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Jonah Venegas Dyed His Hair - Episode 40

Jonah Venegas is a queer Asian Christian, poet, and blogger currently working on an M.A. to be a mental health therapist. In this episode he talks about dying his hair, how that invited him into his queerness, and the grief that comes with stepping into new spaces. Jonah likes to talk and write about the intersections of faith, sexuality, mental health, how to change the world, and whatever anime might currently be occupying his headspace. Jonah's work can be found at www.jonah-ven.com....


Rev. Emmy Kegler | Not Until You Bless Me - Episode 39

Emmy R. Kegler is the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis (gracenempls.org) and the founder and editor of Queer Grace, an encyclopedia of online resources around LGBTQ life and faith (www.queergrace.com). In this episode she sits down with Matthias to talk about her complicated relationship with scripture and fighting for blessing. Emmy's work can be found at www.emmykegler.com. She's on Twitter: @emmykegler and Facebook: facebook.com/emmykegler. To find out more...


Candice Czubernat | Queer Mental Health - Episode 38

Therapist and founder of The Christian Closet, Candice Czubernat discusses the complexities of mental health while living as a queer people of faith. Candice was named one of the "10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know" by The Advocate and is an active blogger and speaker around issues of LGBTQ Christianity and mental health. Her practice can be found at thechristiancloset.com, she blogs at candiceczubernat.com. She's on Twitter: @TheChristianCL and Facebook:...


Tina Alexis Allen | Hiding Out - Episode 37

GLAAD nominated actress, author, and playwright Tina Alexis Allen joins Matthias to talk about her new book Hiding Out: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception, and Double Lives. Growing up as the youngest of 13 in a conservative Catholic family with an authoritarian father, Tina held a secret: she liked girls. When Tina was 18, her father accidentally discovered the truth about her sexuality. Instead of dragging her to confession and berating her with sermons about sin and damnation, her father...


Dr. Robyn | The Tyranny of the Now - Episode 36

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is back! Today, they sit down with Matthias to talk about their new work about fear, anxiety, and the tyranny of the now. How do we live well in our current political climate? How do we work with our fear and our anxiety? And what does philosophical theology have to do with any of it? Dr. Robyn was just named one of the "10 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2018" by the Center for American Progress. They are a nonbinary, transgender Latinx theologian with a PhD in...


Dr. R. Marie Griffith | Sex, Gender, and Politics - Episode 35

Dr. R. Marie Griffith is one of the leading scholars on sex, gender, religion, and American politics. Her new book, Moral Combat: How Sex Divided American Christians and Fractured American Politics exposes and explores the intimate connection sex has had on politics. Today, she sits down with Matthias to walk back in history and answer the question "how did we get to where we are today in the fight for LGBTQ rights?" The two books Dr. Griffith mentions in the episode are: Reforming...


Robin DiAngelo | This Episode is for White People* - Episode 34

Critical race theorist and author, Dr. Robin DiAngelo sits down to talk with Matthias about holding both marginalized (queer, gender) and privileged (white) identities. She's the author of What Does It Mean To Be White? and the forthcoming White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism (Summer 2018). *This is a re-release of Episode 3 due to Matthias having laryngitis. This is a foundational episode to the mission of Queerology, if you haven't heard it. Listen. If...


Alicia Johnston | On Reconciliation - Episode 33

Alicia Johnston was a pastor in a Seventh-day Adventist Church until she announced via a viral video that she is fully inclusive and affirming of LGBT sexuality and gender, and that she is a bisexual Christian. Her story was covered by NBC, LGBT Nation, Auto Straddle, and Religion News. Today, she sits down with Matthias to talk about coming out as a pastor and the process of reconciliation she wen through. Alicia can be found on Twitter @aliciaannej and her blog is...


Rae Ingram | QueerVotion - Episode 32

Rae Ingram is creating a new kind of podcast for queer people of color and their allies. She is a poet, spoken word artist, writer, actress, student and a lover of Christ. Rae is currently enrolled at Chicago Theological Seminary, where she is pursuing her Masters in Divinity with a focus in Chaplaincy. QueerVotion can be found at www.queervotion.com and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @queervotion. It releases every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. For more information...


Alicia Crosby | Crafting Inclusion - Episode 31

Alicia Crosby is a lover, healer, cultivator of space, and chaser of all things beautiful, divine, and just. She's the co-founder of the Chicago based nonprofit Center for Inclusivity. In this episode, Alicia sits down with Matthias to talk about the very real work that goes into creating truly inclusive and "protected" space. You can follow Alicia's work on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - @aliciatcrosby. To find out more about Center for Inclusivity, go to...


Season in Review | Part 2 - Episode 30

Matthias sits down to review the second half of Season 1 including listener submitted favorite moments. Queerology returns for Season 2 on January 9!


Season in Review | Part 1 - Episode 29

Matthias sits down to review the first half of Season 1 including listener submitted favorite moments.


Laura Beth Taylor | Filters and Authenticity - Episode 28

Author and blogger Laura Beth Taylor shares her story as a transwoman of faith and chats about how living authentically doesn't necessarily mean living without a filter. Check out Laura Beth's blog: www.laurabethtaylor.com Grab a copy of her book, Shattering Masks: http://a.co/gSkTnuZ


Brit & Sami | YAY Packages! - Episode 27

Brit & Sami Barron believe that every coming out should be celebrated, so they started sending celebration packages to newly out people and YAY Packages were born. They live in California where Brit is a pastor and Sami is a creative director and together they work to celebrate love wherever they find it. In this episode we talk about navigating churches as a queer couple, Brit's Ted talk "What Beyonce Taught Me About Race", marriage, and of course, YAY packages. You can support Yay...


Trey Pearson | Grief and Love - Episode 26

Recording artist Trey Pearson made headlines when he came out. This past week, his new solo album Love is Love released. In this episode, Matthias and Trey discuss the new album and the part of coming out nobody talks about: grief.


Jasmine Rafael | Dancing and Getting into Our Bodies - Episode 25

She's danced alongside Nicki Minaj, Tori Kelly, and teaches at Millennium Dance Complex: professional dancer and choreographer Jasmine Rafael talks about her faith, dancing, and the importance of getting into our bodies.


SueAnn Shiah | Why Isn't Your Identity in Christ? - Episode 24

Artist and theologian SueAnn Shiah takes a philosophical approach in answering the pesky question "but, why isn't your identity in Christ?"


Alex G | On Crushes and Coming Out - Episode 23

YouTube superstar, Alex G talks about coming out, bi-invisibility, and Jr. High celebrity crushes.


Darren Calhoun | Worshiping While Queer - Episode 22

Worship leader and advocate Darren Calhoun talks about rediscovering power in worship, even in the face of damage.


Dave and Tino Khalaf | Same-Sex Marriage and God - Episode 21

Bloggers David and Constantino Khalaf talk about being married and what queer marriages show us about God.


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