington...

Duration: 00:52:26

Episode #147 - Kirk McLean's Two Pad Stack

Captain Kirk is on the podcast this week! He joins Ryan, Geeta and P Mac to talk about his impressive NHL career. He's a solid replacement for Dave, who was out playing his beer league championship game the night we recorded. Kirk discusses the tough season in which he was traded from Vancouver to Carolina...and then to Florida. The difference in the hockey markets. Going from a rabid Canadian market to the Carolinas and eventually to the sun belt, we ask what kind of toll that takes on a...

Duration: 01:06:53

Episode #146 - Kyle Wellwood & The Ketchup Hockey League

Kyle Wellwood joins the podcast this week to discuss the KHL, his time with the Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs. He joints a full bench and Ryan, Geeta, Dave and P Mac welcome Kyle to the palatial estate with open arms to discuss the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, his brief stint in the KHL and of course, asked by Geeta, the time he was traded for Jason Spezza in the OHL. He discusses the Canucks locker room dynamics, Alain Vigneault's coaching style and the rocky...

Duration: 01:04:50

Episode #145 - Jack Eichel Throwing Batteries

The second round is here, the Senators are sticking around and Jack Eichel felt like he wanted a new head coach, so he got one! Ryan, Dave and Geeta gather this week to discuss the interesting decision to fire Sabres GM Tim Murray and head coach 'Disco' Dan Bylsma after comments made regarding Jack Eichel's future in Buffalo as well as negative comments from Ryan O'Reilly. They also discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs falling in six games to the Washington Capitals in a series that was much...

Duration: 00:52:59

Episode #144 - Dart Guy & The Curse of Brooks Laich

"Aren't they supposed to be good?" The common question hockey fans are asking themselves watching the first few games of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to discuss Zack Kassian's resurgence in Edmonton. Playing like his boyhood idol, Todd Bertuzzi, he is finally making the impact everyone believed he had the potential for. But a rough time in Vancouver and Montreal caused a bit of a derail of those plans and aspirations. They also discuss the...

Duration: 00:55:47

Episode #143 - Fired Willie À La Mode

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here! Your favourite NHL team is either in them, or they're firing their coaching staff! A full bench joins you this week to discuss the big firing in Vancouver. After a three year stint and a losing record with the Canucks, Willie Desjardins was fired Monday morning. If you've listened to this podcast for a little while, you knew the frustration with the Climax Saskatchewan native's decisions behind the bench and when constructing his lines. Who will replace...

Duration: 01:01:12

Episode #142 - Matthew Tkachuk's Wartime Efforts

Matthew Tkachuk's ruffling feathers, Willie D is criticising Goldobin's grit and Uncle Gary is playing hardball with the IOC! A full bench joins you this week after a hiatus due to trips to Fiji and or the interior of British Columbia. Ryan shares some stories of the road and the gang discusses the Canucks' lost season's final few games. They discuss the saga of Matthew Tkachuk. Going against the grain as a rookie, he is upsetting a lot of the veteran players for running his mouth,...

Duration: 01:04:58

PON Road Show 02 - You Boeser You Bet

It's the second instalment of the PON Road Show! With Ryan on the road covering the WHL Playoffs, he enlists the PON Black Aces Simon, TSN 1040's Stu Walters and Grant to sit around the hotel room and discuss this week in hockey. The biggest news (for Canucks fans) is the signing of Brock Boeser. Brock's NCAA season finished Friday night and by Saturday morning, he was a signed Vancouver Canuck and made his debut in hometown against the slumping Minnesota Wild. The Brock hype has begun...

Duration: 01:04:40

Episode #141 - Drinking In LA

The regular season is wrapping up, the Kings could miss the playoffs and the Vancouver Canucks have stopped playing hockey all together! Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to discuss some interesting problems facing the Los Angeles Kings. From an aging and under performing core, to some questionable trades this year, to some unfortunate contracts they have for the next several years. How many Kings will become Vegas Golden Knights next year? Will Sutter or Lombardi have jobs next...

Duration: 00:54:22

Episode #140 - Heavy Willie D & The Boyz

The 2017 Stanley Cup playoff picture is starting to take form, a log jam in the east, one, maybe two remaining spots in the west, and for the Vancouver Canucks, they're signing randoms from the Swiss League just to make minimum roster numbers. P Mac, Ryan and Geeta join you this week to discuss the recent stretch of Canucks home games, all disappointing losses. They discuss Willie's continued struggles, when he will be let go and replaced before next season and why he's still doing the...

Duration: 00:50:48

Episode #139 - Deadline And The Dirty Ground

Jannik Hansen is a Shark, there's one hell of a condition on that 4th round pick they gave the Canucks and what do you know, Jarome Iginla is chasing rings again! Ryan and P Mac hold down the fort this week while Dave is in Burma and Geeta is off, so the PON black ace, the Alex Biega of the group, Simon Baldwin joins the fold. The gang discusses Ryan's financial hardships with selling pucks on the internet and other problems in the PON books. They talk about Ryan Smyth getting made fun...

Duration: 00:59:58

Episode #138 - The Burrows Show

Alex Burrows spent twelve season with the Vancouver Canucks, gave his heart and soul to the team, the fans and the city...and got dealt to Ottawa for a surprisingly nice return! Full bench on the podcast this week. Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta discuss the big Burrows trade which sent him to Ottawa, with an extension, in exchange for Jonathan Dahlen Monday afternoon, what this means for the Canucks' rebuild and if there are more deals to done by Jim Benning, a man who has appeared to have...

Duration: 01:01:53

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