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Pynchon in Public Day began in 2011 to celebrate the work of American author Thomas Pynchon on his birthday, 8 May. Readers of Pynchon's works tend to be widely dispersed groups of tightly knit people. We're hoping to connect fans with each other, to connect readers across the globe through this one rather specific commonality. With this podcast, we aim to provide an interesting - or at least rambling - discussion of Pynchon's works, along with other bit of fun. Participate in a trivia segment! Hear interpretations of his songs! Find a reason to try Gravity's Rainbow in earnest! Finally finish Against the Day! We're an open group with a rotating membership. If you want to be part of the discussion, we can make that happen. If you have something to share, find us though our website. Listen. Enjoy. Read. And, above all, don't let Them get you asking the wrong questions!



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