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#Questions - Episode 6 - Ticket Bitch is Blacking

Trey's getting the hell out of Dodge and Brandon's helping him get a grip on the realities of traveling outside of the suburbs. This Week's #Questions Who smelt it?PUI is a punishable offenseGhosted by your Uber driverBest keep that fresh brown jumpsuit pressedTSA can't keep us downExpert advice: get a refund on that ticket home To see the full list of questionable tweets related to this week's episode, visit our episode moment on Twitter. Dig what you hear? Click these buttons: Follow...

Duration: 00:25:24

#Questions - Episode 5 - NSWF

Discretion goes out the window this week as Brandon and Trey do everything in their power to make sure their moms don't hear this podcast. Mom! This is a virus, do not click it! This Weeks' #Questions Speaking of moms, this is a relationship we'd like to know more aboutIf he hasn't called the trademark office yet, we're about to be on itBecause deep down, we're all a little insecureZombies gon' smashIt's a strange new world, and it's about to get strangerMy baby don't mess around, but...

Duration: 00:19:17

#Questions - Episode 4 - It's a Nervous Pooper's World and We're Just Living in It

One week in, all resolutions out, Brandon and Trey dig into how the internet has collectively dealt with its failed 2018 resolutions. This week's #Questions Someone get this man some more baconA resolution is just as much of a resolution in December as it is in JanuaryGotta get those finger reps inShe's murdering her resolutionsRonald McDonald has been put on blastYou do you and we'll try to come up with better jokesMake America Poop Again Dig what you hear? Help us grow: Follow Us on...

Duration: 00:19:59

#Questions - Episode 3 - Our Balls are Dropping

It's a new year and we're the same old us. Brandon and Trey dive deep into the most pressing New Year's Eve questions. This week's #Questions: She needs some hot tracks to get the new year started rightHer sick ass partyKid's these days will never know the horrors of Y2KOur math game is weak, but we're pretty sure she's had 20 ChristmasesAs the old saying goes, when you gotta go, you piss your pants Dig what you hear? Help us grow by: Following Us on TwitterGetting your face on some...

Duration: 00:19:30

#Questions - Episode 2 - Feliz Navi Daddy, Where's Mommy?

Santa isn't the only one with his thumb on the pulse of the nation, and he sure isn't as innocent as you think. Brandon and Trey leaf their way down their recently acquired naughty marketing list, doling out advice for moms—and dads—caught red-nosed playing with Santa's package. 'Tis the season for begging. If you for whatever reason dig what we're doing, feel free to become a Patron on our Patreon page and get access to our shows a day before the rest of the world. Visit us at...

Duration: 00:13:29

#Questions - Episode 1 - Relationships

Brandon and Trey dip into their reserves of self loathing to drudge up some of their worst relationship advice in the first official episode of #Questions. Hang out for questionable anecdotes from tales of broken hearts past and stick around for the train wreck to follow. You can get your face on some questions by tagging us on Twitter with #QuestionMcQuestionFace.

Duration: 00:14:10

#Questions - Episode 0 - WTF Are We Doing?

Shove your head into the rabbit hole with Brandon and Trey as they embark on their freshman podcast, #Questions. With poor form and a complete lack of empathy, they set out to answer the questions Twitter never actually had any desire to have answered. You can get your face on some questions by tagging us on Twitter with #QuestionMcQuestionFace.

Duration: 00:13:10