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Do you often wonder, How can I stay true to me and my passions? How can I get beyond the day to day grind? Ok then, get ready to step outside your comfort zone. Find out how to navigate the obstacles and overcome your self-doubts. Discover ways to find support, be challenged, and get inspired. Join Greg Curran as he chats to Innovative Educators who are not content to just survive, they actively create ways to Thrive.




Having a voice and a sense of belonging in a soccer club with Ramon Spaaij

In this episode, we focus on a soccer team in the western suburbs of Melbourne Australia. A team made up almost entirely of new arrivals and refugees from the Horn of Africa. Our guest studied this team, its players and families over a 3 year period. And we'll be unpacking his key discoveries. In particular, how the players' construct their identities, their sense of place, and belonging to their new country through soccer and sport more generally. Also how the young women are resisting...

Duration: 00:48:30

Tackling homophobia and transphobia in football with Angie Greene - PTE037

Warning: This episode contains language that some people may find offensive or distressing. Show Description Angie Greene's been surrounded by Professional Sport since she was a young kid. Her Pop, Frank Sedgman was a champion tennis player, her dad Russell is in the Australian Football League Hall of Fame, and her two brothers were, and are talented athletes. Their sports journeys though have been very different. Steve went on to play AFL football at the highest level for 5 years....

Duration: 00:30:57

Changing the Culture in Sports Clubs with Ryan Storr - PTE036

In this episode, how do we go about changing the culture within sporting clubs - opening them up to the rich diversity within our communities? How do we deal with sexism, the ableism, the racism, the homophobia and transphobia that puts off so many of us? And what about all the emphasis on the 'economics' and 'market share' - as reasons for change. Isn't there a 'social justice' case for change? Well our guest has plenty of insights into these areas - having studied sporting clubs up...

Duration: 00:29:10

Connecting Sporting Clubs Back to Their Communities with Sue McGill - PTE035

In this episode, how can sport clubs open up opportunities for culturally diverse youth? How can they help them bridge the gap between their communities and mainstream sporting teams? And why should sports clubs reach out, beyond their traditional supporter base? What's in it for them and their communities? Plus, we've also got the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of participation, assumptions, leadership and community. Our guest is Sue McGill, Regional Manager of 'The...

Duration: 00:33:56

Making Sport Accessible for People with Disabilities with Sam De Leve - PTE034

In this episode, we meet dancer, multi-sport athlete and wheelchair user - Sam De Leve. We explore the power of sport and sporting communities to change how disabled people see themselves, their bodies, and their possibilities in life. Also why do access, equipment, and language matter? And what makes a good sports coach? Plus you've probably heard people describing their identities as intersectional. We unpack what that means in the context of Sam's life. And in the Lightning Round...

Duration: 00:52:28

Teaching Physical Education in a More Inclusive Way with Loretta Konjarski and Grant O Sullivan - PTE033

In this episode, how do we make Physical Education more safe and welcoming for our diverse mix of students? We tackle labels and the limitations of gender specific sports, as well as being closeted as an athlete. Also how we can help young people have a more positive view of their bodies - and what you can do right now - to make your Physical Education classes more inclusive. Then there's the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of language , lifelong participation, mental...

Duration: 00:33:48

Making Sport Safe, Comfortable and Inclusive for LGBTI people with James Lolicato - PTE032

In this episode, an Australian organisation that's transforming LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) people's attitudes towards sports participation - bringing them back to the games they love. Why do so many LGBTI young people stop playing sports between 16 and 20? And what teaching strategies can we use to turn this situation around - to make physical education and sports environments more inclusive? Plus, what can you do - if you're in an unsafe, unwelcoming sports...

Duration: 00:36:21

Making Football More Welcoming with The Outer Sanctum - PTE031

I have a confession to make. I love footy shows. I cannot get enough of them, as they dissect seemingly every move of each game in the AFL, the Australian Football League. And yet I've always found the straight, white blokiness of most of these footy shows, problematic. Whilst there's occasional nods to diversity or diversity-related issues, they're never central to these shows. Then I discovered 'The Outer Sanctum' podcast. I took it out with me on my Friday morning walk around the...

Duration: 00:51:21

Making Sport More Welcoming for Migrants with Michelle Hage - PTE030

Just imagine, you're a newly arrived refugee or migrant in an unfamiliar country: your new home. How do you build your self-confidence? How do you make new friends outside your community? And how do you start to feel more like a local? For the Refugee Council of Australia, SPORT is key. It's an important bridge to the new culture But what about the language barriers and dress codes for sports? And what about the opposition or resistance, both within and outside your community? Aren't...

Duration: 00:36:35

Creating Safe Schools with Roz Ward - PTE029

It's what we want for all our students - safe schools. For some students though - school is the most unsafe place for them to be. And increasingly they're saying, 'enough is enough if our school leaders & teachers won't take action to make school safe for us we will.' In this episode of Pushing The Edge, young people taking the lead -to make their schools safer and more inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students and their families. Plus, how 1 organisation, The...

