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A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!

A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!
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Tokyo, Japan


A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!




Ginza's 100 Year Restaurants Pt1: Tempura, Omelette Rice, and Anpan Ep.36

Ginza, the luxury shopping district of Tokyo, is often compared as the Beverly Hills of Japan. In part 1 of our Ginza series, we explain the history of the city, as well as a few restaurants that have been offering customers the service and traditional taste for over a century. [recommend shop list] Rengatei(TOKYO Ginza) [omurice(omelette and rice)] Tenkuni (TOKYO Ginza) [Tenpura,Tendon] Kimuraya(TOKYO...


Valentine's Day Spinoff: Japanese Craft Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Bean to Bar Chocolate ep.35

Japan's unique holiday, White Day, is coming around the corner. It's a spin-off of Valentine's Day. The way Japan has interpreted these two holidays has created a unique norms such as gender roles and obligation chocolate. On top of an explanation of this holiday, we're introducing some amazing chocolate places in Tokyo,Kyoto,and more, such as SF's bean to bar chocolate shop, Japanese interpretation of chocolate making, and a "chocolate museum" making a perfect harmony of Japanese tea...


Wagyu Pt3: The Perfect Yakiniku Restaurant & Affordable Wagyu in Tokyo ep.34

Yakiniku is the king of meat cuisine in Japan. In this episode, we talk about the ways to enjoy wagyu yakiniku as well as two recommendations: One premium and one affordable options recommend shop list: yoroniku(TOKYO Omotesando) jiromaru(TOKYO Akihabara ) jiromaru are located in various places. ex.Shibuya,Shinjuku,Ikebukuro,Nakameguro,Yokohama,Otemachi etc..


Wagyu Pt2: $200 Sandwich at Wagyu Mafia, Burgers, and A5 Steak Ep.33

This is part 2 of our Wagyu series, covering non traditional ways which wagyu has been used from burgers to cutlet sandwiches to meat sushi. recommend shop list Kuroge Wagyu Burger BLACOWS(TOKYO Ebisu) WAGYUMAFIA THE CUTLET SANDWICH (TOKYO NAKAMEGURO) POUND-YA Nikuzushi Ebisu Yokochō(TOKYO EBISU) Nikuzushi are located in various places.


Wagyu: Japanese Premium Beef & The Most Famous Sukiyaki Restaurant in Tokyo Ep.32

There’s a world wide hype around the taste and brand of “Wagyu”, Japan’s premium brand beef. This episode covers what makes wagyu so special (and DELICIOUS!) along with the best ways to enjoy it, and the most famous Sukiyaki restaurant in town. next episode we’ll introduce yakiniku. Check our twitter @realtokyoFM Send us an e-mail at and we'll send you a TokyoFM World sticker! Enjoy Tokyo! [LINKS] SUKIYAKI Asakusa Imahan Kokusaitōri...


Tokyo's Hidden Donut Scene: Maple Bacon, Soybean Paste Donuts, Cronuts, Giant NY Style Doughnuts. feat: the Best Flat White in Japan Ep.31

Donuts might not be the first thing that comes to mind in regards to Tokyo, but the hidden donut scene here is AMAZING. From the world famous cronuts to the local favorites like the (healthy?) soybean paste donuts, you won't be disappointed. Check our twitter @realtokyoFM Send us an e-mail at and we'll send you a TokyoFM World sticker! Enjoy Tokyo! [LINKS] DUMBO Donuts Nico Donuts Azabujuban CANVAS...


Kansai Coffee Culture: Kyoto's Arabica reaches the world, World's silkiest latte Ep.29Best Cup Ramen ! (japanese instant noodle) :Favorites from Japan,cup ramen museum,Explanation of vast variety type Ep.30

This time we are focusing on a special feature spin-off on... The world's life-save snack, instant noodles! In Japan, cup ramen is so much more and with a vast variety, this episode we take look at the basics, breaking it down into 3 categories. We introduce a few recommendations, including Rana's own personal favorite, an instant version of the famous traditional Japanese Udon noodles. Tune in until the end for a spot which will change your whole experience with instant...


Kansai Coffee Culture: Kyoto's Arabica reaches the world, World's silkiest latte Ep.29

Kansai’s coffee culture is unique and different from Tokyo’s. In this episode, we introduce three coffee shops from Osaka and one from Kyoto, that’s reaching the world. [LINKS] Lilo Coffee Roasters Brooklyn Roasting Company Namba Ekikan Mondial Kaffee 328 Arabica @junichi_yamaguchi Check our twitter @realtokyoFM Send us an e-mail at and we'll send you a TokyoFM World sticker! Enjoy Tokyo!


Osaka Pt2: Coffee Flavored Craft Beer, Best Takoyaki in Town, Projection Mapping, and Food Heaven in Department Stores Ep. 28

Our very special feature on Osaka continues with an exclusive interview with former Yelp Community Manager, expert and local tour self acclaimed tour guide shuhei . From some of the city 's best crunchy and creamy takoyaki to secret spots for incredible sights of the city to an unique coffee craft beer, this one day itenerary brings you too the most interesting and exclusive experiences of...


Real Tokyo Best 3 : Cocktails Sushi and Best Coffee in Japan Anniversary ,shibuya VR, mario cart Special Ep. 27

It is our one year anniversary and we are looking back at some of the greatest topics we've covered while adding new information. The guide talks about drinks in Shibuya VR and Nintendo Mario , the best fish market in the world with fresh sushi and finally the history and culture of coffee in Tokyo and Japan ! [links] Shibuya episodes : and Tsukiji episode : Good Coffee : Check our twitter...


