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Episode 142 - Melissa Butler buying what you believe

Melissa Butler is a dynamic person. We met her when touring Pony Ride with our spring STARTERS program. She is the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar. She was on Shark Tank and although they didn't get funded, they got tremendous exposure and Melissa had the ability to take advantage of the added interest in her product. Her marketing shatters all traditional molds for beauty products and she knows her target audience so well that she's named her and knows what she does on any given day. We...

Duration: 00:25:42

Episode 141 - Mark Denson - the can do attitude

Mark Denson, director of business attraction at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, gives a unique perspective on Detroit's current resurgence and its roots in the planning that led to Detroit hosting the Super Bowl in 2006. Listen as Mark shares his observations of the Detroit story from his unique perspective. QUOTE IT “Our problems were great and in that we needed great and creative solutions to move the city forward.” (4:53) “Completing projects, making a difference in a...

Duration: 00:23:56

Episode 140 - transparency in communication with Anita Quillen

We kick off September with Anita-Marie Quillen, CEO Quillen Holdings. In this episode, Mike talks with Anita about how she uses the simplify process in PureReinvention to effectively communicate with employees. QUOTE IT “A thoughtful reduction to solutions.” (3:13) “[The responsibility of a boss or leader] Continue growth from all the individuals underneath you.” (12:15) DIG IN Tip of the Week Clearly communicate expectations and follow up regularly with staff.

Duration: 00:13:19

Episode 139 - How to think different

Mike Bills of Team PureReinvention and Bonnifer Ballard, this month's co-host and Executive Director of the Michigan Section of the American Waterworks Association discuss the main take aways from our August episodes. QUOTE IT “You can not begin to embrace what's happening today if you stay in your own little world and your talk to the same people about the same things." (6:35) DIG IN (2:49) Openness to disruption. (4:04) Selective use of trends. (5:03) Learning how to think...

Duration: 00:09:55

Episode 138 - Dan Gilmartin - expanding the rolodex to think big

If you want to see someone who lives the "what's next?" mantra, look no further than Dan Gilmartin of the Michigan Municipal League. The Michigan Municipal League has received national attention for its placemaking approach to community building and isn't resting on its laurels. Listen as Dan explains how he's given license by his board and stakeholders to think big and how he's building the team to execute on this expanded vision. QUOTE IT “You’ve gotta leave time for people to reflect...

Duration: 00:24:43

Episode 137 - Summer Minnick - running without expectations

Summer Minnick has achieved high levels of success through drive and planning. Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can't prepare you for everything. Summer shares her experiences on how several unexpected turns of events affected her and how she turned these situations into positive outcomes. QUOTE IT “Everybody likes an element of control (5:56)" “You know you can finish. You've done this a bazillion times. Just go do it. When you have to walk, just walk and get through it."...

Duration: 00:22:18

Episode 136 - what's your word?

We have a couple of exciting interviews lined up in August and a new co-host! Join Mike and Bonnifer Ballard, Executive Director, Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association, as they discuss how simplifying the message is important in securing support for a cause. QUOTE IT “Being able to tell a story in a very simple and clear way is very important.” (1:38) “Embracing change: Learning to be flexible and deal with chaos.” (10:01) DIG IN Lessons Learned from the Michigan...

Duration: 00:10:34

Episode 135 - lessons learned from simplification

The PureReinvention team wraps up July discussing lessons learned from our guests this month. Simplification is very important in messaging and in serving customer needs. Organizations that focus on the customer experience and successfully communicate that are better positioned to thrive in this new economy. Listen as PureReinvention team members Mike Bills and Will Carlson discuss these lessons and reflect on how taking time to simplify complex issues is vital to advancing your...

Duration: 00:06:06

Episode 134 - Doug Small - attitude, character & enthusiasm

Grand Rapids has had a vibe for some time and has become a prime Midwest destination in spite of not having a major sports team. This week’s guest is chief experience officer of Experience Grand Rapids, Doug Small and is the promoter in chief of this gem of a city. Doug shares his thoughts on how team building and thinking differently has built Grand Rapids to the destination it is today. Doug also shares a personal story that was a life changing event that provides a valuable lesson to...

Duration: 00:22:53

Episode 133 - Jim Knight


Duration: 00:22:51

Episode 132 - be thoughtful about the bullet points

Simplification of the message is vital to enlisting support and/or selling the product. Most successful endeavors end up being a simple solution to a complex problem. Complicated messages get lost and confuse customers and stakeholders. PR firms make a good living condensing messages to brands and slogans. However, in order to get to the simple slogan or elevator pitch, you have to thoroughly understand the issues and the problem at hand. Join team members Mike Bills and Will Carlson as...

