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Episode # 38 RoyalTGame

The Game is Crowned this week as the crew collaborates with Royal Tea to tackle Donald Trump, Charlottesville, NFL vs NFLPA, Drake Vs K.Dot, and the ladies give us some Queenglish on vacationships and what they are looking for or not looking for in a man. Kick back and let the crew Put You On Game!

Duration: 01:40:38

Episode # 37 K104 Game W/ Nina

The Crew is back with the one and only K104 personality, DeDe In The Morning assistant producer, radio Extrondinaire Nina!!! She put the crew on game regarding her start to the industry, working with DeDe in The Morning, and flips the script and interviews the gang on relationships!!! Kick back and let the guys Put You On Game

Duration: 01:33:35

Episode # 36 America’s Favorite Insecure Game

MotorMouth, RES, Coco, and Tip come together to kick game on the NFL Hall of Fame Game, Americas team, Sunken Place Ray Lewis &Why black stars didn’t openly support Kap. Tip was live at The BIG 3 in Dallas, and the bells start ringing as the crew debates Kobe Vs LeBron, and Season 1 & 2 of Insecure and laying pipe! (Pause) Kick back relax and let us Put You On Game

Duration: 01:38:30

Episode #35 Word On The Street Skip Jackson a Beast

On this episode the Crew has special guest and Rapper Extraordinaire Skip Jackson in the building straight outta Port City, LA. On this episode the debate fly as the Crew speaks on the state of hip hop, K. West’ s best albums, Top 5, Rick Ross vs Young Jezzy and Ludacris and the battle tested Hov vs Em debate. Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!

Duration: 01:47:32

Episode #34 The Story of OJ, Kelly, Usher…and ball

We back at it…wth is going on with Kells, Usher on the Let it Burn tour, O.J. celebration??? And special guest D-League and Overseas baller Greg Baker. Who’s the best player in NBA history??? Sparks fly at the close of the show…kick back relax and let us Put You On Game

Duration: 01:43:21

Episode #33 Coco Bongo

This landmark episode marks the debut of the newest correspondent joining the Crew…Ms. Coco!!! Check it out as the gang dives into Rob and Black Chyna, Jay Z and Bey, relationship game, The ESPYS best dressed, the day or cheapness of using a gift card on the 1st date and more!!! Kick back relax and let us Put You On Game!

Duration: 02:10:57

Episode #32 4:44 with the Crew

The PYOG CREW are back with special guest Supersrar P from The Takeover Podcast for this special collaboration to review one ofbthe most important albums not only in hip hop but in one of the all time great diacographies and life …kick back and let the gang Put You On Game!!!

Duration: 01:04:23

Episode #31 Off the Wall w/ Lamar Jones

The PYOG CREW are back with an interview with Comedian Lamar Jones from the Big Boot of Louisiana fresh off headlining the Improv Comedy Club!!! The guys get into the journey of comedians, the mentality of women, and take it back to campus life in college. Kick back and let the PYOG gang Put You On Game!!!

Duration: 01:29:18

Episode #30 Super Sponge Hair Squad?

What a time to be ALIVE if your a NBA basketball fan. DRAMA DRAMA and MORE DRAMA!!! The PYOG crew is back to discuss all the offseason storylines while also giving live reaction to thursday’s draft. Enjoy the show

Duration: 01:47:04

Episode #29 Da Troof, Whole Troof, And Nothing But The Troof

The PYOG CREW are back with and interview with the Shreveport superstar Troof Music!!! The gang wraps up The Finals, gets into Laker Talk and chops it up on the drive to succeed in the music industry, top 5 influences and even life changing moments that can make or break an artist. Kick back and enjoy the #PYOG experience!

Duration: 01:38:19

Episode #28 NBA Finals KD vs LBJ Sweep????

The Put You On Game Crew are back to discuss the NBA Finals, KD Vs LeBron, the mentality of a Legend, and what this means for the league going forward…PYOG

Duration: 01:33:41

Episode #26 The Sacred Man Codes

A Brand New Episode with a big announcement to kick it off!!! On this episode the Crew discuss the sacred Man Codes. Ladies and gentlemen kick back relax and let us Put You On Game on the unwritten rules of Man Codes. Special announcement: PYOG will be broadcasting every Thursday from 6-8pm on the After Party Radio starting tonight!!!. Download the After Party Radio App on iTunes, Google Play and tune in to the B-Side as we countdown to the most anticipated NBA Finals in years!!!

Duration: 01:09:19

Episode #25 Shake Your Rump Shaker

The PYOG Crew are back to put the summer in perspective with our Do’ s and Don’ts list. Kick your memorial weekend off right with the crew #PYOG

Duration: 01:05:26

Episode #24 Hip Hop DamNation

The 1st part of the hip hop year has been great and the PYOG crew discuss the latest Hip Hop Heavyweight to drop fresh off the 1st week numbers…pop on the podcast and let us Put You On Game on the ins and outs of what this album means, is Drake threatened, beef, etc…

Duration: 01:10:56

2nd Rounds On Me

The PYOG crew is back to gloat over successful picks, summarize the 1st round, the Clippers, and predict the key factors going into the 2nd round…oh and LaVar dropping the Ball…

Duration: 01:23:29

And here we…GO!

The best time in basketball is upon us and the PYOG gang break out there picks, analysis, and upset predictions if the 1st Rd on this NBA Playoff special edition!!! Can Mr Gibbs convince RES to flake on his pick??? Mr. Gibbs, RES, and the MotorMouthMonsta give it to you straight, no chase on what to expect.

Duration: 01:25:37

1st Ballot!?!

Tune in as we talk about Tracy McGrady HOF induction. Does he deserve it?!?!! NBA playoff layout and was Dave Chappelle special any good.

Duration: 01:50:14

Episode #20 I’m Tired, Boss

The whole crew is back for this episode as they talk about the multiple topics from the latest rap albums to NBA players sitting out prime time televised games. We just want what we paid for!!!

Duration: 01:24:09

Episode #19 EnKapsulation

Without the like of Motor Mouf, the rest of the PYOG click, Res, Mr Daddy and Mr PC, discuss a plethora of topics. How will the Warriors finish? Are parents too involved in professional sports? What was the true reason Darrelle was released? Kap standing, now?!?

Duration: 01:08:55

Episode #18 Boogie Johnson

We are all NBA in this episode as we talk about the two biggest moves, which is DMC move to the Big Easy and Magic performing tricks for the Lakers as the new GM.

Duration: 01:52:40

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