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Lansing, MI




Episode 160 - the I-5 case study, part 2

This is the second part of the Impression 5 reinvention case study with Noah Smith, Partner, Capital Services, Inc. (Listen to part 1 here.) Part 2 covers how the I-5 team used the PureReinvention fundamentals simplify, connect and move to attain the incredible growth they have enjoyed in recent years. QUOTE IT “We got away from distractions.” (5:10) “The catalyst to bringing everyone else on board.” (10:37) DIG IN Tip of the Week You can't move a plan forward without a focused,...


Episode 158 - the compuware relocation story

While we were interviewing Marlin Williams, we discovered that she was responsible for key elements of the Compuware move to downtown Detroit from Farmington Hills in 2003. The story was fascinating to us and we decided to dedicate an episode to this part of Marlin's story. QUOTE IT “How do you cast a wider net?” (6:17) “I wasn’t afraid to ask.” (15:56) DIG IN Tip of the Week Own your fear.


Episode 157 - Connect: Detroit - Looking at professional development in a new way

Happy New Year! We are starting 2018 off with a peek into what's next for PureReinvention. Are you reinvention ready? We have some great offerings (including this podcast) for those who are committed to the reinvention journey. QUOTE IT “What’s next? … I’m looking for something that’s really going to stimulate me in a new way.” (4:35) “It’s important for high functioning executives to get their hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves and actually solve the problem that you’re talking...


Episode 155 - Dr. Gerry Roston - connecting mutual value

Dr. Gerry Roston brings an impressive resume to TechTown Detroit. He was on the Mars rover team and helped develop technologies which are making self-driving cars possible. He now brings his wealth of knowledge and connections to help TechTown Detroit excel in connecting ideas to the marketplace. Listen this week as we explore the value of connecting ideas to those we serve. QUOTE IT “Go to the marketplace first, try to find what pain your potential customers are having to make sure...


Episode 154 - Lauren Kase - mutual mentorship

Lauren Kase is a San Francisco native that stayed in Detroit after receiving her degree from the University of Michigan. She is the Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Floyd Detroit. Listen this week as we discover what attracts the millennials to Detroit, Floyd's unique positioning in the furniture industry and the importance of mutual mentorship. QUOTE IT “The most sustainable thing is not throwing anything away.” (9:50) “It’s really exciting to have people resonate with the...


Episode 153 - the importance of connect

We kick off the month of December with this month's co-host Lauren Snyder, Marketing and Communications Specialist, American Hort and recent STARTERS graduate. This episode discusses the exciting line up we have in December as well as engaging discussion on how the connect fundamental works in the PureReinvention process. QUOTE IT “The idea of connection transcends so many aspects of success." (2:26) “They (TechTown) connect the right conversations, with the right people at the right...


Episode 152 - connect with inspiration

The holiday season is a time for reflection. Now is the time to think about how we are going to approach the next year. Make some space to think about how you want to continue to move yourself forward. How are you going to approach 2018? We are encouraging you to install some kind of sabbatical in your plans. It doesn't have to be months or weeks. It simply needs to be some kind of installed time to assess where you are and to think about what's next. Install time and think and experience...


Episod 151 - Marlin Williams - the personal sabbatical

Marlin Williams has found her calling in helping to diversify industries. Marlin's path to where she is now is amazing. She started as a mortician, implemented diversity programs for a couple Fortune 500 industries and now lends her talents to TechTown Detroit. She is also the founder of Sisters Code, which is dedicated to exposing women from the ages of 25-85 to the world of coding and technology. Her story is inspiring and we're glad she took the time to share it with us! QUOTE...


Episode 150 - Melissa Butler - the Infliction of arbitrary deadlines

We had so many gems from our talk with Melissa Butler, that we had to make two episodes! The first episode can be heard here. In this episode, Melissa discusses how she started The Lip Bar and her advice to would be entrepreneurs out there. QUOTE IT “If you don’t like your situation, change it.” (6:21) “Don’t rush it … Launch with something that is electric.” (11:58) “Reinvention leaders have to tie whatever they're doing to the bigger story.” (18:49) DIG IN Tip of the Week Don't...


