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Pundits Pub #6: Left v. Right: It's the Biology, Stupid!

Why do many conservatives refuse to admit that climate change is real and caused by human activity? Why do many liberals refuse to admit that the world is a dangerous place? Why does it seem that America is divided more than ever? We are joined by Professor John R. Hibbing of the University of Nebraska, co-author of Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives and the Biology of Political Differences. Professor Hibbing contends that left and right orientations are not grounded in a person's...

Duration: 00:41:58

Pundits Pub #5: The Powell Memo and the Neoliberal Coup

Going solo, Stephen Love riffs on Neoliberlism, using the Powell Memorandum as foundation. How is it that we have turned into a society that atomizes the individual---praising the cult of self over any sort of connection to community? Was there a slow-motion Neoliberal Coup?

Duration: 00:43:39

Pundits Pub #3: Neoliberalism and the Obliteration of Education

Our special guest is Vincent Marano, a playwright and educator in New York City. Vincent is a teacher and assistant principal in a South Bronx High School. We trace the infiltration of the Economic Darwinism of Neoliberalism through all corners of Society, with special focus on the War on Public Education. We'll bring in our Contributing Editor Falcon, as well as Fitness Entrepreneur James Ford to discuss the transformation of education for the sake of knowledge into a training program to...

Duration: 00:40:53

Pundits Pub #1: The Corporate News Media Sucks

Bill is a veteran newsman and investigative reporter. He was an anchorman on Radio and TV around the country, and he was News Editor at CBS News for a couple of decades, where he won the Edward R Murrow Award for Best Coverage of a Major Breaking News Event for the coverage of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination. Bill is the author of Smooth Criminal: A One-Man American Crime Wave, which exposes CIA-shenanigans running common thugs into Cuba during the Kennedy Years. We will discuss how the...

Duration: 00:42:06