Duration: 00:39:19

Facing Our Fears with Justin Schleider - PTE028

Transformative moments: The moments where you come to face to face with a stark realization, that changes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you. And life from hereon - is different - if you choose to make it so. That's what happened to our guest, Justin Schleider, who comes to realize his privilege as a White, Straight, Middle Class Educator But that's not all, we're also talking Fear: Fear of The Other. In this case, refugees seeking asylum in our countries. It's a fear...

Duration: 00:38:22

Being an Ally for Social Justice - PTE027

This is a special edition of Pushing The Edge. Bill Ivey and Christina Torres return to discuss: How to be ally for social justice in education. It can be quite a learning curve, filled with many questions and uncertainties. What if we want to speak up but don’t fully understand the issues, or the correct language to use? What if we slip up and say the wrong thing? Our guests have been there, believe me, and they’ve got some especially useful tips and insights to share. But that’s not all....

Duration: 00:22:57

Ending White Silence in Education with Greg Michie - PTE026

In this episode, speaking up as White Educators and challenging the silence on issues of social justice - online - and in our schools. We’re also chatting about truly seeing our students & teaching a #BlackLivesMatter curriculum. And in the Lightning Round, we’re pushing the edges of visibility, democratic ideals, bias and indoctrination. Our guest is Greg Michie, a year 7 and 8 public school teacher of Social Studies in Chicago, USA. For full Show-Notes, go to:...

Duration: 00:51:38

From Student Voice to Agency with Stephanie Thompson - PTE023

Student voice is often spoken of within education circles. Often though it's voice with limitations or prescriptions, with adults ultimately making the decisions or limiting the amount of influence that students actually have. In this episode, we take a different route. We examine how one school in New Zealand moved from student voice to student agency. Here Maori students (for example) play an active and influential role in the life of the school. They lead training workshops with parents...

Duration: 00:31:50

Questioning and Transforming our Worlds with Nakisha Hobbs - PTE022

In this episode, we explore student activism in a K to 8 elementary school.Here students are critically exploring and unpacking the issues that affect their lives and the people they care about. But that's not all - they're also coming up with Action Plans to make a difference on these issues.Issues such as street litter, gun violence, homelessness, and police violence towards their communities. We've also got the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of teacher objectivity,...

Duration: 00:45:54

Activating Student Stories with Silvia Gonzalez - PTE021

In This Episode: finding and understanding ourselves through our stories; the links between language and autonomy; re-framing assessment in ways that work for our students; and playing the game - or at least critically playing it. My guestis Silvia Gonzalez, a teacher-artist who works primarily with black and Latino young people in Chicago, USA. Episode Run-Down How Silvia pushes the edge Empowerment and identity Centering our students' stories | Finding a place to be who you are...

Duration: 00:46:32

Shaking Up Science Education with Jasper Fox Snr - PTE020

In this episode, getting our students excited about science: tapping into and growing their sense of wonder and awe about the world around them, and supporting them to collaborate on the topics and issues they care about. Plus, how to get others on board with your ‘out -there’ ideas. And in the Lightning Round, we're Pushing The Edge of risk, mindset, innovation and the status quo. Our guest, Jasper Fox Senior, a middle years Earth Sciences teacher. EPISODE RUN-DOWN Jasper introduces...

Duration: 00:32:10

Turning Points that Transform Our Teaching with Andy Vasily - PTE018

In this episode, listening to that 'call from within', and responding to 'turning points' in our lives - with Andy Vasily. What do you do when faced with potentially life changing moments? Do you continue with what's safe and familiar? Or do you dare to step off that conveyor belt? Plus, you've got ideas for change - your colleagues are all on board - until it comes time to speak up at a staff meeting. Then they're no-where to be found. So what do you do? And in the Lightning Round we're...

Duration: 00:22:47

Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe - Part 2 - PTE017

In Part 2 of my chat with Rachael Lehr - We're Standing Up for Student Voice, Identifying the Key Challenges facing School Leaders, and Changing the World at a Local Level. There's also the Lightning Round where we're Pushing The Edge of Home, Relationships, Discomfort and Making a Difference. There's also my Not To Be Missed Books. This time a couple of books that have been influential in my teaching career. LISTEN TO PART 1 In Part 1 of my chat with Rachael Lehr we talk about...

Duration: 00:15:44

Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe with Greg Curran - Part 1 - PTE0

EPISODE SIXTEEN - SUMMARY Now normally I'm (Greg Curran) the host of this Podcast but over the next two episodes we're turning the tables. I'll be in the hot-seat answering questions posed by former Pushing The Edge guests (Sam Bates and Rusul Alrubail in this episode), with Rachael Lehr taking on the hosting role. Rachael's a classroom teacher and science specialist at West Beechboro Primary School in Western Australia. She was my guest inEpisode 4 of Pushing The Edge. Together, we...

Duration: 00:26:38

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