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Winning Side Hustles with Nick Loper

Show notes page: https://debtfreeguys.com/earn-extra-money/ Conventional wisdom says that a steady paycheck is the safest to financial security. But, what if you have a low-paying W2 or you lose your W2? How can you earn extra money? Why LGBTQ people need to earn extra money It’s especially important for LGBTQ people to have a side hustle, a way to earn extra money as a safety net should something happen with your regular job, or denied housing or services because you're LGBTQ. Or, better...


11 Reasons Why Pink Dollars Are So Damn Sexy

🏳️‍🌈 Show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/pink-dollar/ 🏳️‍🌈 Be empowered with your pink dollars ‘It’s the Super Bowl every day in the digital landscape world, and the brands that aren’t focused on creating an inspiring message to the LGBTQ audience—they’re missing a chance to shine.’ New research shows that your pink dollars are more powerful than ever. Sean Howell talks pink dollars and LGBTQ marketing Sean Howell is the Co-founder and President of Hornet, the world’s premiere gay...


Ep 91 - Should I File Bankruptcy on My Student Loans?

Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/file-bankruptcy-on-student-loans/ Should you file bankruptcy on student loans? “I’m the only bankruptcy lawyer I know of who actively tells people not to file bankruptcy on student loans. I think that bankruptcy is a really good tool in the right situation, but it’s not the only tool out there,” says bankruptcy attorney, Jay Fleischman. File bankruptcy on student loans or something else? Why you might not want to file bankruptcy on student loans. If...


Ep. 90 - The Busy Budgeter with Rosemaire Groner

Show notes and FREEBIES here: https://debtfreeguys.com/chaos-to-controlled-spending/ We buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries with good intentions of cooking at home, and then we get busy and spend as much eating out. It is possible, though, to go from this chaos to controlled spending. The school of Groner will take you from your chaos to controlled spending We know what we could do to save money, but the overwhelm of life gets in the way. This disorganization and chaos lead to more...


Ep. 89 - Heterosexual Privilege and Money

Full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/heterosexual-privilege/ Heterosexual Privilege & Money Does heterosexual privilege exist and does it impact your money? Our Queer Money guest this week thinks so and explains how she benefited, and ultimately how she and her husband embraced frugality and learned to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of less. This is easier said than done is our culture of consumerism, where we are constantly bombarded by the idea that having MORE will provide...


Ep. 88 - Help Us Adopt Helps All People Adopt

❤️Get full show notes: https://debtfreeguys.com/help-us-adopt/ ❤️ Meet Becky Fawcett, founder of Help Us Adopt Becky Fawcett’s 12-year-old son jokes by asking, “How many babies did you have this year?” Becky answers, “I had a lot of babies this year,” to which he replies, “You look good.” Such is the life of the founder of Help Us Adopt. The Start of Help Us Adopt In 2017 alone, Becky and her organization, Help Us Adopt, gave grants that helped 38 families adopt 41 children. Founded in 2007,...


Ep 87 - The Debt Lasso

Download our Credit Card Comparison Calculator here to see how the Debt Lasso will help you: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/credit-card-pay-off-calculator Wrangle your debt with the Debt Lasso You’ve heard of the Avalanche and the Snowball methods for paying off debt. But, you haven’t heard of the Debt Lasso to pay off credit card debt fast. Why we made the Debt Lasso When we were paying off our credit card debt, we saw that we could pay off our debt faster with our own strategy, now the...


Ep. 86 -Why the Tragic Murder of Gordon Church Still Matters

Get Full Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/gordon-church/ On November 22, 1988, Gordon Church stopped at a gas station in Cedar City, Utah, where he met Mike Archuleta and Lance Wood. A few hours later, Church was dead because he was gay, his body dumped more than an hour north in Dog Valley. Why the Gordon Church murder you never heard of matters Targeted for being gay, Church had been raped, tortured, and bound with tire chains in the trunk of his own car before Archuleta and Wood...


Ep. 85 - The Cost of LGBT Discrimination

Download the email copy to help end discrimination in Ohio here:https://debtfreeguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Ohio-Business-Competes-Swipe-Copy.doc LGBTQ Discrimination Didn't End June 26th, 2015 If you live in a place that affords legal protections to our community, you may not realize the extent of the LGBTQ discrimination that goes on in other areas of the country. There are 29 states that do not consider sexual orientation as a protected class, and three states go so far as to...


Ep. 84 - Finding Your Elton John with Melissa the Coach

Get complete show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/finding-elton-john-melissa-coach/ Finding Your Elton John If getting your money in order is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, having a reason – finding your Elton John – to be debt free makes all the difference. Finding Your Elton John and Finding Financial Freedom For Melissa Thomas, having the money to go to as many Elton John concerts as possible—and get front-row seats! — gave her the motivation to pay off the $43,000 in...


