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PWL16 w/ Tony Cagnolatti

guest of 16 is Tony Cagnolatti! Tony is in the music industry with various artist, which lead us to talk about the behind-the-scenes process of creating an album and much more. In the spirit of Drake's 'More Life' we all give our critique (or lack there of) and TOP 5 Drake song, ever. Oh and, is Dwight Howard a HOFer? Light Sixteen Candles on this one

Duration: 00:40:14

PWL14 w/ Ivy Hess

PWL14 is here.That's one four not five even though one and four is five its four, not five. Pulp With Lime one four. 14 (starts off wild. The News Hour That's Really Only Like Three Minutes derails quickly after news about NASA intertwines with the Oscars to spark a debate that you know who clearly wins. Then in Sports N Stuff, NFL trades stole all the headlines, but a debate over Paul Pierce and Draymond Green broke out after the recent beef between the two. (Real beef not like Remy Ma or...

Duration: 00:46:10

PWL13 w/ Hannah Rucker

the first female guest on PWL, Hannah Rucker rocked the set only how Hannah can. Hannah is a fellow Coppell Cowboy and TXST Bobcat who is a news reporter out in Lubbock, TX. We got into what it takes in the industry and how she's grown covering stories of all kinds. Marvin and Logan differ - to say the least - on Carmelo Anthony's HOF-or-not worthiness and they both showed a soft side in TOP 5. It's PWL one-three

Duration: 00:41:56


We'reeee baaaacckkkk. The boys took a little sabbatical cause let's face it: we're getting old. Hence the new segment, "How I know I'm old." Other than that it's classic Pulp With Lime. V's J's and Did You Know now start the show off. Then in Sports N Stuff we just skipped because nothing really newsworthy has happened recently in sports. We then had the debut of the new, Millennial Millionaire. Brand new rules to see who is the true reference king. We'll usually be playing this with the...

Duration: 00:33:27

PWL11 w/Brandon Mullins

PWL11 w/Brandon Mullins by Marvin Parker & Logan McCullough

Duration: 00:26:34


In episode 3 we find out why Samsung's explode, give our Texas Top 8 and explain why Closer by the Chainsmokers makes no sense, no offense

Duration: 00:32:44