Osaka:Mario Land in Universal Studio, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Osaka Castle, Glico at Dotonbori Ep.26

This time we leave the big city of the east, for the big city of the west. Osaka is increasingly one of the most visited places in Japan.We’ll be doing a 2 part special on the city, this time introducing the cannot be missed big attractions! From the mouth watering foods that make the city famous to family fun at roller coasters and finally the old Japanese culture and architecture, a must see castle! We also include some tips throughout! Part two will include an exclusive interview...


Relaxing Onsen Hot Springs Right in Tokyo’s City Center Ep.25

Japan has a bath-loving culture. If you are looking for a uniquely Japanese experience and a way to relax, onsen and sento are the way to go. Onsen are Japan’s hot springs and Sento are public baths, both are magically refreshing. You might think that you have to travel hours out of Tokyo for these hot pools, but there are actually a number of the spa right in the city. This time we will introduce you some of Rana’s personal recommendations. We will also talk about the cultural and...


Cheap Eats Shibuya - Experience Japanese Food and Culture on a Budget ( Enjoy Japan tokyo tour ) Ep.24

Tokyo is known as one of the most expensive cities with some of the most amazing food. But you can taste its delectable cuisine while keeping your wallet in check. This time we take you to Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan for a special Cheap Eats episode. You can experience the real Japan, it’s culture and foods while on a budget. We chose these recommendations based on their authenticity, taste, service, and the Japanese experience they provide. Jump in a flavorful ramen, juicy chicken skewers,...


Nakameguro: Disneyland of Coffee "Starbucks Reserve Roastery",Best Spot for Sakura, Standing Yakiniku, & Half Mile of Restaurants Ep 23

In this episode, we’ll be covering local coffee shops from one ofJapan’s famous specialty coffee shops Onibus Coffee, which is also thehome of Shibuya’s "About Life Coffee Roasters” and Omotesando’s “Ratio &C”. We also mention a coffee stand along the Meguro-gawa called SidewalkStand, which use beans from the world-famous Allpress Espresso,artisanal craft sandwiches, and craft beer! On the way you’ll also findPinterest Japan’s office and Nakameguro’s own Nike Run Club. Also, a half mile...


Hikone: Time Travel to Edo, Manga Tourism, Castles & Samurai Ep 22

Go beyond the city of Tokyo, and experience Japanese traditional culture and history first-hand at one of the only remaining Japanese Castles. Climb the tower of the over 400-year-old castle and learn about the history as you view real Samurai swords and explore what life was like in war-torn Sengoku Japan. We bring you tips to enjoy the museum, the castle and nearby areas to their fullest, including where to eat! If you enjoy this podcast, please take a few moments to share and write a...


Golden Gai,Best Ramen,Panoramic Views & Relaxing Park :Shinjuku Station Tokyo Japan Ep 21

Shinjuku is Tokyo city center. Shinjuku station has numerous train lines running through, Shinjuku hotels allow great access, and the famous Shinjuku night life it is no surprise that this is the base for many travelers and locals chose it as their base in Japan. This episode we take you beyond the concrete jungle to get you a closer look at Shinjuku Japan. Starting off with a tower that can give you a panoramic overview of all of Tokyo and a hidden haven to relax from the excitement just...


Rakugo: Edo Style Story Telling -Japanese Traditional Art - Shinjuku Ep. 20

In part two of our Shinjuku feature, we dive into Japanese culture and traditional arts as we sit down and interview Mr. Hikoichi, a special guest and performer of Japanese traditional art of comedy Rakugo. Rakugo is an old art or storytelling which gained much popularity in the Edo period and is still performed to this day. Throughout the interview, Mr.Hikoichi gives us insight to what Rakugo is and lets us in on the artists’ techniques and even performs some for us. Rakugo can be viewed...


Shinjuku:Lost In Translation,90 years-old Tempura shop,World Famous Dessert Art Bar Ep 19

From must-eat gourmet spots to hidden treasures, Real Tokyo is your Tokyo travel guide. The first of our three-episode feature of Shinjuku! Shinjuku is the heart of Tokyo, it has so much exciting action going on it can be confusing where to actually go. This episode we bring you some delicious foods from traditional Tempura to fantastic dessert art and what the famous bar in Lost in Translation is really like. If you enjoy this podcast please write us a review! [Tempura TsunaHachi...


Tokyo Tips and Tricks Special: Transportation and Troubles Ep 18

From must-eat gourmet spots to hidden treasures, Real Tokyo is your Tokyo travel guide. Trains, taxis, and translations, in this special episode Rana lets you in on how to conveniently navigate Japan’s train stations and gives you the down-low about the JR rail pass. Finally, we introduce Japan’s police boxes (koban) to save the day when you are in need! Stay tuned through the end to hear about a special summer festival as well! Please write us a review and visit our twitter! 【Useful...


Best Coffee in Japan ft. Good Coffee talking about Tokyo’s coffee culture Ep. 17

From must-eat gourmet spots to hidden treasures, real tokyo is your Tokyo travel guide. This time yelp elite coffee mania Alex leads this all-coffee special. Dive deep with us into Japan’s Coffee shops and discover Alex’s personal top three favourites. Sit down with a hot cup and an an in-depth interview with Japan’s specialty coffee expert and founder of Good Coffee, Mr. Takehiro! They discuss what i unique about Tokyo’s Coffee Culture, what aspects are considering in judging a good...


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