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CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.

CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.
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CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.




Special Episode: Previewing "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered" on the Oxygen network

In this episode, Quick Slants’ Phil Perry joins fellow podcasters for a discussion on the Aaron Hernandez case. For a deeper look into his story, watch the two-night special “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered” Saturday March 17 and Sunday March 18 at 7/6c on Oxygen.


The tenor around the Patriots isn't great right now; NFL free-agency update

The first few days of NFL free-agency have seen the Patriots lose key players and sit on the sidelines, and Tom E. Curran and Phil discuss all the moves, plus reading into Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski weighing-in on social media on their teammates going elsewhere. (1:25) Left tackle Nate Solder is headed to the New York Giants...could the Patriots have handled this key situation better? Tom says the Patriots weren't aggressive enough with their offer in recent weeks. (7:20) To no one's...


Phil Savage details draft prospects, which QBs are overrated, and diamonds in the rough

Senior Bowl guru and former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry on this episode of Quick Slants the Podcast. 2:15 - Phil Savage breaks down the top-tier quarterbacks in this draft class and how many of them are being a bit overrated. 5:10 - How good are the 2nd-tier quarterbacks, including Mason Rudolph, Mike White, and Kyle Lauletta? Could any of them be diamonds in the rough? 9:25 - A discussion about how it will be a tough call for some...


Jerod Mayo weighs in on whether he thinks Bill Belichick is listening to anyone anymore

Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to give his reaction to Tom’s article, and give his opinion on whether he thinks Bill Belichick is listening to anyone anymore. (5:00) Jerod Mayo reflects back on 2009 season under Bill Belichick, and whether or not that locker room was unlike any of the other locker rooms the Patriots have had under Belichick. (8:00) Jerod Mayo talks about why Bill Belichick has earned the right to make all football decisions for the Patriots. Did any coaches...


Steve Palazzo breaks down the QBs in this year’s draft, what player could fit the Patriots needs?

Phil Perry is joined by Steve Palazzo and they discuss the QBs in this year's draft, and which player could fit the Patriots needs.


Dane Brugler of NFLDraftScout.com, Should Patriots draft Lamar Jackson at pick #32?

(3:00) Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss what their priorities are for Patriots offseason moves. Is bringing back Nate Soldier the first move that needs to happen? (7:00) Does the linebacker position need to be addressed this offseason? (10:00) Phil Perry explains why he thinks the Patriots absolutely must get a QB this offseason. (16:00) Dane Brugler from NFLDraftScout.com joins the podcast to break down the QBs in this draft..and the upside and downside of each player. (21:00) Are...


Jerod Mayo responds to Lane Johnson's comments, and does the Patriots defense need to build a new identity this off-season?

(2:00) Jerod Mayo on how much transition the Patriots as a whole has to go through this offseason, will this offseason be different than previous years?(4:00) Does Bill Belichick have a problem with Gronkowski and Brady being public figures outside of football? (8:00) Does creating a new defensive identity become the biggest focus for the Patriots this offseason? (11:00) What does Jerod Mayo think is the biggest need on the Patriots defense? (15:00) Jerod Mayo weighs in on how different...


Jerod Mayo reacts to the benching of Malcolm Butler and gives former player insight to how it was handled within the team

(2:00) Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran and discusses the Patriots not playing Malcolm Butler, and try to figure out the reasoning for dressing him. (4:30) Jerod Mayo on how the benching of Butler had trickle down effects on the Patriots defense all game. (8:00) How much did the benching of Butler impact the focus of the locker room? (13:00) Does Bill Belichick owe everyone an explanation? (17:00) Jerod Mayo breaks down why the Patriots were so bad on defense in the Super Bowl...


How do the Patriots turn impossible to probably? A Special Episode

In a special episode of "Quick Slants The Podcast", Tom E. Curran brings you a 360 degree look at how game management and overcoming the odds have been the cornerstone of the New England Patriots dynasty. Tom talks with current players, coaches, analysts, former players, and analytical experts. As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, will we witness another chapter in Belichick and Brady defying logic and adding more hardware to the trophy case. This feature story includes interviews with...


A Football Education on Super Bowl 52; Is this the last hurrah for the Patriots?

Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo broadcast LIVE from the food court at the Mall of America as we get you ready for Super Bowl 52. The boys hit the laboratory to start to breakdown the complete X's and O's of what the Patriots need to do to stop the Eagles "RPO" offense. Also, Mayo talks about what's it's like in the locker room before the game, and what Bill Belichick might say to the team about this being the "last hurrah". Also in this episode, a life lesson from a...


Rodney Harrison, Dan Patrick, and Cris Collinsworth break down match-ups to look for on Sunday and Drew Esocoff & Fred Gaudelli talk about what goes into preparing for a Super Bowl broadcast

(4:00) Rodney Harrison gives his opinion on how much longer he think Tom Brady can play in the NFL (7:00) Rodney Harrison explains when he knew that it was time for him to retire from the NFL. (8:00) Rodney Harrison on what type of offensive gameplan the Patriots will draw up to attack the Eagles defense. (10:00) NBC Sports Director, Drew Esocoff and Executive Producer Fred Gaudelli talk with Tom E. Curran about what it takes to produce the Super Bowl (17:00) Dan Patrick joins Phil Perry...


