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One of the most important aspects that our Radio Company "ECUAMERICA FM" fulfills is, to arrive optimally with our waves to the greatest number of radio listeners with the best physical coverage and with an insurmountable sound quality, to our radio listeners of all the planet, using the latest technology available to our Radial Company, with the sole purpose of maintaining and increasing the feeling of brotherhood in the universal inhabitant and strengthening the patriotic feeling of our fellow citizens through the musical, cultural and social that we practice daily. RADIO ECUAMERICA FM, despite limited economic resources and abundant radio competition, is projected to become the benchmark communication medium within the Latino community in the world, within what has to do with technological advancement, the capture of Spanish-speaking radio listeners, as well as sustenance in the variety of programming, as a link of learning and entertainment of all our brothers, especially those who have decided to migrate to explore new experiences or seek a future for ours. We hope to be the best company, so that they can overcome their loneliness and family distance by shortening distances through music and our varied programming, created by each and every one of you.




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