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Ben Sorensen's REAL Country is broadcast on over 100 radio stations, bringing you the cream of Australian country music, tempered with a good mix of US tunes and some classic country... All with Ben's signature wit!!




The Passing of Merle Haggard - REAL Country

Ben Sorensen's news story on the passing of Merle Haggard.

Episode 227 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week it's an award winning show, Golden Guitar winning infact as we relive the magic of the 2016 Golden Guitar Awards … These are all the winners, interviews and special performances condensed into this REAL Country special….

EP226 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country - Tamworth Special Part 2

This week its part 2 of the REAL Country Tamworth special… There's chats with Kasey Chambers, Neilly Rich, Lee Kernaghan, Col Finally, some tunes from Jasmine Rae, Kristy Cox, Travis List and Allan Caswell.. all on REAL Country this week.

EP225 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country - Tamworth Special Part 1

This week on my REAL Country its my Tamworth Country Music fstival special... With a bit of a twist. Chats, music, and more from Lyn Bowtell, Matt Pratt, Amber Lawrence, Brothers 3, Kaylens Rain, Liam Brew, Danna Hassell and more all from the 2016 Tamworth Country music festival special on REAL Country this week!

EP223 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

The days are hotter than hot, and we have the music to match! This is the best of Ben Sorensen's REAL Country Summer Series!

Duration: 01:23:21

EP222 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country


Duration: 01:24:45

EP220 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week on my REAL Country it's Adam Brand and the Outlaws who Fought The Law over Jade Hollands Leather and Les Paul while Henry Wagons just got stuck with Cold Burger and Cold Fries…. Also tunes from Bianca Moon, Roo Arcus, Jasmine Rae, Home Free, plus chats with Tim McGraw and Adam Harvey all on my REAL Country This week!

Duration: 00:54:36

EP219 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week we reveal and celebrate the finalists in the 2016 golden guitar awards... Win lose or draw we think they are all worth a mention as we showcase some of the best in Australian country on this show. Tunes from Adam Eckersley Band, Catherine Britt, Shane Nicholson, Lee Kernaghan and a heap more all on REAL Country, 2016 Golden Guitar finalists show this week.

Duration: 00:54:12

EP218 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week Ruby Boots has drunk all the Cola & Wine. Lyn Bowtell sees it as a sign of a Selfish Heart, Adam Eckersley Band think thats easy For You to say as Brad Butcher infers its just Simple Things that matter.. Also tunes from Bec Hance, Gretta Ziller, Chris Stapleton, chats with Celest Clabburn and The Band Perry all on REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:54:53

EP217 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week as Travis Collins sings of Summr Love, Amber Lawrence receives a posie of Honeysuckle from an admirer, whoever they are, Shane Nicolson asks “When The Money’s all gone...will you still love them? Victoria Edwards says YES unless you Love The Wrong Man! Also tunes from the Wolfe Brothers, Catherine Britt, Keith Urban chats with Drew McAlister plus Danielle Bradbury all on REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:54:04

30 Second Song Segment - Stone Stedman, 3 Nights in Vegas

As featured in EP216 this is the 30 Second Song segment powered by To get your song here visit and follow the links! This week its Stone Stedman with 3 Nights in Vegas. Learn more about Justin here: Subscribe or listen to REAL Country FREE here: iTunes: TuneIn: Web: Listening on iTunes? We'd love a 5 star review! See the gig thanks to

Duration: 00:05:16

EP216 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week We’re All Waiting for Catherine Britt to visit Jasper Shelton Hollis in The Devil’s Garden! Kayla Mahon is trying some New Tricks to make it happen and Blake Shelton thinks its Gonna be great! Also tunes from the Jade Holland, Jasmine Rae, Jetty Road, chats with Adam Brand plus Justin Moore all on REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:54:20

EP215 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Another exciting week on REAL Country with Harmony James at 30,000 Feet doing some Day Drinking with Little Big Town and O’Shea together hoping to turn their Bad Day Good.. But Kirsty Lee Lakers thinks we should all just leave it Jesus! Also tunes from Adam Harvey, Mary Schneider, junior, Johnny Cash, the Doobie Brothers, Zac Brown and my chat with Macca all on my REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:54:15

EP214 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week Brigginshaw are 2000 Miles from TN with a broken down car.. Travis List and Kristy Cox noted “I’ve Got One Of Those too” Mo Pittney just thinks its a Boy & Girl Thing. Either way, Dana Hassell is so keen to get away she’s Spinning Wheels! Also tunes from the Wolfe Brothers, Jetty Road, Beccy Cole, Melinda Schneider, chats with the Eli Young Band and Maddie & Tae all on REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:54:24

EP213 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Jayne Denham Grew Up Round Trucks and Aleyce Simmonds calls them her Greatest Companion while hunting for the Big Country Sky Ben Ransom talks about. Also tunes from Gretta Ziller, George Strait, Lee Kernaghan and chats with Maddie and Tae and Brothers 3 all on REAL Country This week.

Duration: 00:23:30

EP212 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Melanie Dyer has an essay on All You Need To Know About Me, while Brothers 3 have distilled this wisdom down to 3 words – Brothers Never Part, but for my advice? Jetty Road I Turn To You! Also tunes from Seleen McAlister, Harmony James, John Williamson, chats with Casadee Pope and Dean Brody all on REAL Country This week!

Duration: 00:23:36

EP211 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Fanny Lumsden is on her Soapbox telling Roo Arcus that If That’s What Love Was then Lachlan Bryan would be Afraid Of The Light... But it all sounds like a walk in the Devil’s Garden to Jasper Hollis... Also tunes from Ben Ransom, Adam Eckersley, Jewel, Dolly Parton, chats with Sharmain Kendrick and the Band Perry all on REAL Country This week!

Duration: 00:23:23

EP210 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Brad Butcher is enjoying the Simple Things, confirmed by Celest Clabburn that’s whats Keeping Me Here although Dana Hassell can't decide, she’s Gotta Take A Minute. Also tunes from Shane Nicholson, Little Big Town, Loretta Lyn chats with Tim McGraw and Gretchin Peters all on my REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:23:33

EP209 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

Luke O’Shea and Amber Lawrence are trying to Catch You, Ashleigh Dallas can’t help that she has learnt to Fear The Dark, and when we asked the Eli Young Band if they’d join in they said “Honey, I’m Good!” Also tunes from Gretta Ziller, Jasper Shelton Hollis, Kasey Musgraves, Travis Colins, and chats with Mustered Courage and Steven Tyler all on REAL Country this week.

Duration: 00:23:26

EP208 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country

This week Fanny Lumsden is on her Soapbox as The Wolfe Brothers listen drinking One Beer At A Time until Caitlyn Shadbolt decides to Shoot Out The Lights. Dustin Lynch just called it a Hell Of A Night! Also tunes from Justin Standley, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and chats with Mick Lindsay and Zac Brown all on my Real Country this week.

Duration: 00:23:24

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