Duration: 00:09:43

Episode 131 - mining the daunting task

QUOTE IT “[Detroit bankruptcy story] 170,000 creditors … 18.5 billion in debt … a pension system that was $3.5 billion underfunded … a service delivery insolvent city.” (0:46) "[Company rebranding] So many things about it branding wise that were difficult.” (3:29) "Our plan now drives how I spend everyday.” (5:48) DIG IN (1:10) Mining the daunting task and knowing where to start. Identify and reduce one single thing to a picture that others can understand. (3:47) Less is more....

Duration: 00:09:21

Episode 130 - start with the small things

A successful life or career is rarely made from one dramatic event. It usually is a result of a work ethic developed over a series of small experiences and successes along the line. Listen to this week's episode as team members Mike Bills and Sonya Robinson discuss how you can develop a sense of ownership in your journey through taking small manageable steps to advance yourself both professionally and personally. QUOTE IT “You have to own the work you want to do so you can get the work...

Duration: 00:08:47

Episode 129 - MLTA Leadership - Cindy Bowen and Deanna Richeson

The relationship between a board of directors and a CEO is often undefined and can change based on the management style of the leadership. This week we explore a successful case of board leadership working in tandem with their new CEO as we talk with Cindy Bowen, Chairperson of the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association board of directors and Deanna Richeson, President and CEO of that organization. QUOTE IT “The association has to change and evolve ahead of its members to provide...

Duration: 00:25:00

Episode 128 - Deanna Richeson - pushing for quantum growth

Deanna Richeson has accomplished a lot in her first year at the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association. The association's annual conference set a record for attendance and she initiated a workforce development job fair that attracted over 400 attendees. That's quite a bit for a first year at the helm, but it sounds like she's just getting started. Listen to team member Sonya Robinson as she gets Deanna's thoughts on how she intends to work with her board of directors to move the...

Duration: 00:18:15

Episode 127 - reach for curiosity

PureReinvention team members Mike Bills and Sonya Robinson kick off June discussing how curiosity is a critical element of ownership. Quote it “Personal curiosity … drives the ownership component” (5:47) “Use my curiosity to take things to the next level.” (8:40) “What’s the little thing I can change that will make a difference.” (9:03) Dig in (6:24) The hunger for curiosity (8:24) Pulling forward to understand Tip of the Week: Curiosity is the essence of ownership. Keep asking...

Duration: 00:09:45

Episode 126 - STARTERS - First Impressions

PureReinvention launched the inaugural STARTERS event this month and we took a few moments to talk to some of the participants. STARTERS is professional development done the PureReinvention way. We immerse participants in the Detroit story, help put these stories into perspective, and help you to craft your personal and/or professional reinvention plan! Listen as we discuss first impressions of this big move forward in the PureReinvention program. QUOTE IT “Their [STARTERS presenters]...

Duration: 00:08:41

Episode 125 - start with the end in mind

Mike and co-host Dru Mitchell of the Clinton County Economic Alliance wrap up May’s topic of ownership at the personal level. Dru and Mike discuss Steven Covey’s principle of “start with the end in mind” and discuss how you can take this principle to advance you personal life and/or career. QUOTE IT “Owning what you want to accomplish drives the direction you go in.” (2:35) “Professional and personal curiosity is huge.” (3:52) “It is the diversity of individuals that you...

Duration: 00:10:12

Episode 124 - Danielle Smith

Entrepreneurs take risks - That's a given, but as we learn from Danielle Smith, owner of Detroit Maid, you can manage that risk. Listen to the steps she took to take control of her future, overcome her fears and make the entrepreneurial plunge. QUOTE IT “Fear of failure can be paralyzing.” (9:16) "A combination of articulating that vision and putting yourself in a space to be around people that will support it is really crucial.” (14:06) DIG IN (6:03) Owning the idea and taking...

Duration: 00:21:48

Episode 123 - Kris Smith

It's no secret that participants in team sports often end up with an advantage when assuming leadership roles. Many of the skill sets learned on the playing field can be applied to leadership roles in the office. Listen this week as we talk to Kris Smith, director of the Detroit Sports Commission. He will share his love and passion for sports and how he and his team are working to maintain Detroit's stature as a great destination for all kinds of sporting events. Quote It “First in.”...

Duration: 00:20:13

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