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Episode 79: Librarians Are Creepy AF

In this jam-packed episode, Eric and Grant talk about the new iPhone X and its AR capabilities and IT. Then we debut our new recommended content segment with many suggestions for you to check out! Table of Contents: 1:48: iPhone X 28:51 IT (Non-Spoilers) 41:15: IT (Spoilers) 1:44:30: Magpie Ducks Related Links: iPhone Steals Your Soul:...

Duration: 02:05:44

Episode 78: Donald Trump Ordering the Death of All the Jedi

Bryan returns to discuss Deathnote, Zoë Quinn's new book, and some other news. Table of Contents: 4:29: News: We fired Colin, Game Grumps Amiibo, South Park, Zoë Quinn's Book etc. 47:09: Deathnote 1:43:11: Equifax PSA Related Links: We fired Colin!!!! http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/09/05/star-wars-episode-ix-colin-trevorrow-out-as-director Game Grumps Amiibo: https://youtu.be/X91dsHGGHwY Mario no longer a blue collar hero:...

Duration: 01:46:14

Episode 77: Jurassic World Commentary

Eric and Grant provide a commentary track for the movie Jurassic World. Grab your copy and listen a long!

Duration: 02:10:34

Episode 76: Humblebragging That She’s Immortal

This week, Eric and Grant discuss Marvel's Defenders (spoilers!). Table of Contents: 2:00: Defenders (Spoilers) 1:18:24: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the hashtag #QDPodcast, send us an email at quackingduckspodcast@gmail.com, or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/QuackingDucksPodcast. Comments are welcome on our SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/quacking-ducks.

Duration: 01:41:13

Episode 75: Nazis Are Bad

Eric and Grant sit down to talk about some of their favorite anti-Nazi games. Table of Contents: 1:40: Best Anti-Nazi Games 1:04:37: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Arma III DLC Will Let You Play As A Humanitarian Worker: http://steamed.kotaku.com/arma-iii-dlc-will-let-you-play-as-a-humanitarian-worker-1797723467 Most badass fishing game trailer ever: https://youtu.be/X0uNhsLmGWA Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the hashtag #QDPodcast, send us an...

Duration: 01:16:42

Episode 74: Either We’re Terrible People, Or It Was Supposed to be Funny

Eric and Grant take some time this episode to deep dive into What Remains of Edith Finch. Table of Contents: 1:10: What Remains of Edith Finch Related Links: Annapurna Ashen: https://youtu.be/MAkp04Lf9oI Super Bunnyhop: Patreon Announcement Video: https://youtu.be/nZlOic07q8U State of the Art: How Edith Finch’s most memorable scene works: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/06/01/what-remains-of-edith-finch-cannery-story/ Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the...

Duration: 02:35:34

Episode 73: Stop Listening to This Podcast

Eric and Grant talk about Tacoma, as well as other indie games in the same genre such as Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch. Related Links: What Remains of Edith Finch: https://youtu.be/1kL5u0gmoW0

Duration: 01:52:51

Episode 72: Rocky Horror Shows Feel Like Going to a Cult Meeting

Eric and Grant talk about Castlevania and some noteworthy movies adapted from games. Table of Contents: 1:15: Castlevania 22:53: Noteworthy Game Adaptations 1:30:42: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Final Fantasy 15’s royal ride coming to Forza Horizon 3: https://www.polygon.com/2017/7/28/16058478/final-fantasy-15-regalia-forza-horizon-3-free-download-xbox-one-windows-pc Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the hashtag #QDPodcast, send us an email at...

Duration: 01:53:17

Episode 71: The Really Gay West

Eric and Grant discuss some D23 and Comic-Con news and trailers, as well as War for the Planet of the Apes. Table of Contents: 2:03: News: D23 & Comic-Con 15:421: New Trailers 1:15:21: War for the Planet of the Apes 2:09:45: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Marvel Powers United VR Trailer: https://youtu.be/Bz1oX0rvYz0 Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek: https://youtu.be/g_6yBZKj-eo Thor Trailer: https://youtu.be/ue80QwXMRHg Ready Player One Trailer:...

Duration: 02:20:15

Episode 70: I’m Just a Grumpy Old Man and That’s the Problem

Eric returns to join Grant in discussing Spider Man: Homecoming as well as Baby Driver and more! Table of Contents: 2:04: Spider-Man: Homecoming 1:13:24: Baby Driver 1:16:59: Ducks in a Row: Coke vs Dr. Pepper 1:22:48: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Max Landis DaRoS Pitch https://youtu.be/6RWMc-EdDRY Baby Driver https://youtu.be/6XMuUVw7TOM The G Club https://soundcloud.com/gamegrumpsgclub My Dad Wrote a Porno https://www.acast.com/mydadwroteaporno Super Smash Bros Melee...

Duration: 01:35:02

Episode 69: Summer Games Done Quack

Grant and, uh, Bryan talk about SGDQ, eSports, and drone racing this week. Has anyone seen Eric? Table of Contents: 1:30: Geostorm Trailer 7:34: Summer Games Done Quack 25:45: eSports 33:41: Drone Racing 58:11: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Geostorm Trailer: https://youtu.be/EuOlYPSEzSc Halo: Combat Evolved by Garish in 1:24:51 - SGDQ2017: https://youtu.be/8VHZwQqshsk?t=46m25s Super Metroid race turned into run and had hilarious commentary:...