Episode 149 - the story comes to life in the connect phase

PureReinvention team member Jodi Schafer joins us in November to discuss your podcast line up and our thoughts going forward for STARTERS and the WE.INVENT program. We'll also give you a hint of our new professional development offering that we'll offer in the Spring of 2018. We have learned so much in 2017 and will continue to build offerings that serve your needs. QUOTE IT “Why you do what you do?” (4:22) “The story comes to life in the connect phase.” (5:15) DIG IN Tip...


Episode 148 - walking magnets waiting to connect

Let's face it: even the the most shy of us require some degrees of human interaction. They're necessary on both a personal and professional level. In this week's episode, team members Sonya Robinson and Mike Bills discuss with our October co-host, Erin Patten of Ponyride, how we can build sustainable and enriching connections. QUOTE IT “If you don’t connect authentically, then it’s not going to be a sustainable relationship.” (4:13) “We are walking magnets just waiting for the...


Episode 147 Noah Elliott Morrison - being comfortable with uncomfortable

This week we interview Noah Elliott Morrison, director of Ponyride. Ponyride is a nonprofit organization which runs out of a 30,000 square foot building in Detroit. It is committed to facilitating the growth of social missions within artists, entrepreneurs, makers, and serves as an incubator and a safe space to help its clientele grow into viable businesses. QUOTE IT “What things do you need to move your business to the next place?” (11:21) “It’s a magic that is really hard to point...


Episode 146 Steve Whitter - quantum growth extraordinaire

Steve Widder built the Susan G. Komen Mid-Michigan Race for the Cure in Lansing into a major event with over 6000 runners in his heyday. Steve shares his thoughts with us on how to understand an audience. He also shares with us his passion for biking and his recent travels to France to take on challenging legs of the Tour de France. QUOTE IT “Understand your audience.” (5:22) “Make a grand spectacle at the beginning.” (9:27) “I’ve been wanting to do this. This is my best chance. I’ve...


Episode 145 - Dr. Tonya Matthews - keeping it real to build a culture

Building a culture is one of the primary responsibilities of all leaders. A major ingredient for successful cultures is authenticity and this week's guest excels in this trait. Listen this week as we interview Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of Detroit Science Center and discuss what it takes to build a successful business culture and how nurturing authenticity plays a vital role. QUOTE IT “Wanting to save the world.” (3:07) “We look at things that look nothing like us.”...


Episode 144 - the energy behind connect

October starts our focus on the connect fundamental of the PureReinvention process. We can't think of a better person who personifies connect like this month's co-host, Erin Patten, Director of Retail and Marketing, Pony Ride. Listen as Mike and Erin discuss this month's interviews and how Erin uses the connect fundamental in advancing the mission of her organization. QUOTE IT “Part of the connection is intentionality.” (7:25) DIG IN (3:04) The energy behind connect. (5:49) The...


Episode 143 - The culture of growth

The end of September brings to an end our focus on the simplify fundamental of the PureReinvention process. We thought we would leave you with a short episode with our co-host Anita Quillen, CEO of Quillen Holdings, talking about tips she uses to simplify her management and personal life and how she balances both of them. QUOTE IT [box] “Control your fear so it doesn’t consume you.” (8:18) [/box] DIG IN Tip of the Week Rarely can you perfectly balance work and personal...


Episode 142 - Melissa Butler buying what you believe

Melissa Butler is a dynamic person. We met her when touring Pony Ride with our spring STARTERS program. She is the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar. She was on Shark Tank and although they didn't get funded, they got tremendous exposure and Melissa had the ability to take advantage of the added interest in her product. Her marketing shatters all traditional molds for beauty products and she knows her target audience so well that she's named her and knows what she does on any given day. We...


Episode 141 - Mark Denson - the can do attitude

Mark Denson, director of business attraction at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, gives a unique perspective on Detroit's current resurgence and its roots in the planning that led to Detroit hosting the Super Bowl in 2006. Listen as Mark shares his observations of the Detroit story from his unique perspective. QUOTE IT “Our problems were great and in that we needed great and creative solutions to move the city forward.” (4:53) “Completing projects, making a difference in a...


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