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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

Join us to recall Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope! We've reduced the number of questions per round in order to keep the runtime below 12 parsecs. The loser of the quiz was slightly bitter... but not quite to the point of pulling people's arms out of their sockets. The loser didn't mind though... because they knew they'd become more powerful than the others could possibly imagine.

Duration: 01:15:23


Phil's back! And this time in the role of presenter/quiz-master as Ben, John and Jack battle it out to see who best knows Superbad. We are McLovin this movie. So you can't wait to hear this episode? Oh that sounds like you fully want it, man! Who's gonna give it to ya huh, my man? Us! That's who... So are you gonna download it? Or no? Either way... either way... either way is fine.

Duration: 01:17:35


It's Tom verses newcomers Farrell and Cookie as we tackle Aliens. Let's just say that one of the contestants pulls out into an early lead, and then secures that s**t - not bad for a human. Well whoopy-f**king-do, I'm impressed. It's game over man for the others. Game over! Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but they just got their asses kicked. They're in some real pretty s**t now, man. They're dog-meat, pal.

Duration: 01:10:34

Wayne's World

Game on! In our fifth episode, we have our first three-way competition featuring Jack, Tom and (in his debut as a contestant) John. You might think we're amazing, dude... Thanks! We like to play. Then again, you might listen to us and think that our show is capable of so much more. Well, we'll try harder, ok? Just give us a second chance. Just don't give up on us without giving us a second chance...

Duration: 01:14:08

01 - Die Hard

Welcome to the party, pal! Our 'Die Hard' fans battle it out to see who's in charge of this situation, and who gets butt-f**ked on an international podcast.

Duration: 00:43:27