Duration: 01:22:00

Episode 68: I Really Don't Like Alex Trebek

Jason joins Grant and Eric to talk about some of the differences between sims and ordinary games. Table of Contents: 3:00: Reminder: SGDQ 6:50: Trailers: Inhumans and Jumanji 16:30: Sims vs Games 42:00: Training Sims and Serious Games 1:22:55: The Stigma of Developing for the Military 1:45:12: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Inhumans Trailer: https://youtu.be/1sYF1SXcWqQ Jumanji Trailer: https://youtu.be/2QKg5SZ_35I Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use...

Duration: 02:07:50

Episode 67: I Don't Believe There's Anything Bad About Any United Airport

Episode 67: I Don't Believe There's Anything Bad About Any United Airport Grant and Eric mumble about the Steam Summer sale, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Summer Games Done Quick, and traveling with the Nintendo Switch. Table of Contents: 5:06: Steam Summer Sale 26:40: Beyond Good and Evil 2 49:18: Summer Games Done Quick 55:55: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Related Links: Beyond Good and Evil 2 In-Game Demo: https://youtu.be/HWmiALbzT9s Hamilton Music Theory Videos: https://youtu.be/BK42FerFetg...

Duration: 01:08:21

Episode 66: Yar, Me Willie

Grant and Eric welcome back ducklings Lucas and Donny to get their on-site perspectives on E3 2017. Table of Contents: 2:10: E3 2017 27:10: Lack of VR at E3 42:50: Grant's Getting a Switch 59:37: Austin Creed 1:18:35: Notch Is an Asshole 1:50:28: E3 Disappointments 1:58:05: Best Sightings at E3 Related Links: Westwood College: https://youtu.be/BRWvfMLl4ho Ashly Burch Not Returning As Chloe In Life Is Strange: Before The Storm:...

Duration: 02:03:42

Episode 65: Going to the Penis is How I Got Pregnant

Grant and Eric are joined by Emily, the latest duckling, to discuss Wonder Woman! Table of Contents: 2:30: Black Panther Trailer 4:55: Wonder Woman (SPOILERS) 1:11:46: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Links: Black Panther Trailer https://youtu.be/dxWvtMOGAhw Wonder Woman https://youtu.be/VSB4wGIdDwo Monument Valley 2 surprise https://youtu.be/48tYRgj18IU Broforce https://youtu.be/8mOAQ7t9JjY Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the hashtag #QDPodcast, send us an email...

Duration: 01:24:07

Episode 64: Some Death Stranding Bullsh!t

Grant and Eric discuss E3 and what they're expecting from it this year. Table of Contents: 1:10: Breakfast Diners 1:33: E3: Full of Lies? 13:36: E3 Conference Predictions 1:42:47: Where’s VR? 2:15:07: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL Links: Super Bunnyhop on E3 https://youtu.be/rGLe_fR4AJE Need for Speed - the Fast and Furious feeling one https://youtu.be/kc-OcOduEx0 Cute Ubisoft video https://youtu.be/lLOwMd3I_AM Spider-Man PS4 https://youtu.be/3R2uvJqWeVg Batman: Mask of the Phantasm...

Duration: 02:29:06

Episode 63: That Was a Very Bryan Thing to Say

This week Eric and Grant chat about great examples of DLC and why they are worth the cost. Then they transition into talking about the reveal of Far Cry 5 and why it is something you should pay attention to. Table of Contents: 1:10: Observing Memorial Day 2:40: DLC 41:00: Far Cry 5 1:21:00: Things That Aren’t WaterFOWL Related Links: Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s https://youtu.be/k3f2egHzBnI Forza Horizon 2: Fast and Furious https://youtu.be/fFjxplJMISA Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels...

Duration: 01:35:56

Episode 62: I’m Not a Psychopath Who Bakes for Money

This week, Bryan returns to discuss nostalgic game design, Persona 5, and more! Table of Contents: 1:30: Nostalgic Game Design 45:09: The Kickstarter Production Model 54:21: Persona 5 Related Links: Level Design Then and Now http://www.infinitecities.com/gamepics/fpsdesign.jpg Brick Movie Trailer https://youtu.be/4Zfw8__A7ps Follow @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter! You can use the hashtag #QDPodcast, send us an email at quackingduckspodcast@gmail.com, or follow us on Facebook at...

Duration: 02:03:33

Episode 61: If I Punch 1/6th of Paul Ryan In The Face...

This week, Grant and Eric discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Eric rants about politics, and they share some of their favorite resources to aid the fight for change. Table of Contents: 1:10: Eric Goes Daffy 27:36: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 33:53: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (SPOILERS) 40:00: Ducks in a Row 55:33: Back to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Related Links: Resist Bot https://resistbot.io/ Pod Save America https://getcrookedmedia.com/here-have-a-podcast-78ee56b5a323...

Duration: 01:45:34

Episode 59: #CleaDuVall

Grant and Eric talk about the Champlain College Game Studio's 2017 Senior Show as well as some things that are and are not WaterFOWL. Congrats Champlain seniors! Table of Contents: 1:10: The Champlain College Game Studio's Senior Show 52:15: Things That Aren't WaterFOWL 58:19: Prey Demo (SPOILERS) 1:26:18: A Thing That Is WaterFOWL Related Links: Cryptomancy https://twitter.com/kyleneth112/status/856981576818806784 Sword of the Sorcerer https://youtu.be/BAKQeR4sSVc Spellbook Rush...

Duration: 01:41:59

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