How much better are the Eagles than the Jaguars? What are the biggest threats to Patriots?

Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to discuss the Patriots-Eagles Superbowl matchup (2:00) are Patriots fans becoming numb to their team going to the Super Bowl? (8:00) Jerod Mayo joins Curran and Perry to discuss whether the excitement of going to the Super Bowl ever changes for players. (11:00) Why was Blake Bortles and the Jaguars able to have success against the Patriots defense? (20:00) Can the Eagles defense build off of what the Jaguars did to slow down the Patriots?...


Jerod Mayo breaks down the best way for Patriots to attack Jaguars defense

Jerod Mayo talks with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry about the Patriots AFC Championship matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. (2:00) Jerod Mayo gives his X’s and O’s breakdown of the Jaguars defensive schemes and traits. (5:00) Jerod gives his opinion on how the Patriots offense should attack the Jaguars defense. (8:30) Could Gronkowski be the key to the Patriots offense? What would be the best way to use him? (15:00) Does the Jaguars defense have a weakness against vertical routes?...


Andy Benoit from The MMQB gives his in-depth Titans breakdown

3:50 - Dick LeBeau's defense has a variety of schemes that could give Tom Brady and the Patriots trouble. Will the entire offensive unit be up for the challenge? 12:43 - Rob Gronkowski was nearly unstoppable the last few games of the regular season. How might the Titans attempt to limit him? 15:40 - While Tom Brady is the front runner to win league MVP, he has had his share of flaws this season. Will he return to elite form vs. the Titans? 17:38 - The Titans offense has been ineffective...


Gotham Chopra discusses Tom Brady’s motivation to put out ‘Tom vs Time’

Tom E. Curran sits down with Tom E. Curran to discuss working with Tom Brady on ‘Tom vs Time’ (2:00) Gotham Chopra opens up about what he thinks was Tom Brady’s motivation behind making the reality series. (6:00) What did Chopra think about the TB12 method, and what about it did he learn while filming? (8:00) Gotham Chopra discusses how he thinks Tom Brady has changed over the past year, why was Brady willing to open up about his personal life now? (14:00) What is life like following Tom...


Jerod Mayo on how the Patriots as a team will ignore the noise and focus on winning

Jerod Mayo sits down with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry. (:30) Jerod on how the Patriots players will ignore the outside noise and focus on strictly the Titans. (3:30) Jerod gives his reaction to the ESPN story and how he sees the Patriots handling it within the team. (6:00) Jerod explains what it was like to work with Patriots trainers and Alex Guerrero as a player. (8:00) How do players in a locker room react when stories like this leak? (12:30) How much will Bill Belichick ultimately...


Bill Belichick wouldn't be dictated to...by anyone

Tom Curran weighs in on the ESPN story by Seth Wickersham on dysfunction among Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, including what his sources are telling him concerning different parts of the story. Two key questions Tom discusses - Are there people in Foxboro that feel there are real issues? Also, are we at the end...Will Belichick and Brady be back in 2018? Curran also talks about the contract offer for Jimmy Garoppolo. Was the money ever the real issue, or did it always come...


Jerod Mayo on how possibility of losing McDaniels and Patricia would impact Patriots future

Jerod Mayo sits down with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss the possibility of the Patriots losing McDaniels and Patricia next season, and our crew give their All-Pro selections. (1:30) Jerod Mayo gives his opinion on how Matt Patricia would be as a head coach in the NFL. (3:00) Is Detroit the best situation for Matt Patricia if he leaves? (9:00) How damaging would it be to the Patriots to lose both McDaniels and Patricia. (13:00) Jerod Mayo gives stories about working with Patricia...


Matt Maiocco from NBCS Bay Area joins to talk Garoppolo's continued success; Worst trade of Belichick era?

2:30 - Matt Maiocco from NBCS Bay Area joins to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo playing great with the 49ers, the hype surrounding the new QB, and how Jimmy G was able to make a smooth transition to playing in San Francisco. 13:18 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss if the Patriots made a mistake by trading Jimmy Garoppolo. What would have been the best option for the Patriots? 19:00 - Did Bill Belichick ever consider trading Tom Brady and why did they not get more for Garoppolo from the...


Must win for Buffalo; more insight on Alex Guerrero

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry look ahead to the Patriots/Bills game, including Tre'davious White re-thinking his comments and calls for 'payback' for Rob Gronkowski after the dirty hit in Buffalo. Does head coach Sean McDermott have the respect of the locker room to focus on the importance of the game for the Bills and not petty retribution? Also, Tom and Phil talk more about the ups and downs between the relationship of the Patriots and Alex Guerrero. Finally, a discussion on the four...


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