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Sports are serious. Jane Coaston and Ryan Nanni are not. An SB Nation absurdism.

Sports are serious. Jane Coaston and Ryan Nanni are not. An SB Nation absurdism.
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Sports are serious. Jane Coaston and Ryan Nanni are not. An SB Nation absurdism.






Episode 29 - Rodger Sherman

SB Nation's Rodger Sherman previewed nearly every team that made the NCAA tournament, but he wants you to know that doesn't mean his predictions are good or even just okay. Still, we decide to ask him about the surprises of the Sweet 16, which team from the state of North Carolina has the best chance to advance to the Final Four, and whether space travel will be commonplace before Northwestern makes the tourney. There's also a quick round of Ask Jane, covering Metallica, rivalry trophies,...

Duration: 00:37:01

Episode 16 - Listener Questions

What's the worst sandwich to get for Christmas? Which dead celebrity should you take to Disneyland? What SEC school is most like Newton's Third Law of Motion? Is going to law school a good idea? These and other important questions our listeners posed are answered by me, a confirmed idiot.

Duration: 00:26:03

Episode 11 - Bill Connelly

Statistical virtuoso and good writerer Bill Connelly joins us to talk about muting college football broadcasts, which teams he thinks might over- and underachieve this season, why the Big 12 is unpredictable chaos, and which US Open player is best compared to UCLA. Plus, Jon answers reader questions that make no sense whatsoever!

Duration: 00:45:27

Episode 9 - Avinash Kunnath

What is the Pac-12? Is it full of the right kinds of cholesterol? What happens if you put the Pac-12 in water? Does the Pac-12 come in Portuguese? These are not the questions we asked Pacific Takes founder Avi Kunnath about his favored conference, because they do not make any sense. But we do talk about Seventh Heaven and puberty, so.

Duration: 00:52:05

Episode 6 - Pete Holby

The Tour de France is one of the oldest and most elegant ways in which a person can nearly kill oneself for sport, and our guest Pete Holby helps us learn what makes it so appealing, whether it will ever appeal to a broader American audience, and why Lance Armstrong does not care what you think as long as he beats you.

Duration: 00:32:48