Prelude to 2018

Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose makes absolutely no sense as a Queer Money™ episode title, but it’s the last day of 2017, I’m tired, I’ve had four margs and I’m headed to a NYE party in short order. But, Queer Money™ will be amazing in 2018. Hear why. Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a rose in 2018 First, happy new year, and happy 2018! 2018 is a big deal for the Debt Free Guys personally. By January 03, we’ll have sold our condo and...


Ep. 82 - QM 2017 Year in Review

Our favorite LGBT podcast episodes on Queer Money™ Year after year, we learn more and more about queer money in the LGBT community. These are our favorite LGBT podcast episodes in 2017 on Queer Money™ about queer money. Inspiring LGBT podcast episodes about queer money 2017 was a great year for Queer Money™. We had some amazing guests and learned so much about money and queer money. Here’s a highlight of some of the best of the best LGBT podcast episodes of Queer Money™ about queer money.


Ep 81 - Your Late Retirement Catch Up Plan with Teresa Mears

Get your Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/magic-money-late-retirement-checklist-thank-you Late-stage retirement planning If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and have yet to put money away for retirement, you’re probably feeling anxious and have a thousand questions. Get answers to all your late-stage retirement planning questions on this Queer Money™, and get the Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist. Will you need to work past 80? Are...


Ep 80 - Reach Financial Independence & Retire Early

Get the Early Retirement Checklist here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/early-retirement-checklist/ Financial independence & retire early Imagine a life in which you work because you want to, not because you have to. A life that affords you the freedom to escape ‘cube life’ in pursuit of your passion. That’s FIRE—Financial Independence & Retire Early and what Queer Money™ is all about today. Get the Early Retirement Questionnaire & Checklist and follow along. Reach financial independence &...


Ep - 78 - DIY.Fund Helping You Invest Like a Pro

Get your Super-Simple Investing Guide here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/super-simple-investing-guide/ DIY.FUND and Newbie Ivestors Talking Wall Street feels intimidating, but Wendy and Eric Nissan of DIY.FUND, who have both worked on Wall Street, help us help you get started with investing. Who is DIY.FUND? We befriended Wendy and Eric Nissan at FinCon in San Diego in 2016. Both Wendy and Eric had careers on Wall Street where they learned the ins and outs of that world. The Nissans came...


Ep. 78 - Is a Postnuptial Agreement Right for You?

Get the resources for this podcast here: https://debtfreeguys.com/postnuptial-agreements/ Postnuptial agreements for those without prenups Before ‘I do,’ have an honest conversation with your partner about money, children and prenuptial agreements should your relationship end. If ‘I do’ is already ‘I did,’ here’s what you should know about postnuptial agreements. Pre and postnuptial agreements & divorce with Jennie Wray Jennie Wray is a partner with Denver’s Harris Law. One of the firm’s...


Ep. 77 - How to Score Your Best Credit Score

Get the FREE Credit Score Checklist here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/credit-score/ If you have yet to find a Sugar Daddy willing to pay off your debt, you may be forced to figure out your finances on your own—and knowing how to get the best credit score is the very first step. The best credit score and thick credit report Collin Brennan is a Senior Editor at Credit Karma. Today Collin covers the basics of credit scores and credit reports, explaining how scores are determined and why it’s...


Ep. 76 - Setting QUEER Goals

Setting goals, the Q.U.E.E.R. way Setting goals isn’t enough. Setting goals the Q.U.E.E.R. way is. On this week’s Queer Money™, we talk about setting goals the Q.U.E.E.R. way to help you reach your biggest goals. Setting goals for a successful queer life In Write the Best Annual Performance Review Ever, we shared our free swipe copy to literally copy and paste specific language to easily write the best annual performance review ever. This free tool will help you and get your next raise or...


Ep. 75 - Decoding Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Survey

Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Survey If you’ve ever wondered who makes up the Rock Star Research Team behind Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Survey or how they use their findings, today’s your lucky day! We’re diving deep into this LGBT information-dense study with two of its authors, Josh Stoffregen and Supriya Sanyal. The minds behind Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Survey If you’re a regular Queer Money™ listener, you know that Prudential’s LGBT Financial...


Ep. 74 - Love and Business As a Gay Couple with IM Creative

Leading IM Creative Successfully IM Creative was named one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies by Inc. magazine in both 2015 and 2016. Today Scott Ihrig and Shannon Morrison talk about working together as a gay couple, the risk/reward proposition of owning a business and their take on digital versus analog life. Who is IM Creative? ‘Being together matters.’ This is the philosophy upon which IM Creative was founded. It also applies to the strong relationship between CEO and...


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