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Formerly, was created by Liz & Lindi, and they've brought on a team of kickass talent to bring you the latest and greatest in pop culture: TV, movies, comics, and more!

Formerly, was created by Liz & Lindi, and they've brought on a team of kickass talent to bring you the latest and greatest in pop culture: TV, movies, comics, and more!
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Formerly, was created by Liz & Lindi, and they've brought on a team of kickass talent to bring you the latest and greatest in pop culture: TV, movies, comics, and more!






‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk S3x02, “Heroes and Morons”

Welcome back, Fillorians! This week we go on a most unexpected journey with High King Eliot and family. He's supposedly off gathering much-needed taxes from the outer islands. What he's really up to is, of course, filling those blank pages of Quentin's new favorite story. Our badass Queen Margo is sidelined, but she sends her bestie off with some great advice. Or actually, it was more of a directive. Basically, she wants to him forsake heroic doings if it comes down to the mission or his...


'The Magicians' recap: Brad and Cort Talk S3 Premiere, "The Tales of the Seven Keys"

The Magicians, Ep 3x01 "The Tales of the Seven Keys" aired on January 10, 2018 Quest on, Fillorians!!! That's right our favorite magicians are officially back. How fluent are you in pop culture? And how epic was that moment when Eliot and Margot delighted us all in their efforts to outwit the Fairy Queen? It was truly next level and our inner fangirl/fanboy are still feeling pretty giddy. It was only an hour, but still, we managed to check back in with everyone. They're not dealing so well...


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Rowland Pidlubny joins Brad and Cort for 2×13, “Black Days”

Let this be a lesson! That's how you turn the page on a kickass season already brimming with badass showdowns and wild revelations. Welcome back, Helsingers! It was quite a ride, but we've reached the end of an epic season 2 for all of our favorite characters. Rowland Pidlubny (Scab/Scott) joins us to break it all down. As it turns out, Scarlett's reunion with her mother was shortlived, but it was definitely an interesting journey. The duo started bonding somewhat as Abigail gave insight...


'A Year in Review': Brad and Cort Talk 2017 faves and their hopes for 2018

It's been quite a year in TV. Some epic fails and more unexpected gems. Hit play and listen in as we talk about some of our favorite shows from 2017, what we've been bingeing, and movies we (mostly) enjoyed this year. Stick around as we also chat about our hopes for 2018. So much potential for EPIC win. Here's looking at you Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time.


'The Magicians': Brad and Cort Talk Magic, Demi-gods, Fave S2 Moments, and S3 News

It appears that magic isn't dead after all. The year has been long but fret not because the hour is near when we all return to Fillory and Brakebills. We ended season 2 with the knowledge that just a spark of magic remained with "God-touched" Julia. Season 3 returns with the all-new episode, "The Tales of Seven Keys". Listen in as Brad and Cort talk all things The Magicians and play catch up with where exactly our favorite characters ended the season and how they got there. Then we spend...


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×12, “Crooked Falls”

Welcome back, Helsingers! The show has teased the sanctuary, Crooked Falls, numerous times throughout the season. Of course, it was only a matter of time before our band of survivors made their way there. Who could've guessed that Scarlett would find yet another key to her past? Welcome to our screens, Andee Frizell. Clearly, Vanessa and Scarlett achieved that level of badassery from their mama. That's right! Abby and not fake Abigail has arrived and she's ready to go face down the...


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×11, “Begin Again”

Listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s horrific episode


'Riverdale' recap: Brad and Cort Talk THAT killer reveal from 2x09, "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

The first half of the season flew by with all the killer drama and relationship turmoil. We had our last episode until next year and boy was it a doozy. The show closed out it's "Black Hood" story arc with a killer arc and yea, it wasn't quite what we expected. The red herring turned out to not be such a red herring after all. Or was he? Brad and our fellow writer Meg who does the written weekly recaps have their own theories about that reveal. Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break...


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×10, “Base Pair”

Hey, Helsingers! She’s baaaaack. Tonight’s all-new episode finally fills us in on everything that’s been happening with Vanessa since she was kidnapped a few episodes ago. It was a doozy of a story. Vanessa finds herself in the company of a new Dr. Creepy (aka Dr. Harrison) and a nurse who claims to have an interesting connection to Vanessa and Scarlett’s past. Listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s wild new twists. What did you think of Abigail? Were you pulled in by her...


Star Wars Theory Series Part 22: Pre-Game for 'The Last Jedi'

Star Wars Theory Series is hosted by co-founder Liz Prugh and her brother Patrick Pochop (talking about Star Wars is one of the only ways she can get him to hang out with her). They frequently have their other two brothers, dad, and Liz’s husband and self-proclaimed Star Wars experts as guest hosts. They’re dedicated to putting a fun and comedic spin on each episode. Guys, DECEMBER IS HERE! We are now hours away from the release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi in the U.S....


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×09, “Wakey, Wakey”

Welcome back, Helsingers! Vanessa is still AWOL and the rest of our survivors are not okay. We pick up almost immediately where we left off last week. Scarlett and the others escape becoming the main course for their new cannibal friends. It’s Dmitri and the Sisterhood to the rescue. Who’d have thought? Granted, the vampires are single-minded in their intent to retrieve the key and the “Van Helsing” offspring. A few weeks ago, Cort had the chance to speak with Missy Peregrym (link) and the...


'Riverdale' Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2x08 House of the Devil

Join Brad and Cort as they break down the latest episode of Riverdale. When Jughead learns that F.P. is getting released from prison, he and Betty organize a welcome home party; Archie and Veronica push their relationship issues aside to focus on the Black Hood investigation.



Listen in as Brad and Cort break down Ep 2x07 Tales from the Darkside


Floribama Shore Premiere: 'Hashtag Why' you won't want to watch, but should

Pure Fandom's Meg Bonney and Liz Prugh break down the 2-hour Floribama Shore premiere, their favorite characters, and how they were surprised to find heart in the reality show. Tune in, and join in on the conversation on Twitter: @Pure_Fandom @lizprugh @MegBonneyWriter Find more coverage on


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×08, “Big Mama”

Welcome back, Helsingers! Tonight we're thankful for an all-new episode of Van Helsing. Vanessa is missing after being abducted at the end of last week's episode. Axel and the rest of the group meet up with some new friendly faces with interesting eating habits. Meanwhile, Dmitri is intent on tracking down the Van Helsing sisters. Listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week's all-new episode, "Big Mama". What did you think of the new group of survivors and their eating habits? Vampires...


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×07, “Everything Changes”

Welcome back, Helsingers! What’s a reluctant bloodsucker to do when your last true hope for salvation refuses to bite you? Poor Axel can’t seem to catch a break. Vanessa is understandably questioning her abilities after what happened with Dylan and even after Axel’s successful transition-death-resurrection, our girl may be wary still about turning anyone else anytime soon. Listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week's all-new episode, “Everything Changes”. That title is utterly true....


Pure Fandom Co-Founders Liz and Lindi featured on DRNK CLTR Podcast

This week we're thrilled to be featured on DRNK CLTR's podcast talking all things fandom. We share the Pure Fandom story and how we came to build Pure Fandom for all of our amazing writers and podcasters. Join us as we geek out with podcast hosts Jared and Fabian over our favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones theories, and taste some of the finest wines under $9.99. Listen here and on iTunes (Subscribe to DRNK CLTR, too, because their podcast rocks! Check all of Pure Fandom's podcasts on...


'Van Helsing' interview: Missy Peregrym SLAYS in her new role as Scarlett Harker

Van Helsing's badass ninja has been unmasked and who could have expected the gamechanger that was revealed. Vanessa may have lost her daughter a few episodes ago and that one still stings, but this week she's gained a sister. Hit play and listen in as Missy Peregrym talks about her new role on Syfy's hit series. If you didn't already know, this lady is all kinds of awesome. The chat is highly enlightening and hella funny.


‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×06, "Veritas Vincit"

Welcome back, Helsingers! Now THAT was a motherloving gamechanger. If you haven't watched the episode...first what are you doing with your life and why would you miss this one? That badass ninja that's been lurking the past few episodes was finally revealed and she had a very interesting connection to Vanessa. The episode also features more than one reunion, though things don't go quite as Doc and Axel had been expecting. Listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week's all-new episode,...


Marvel Movies Podcast Part IV: Live at Flix Brewhouse for the Thor: Ragnarok premiere

The Pure Fandom Marvel Movies Podcast is hosted by Patrick Pochop and his co-host and sister, Liz Prugh. The two also host Pure Fandom’s Star Wars Theory Series Podcast. Join them as they relive each Avenger leading up to the new Marvel films! This week we record live at Flix Brewhouse theatre before the Thor: Ragnarok premiere! In the first three parts of our podcast we discussed the evolution of Iron Man and Captain America and what the two bring to the table for The Avengers in their...


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