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Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.

Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.
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Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.








Lives change forever because of being part of something great - Dana Abbott

Dana Abbott is the current head coach and founder of the Tiger Swim Club. He is joining the Tiger Swim Club from the St. John XXIII College Preparatory where his swim team won the 2016 State Championship for the third time in five years and the SJ23 boys were Region Champions in 2016 and 2017. Although the Tiger Swim Club was founded in 1985 with the West Houston Aquatic League, Coach Abbott dedicated the majority of his coaching time to the Katy High School Aqua Tigers. He began his career...


We try to train like we race - Kevin Kinel

Kevin Kinel is the current senior/high school head coach for the Duneland Swim Club. Kevin has been working with the Duneland Swim Club since 1980. In the nearly 40 years, he has been named the Indiana Swimming's Senior Coach of the Season and/or year three times. Coach Kevin has also had the opportunity to guide the Senior team to two Indiana Swimming State Titles. Kevin's girls and boys high school teams have won 18 Duneland Athletic Conference titles each, while the girls also have 18...


Be who you are and coach within that framework - Byron MacDonald

Byron MacDonald is the current head coach for the Varsity Blues swimming program. Coach Byron has been at this post since the 1978-79 swim season. Byron MacDonald plans to continue coaching until at least 2024 and is currently one of Canada's most decorated university coaches. Coach Byron has coached over 200 swimmers to all-Canadian status and over 70 swimmers to international teams. Coach Byron has guided his teams to 56 conference championships and 24 national championship titles. Not to...


Everyone's improvement matters - Jon Lederhouse

Jonathan Lederhouse was the head swimming coach and aquatics director at Wheaton College for over 40 years. Prior to his coaching career, Jon also swam at Wheaton College. Over the course of his 40 years spent at Wheaton College, Jonathan had a successful career serving as a coach, influencer, and mentor for his swimmers and fellow coaches. Jonathan had the opportunity to coach at 52 of the 55 Wheaton conference swim team championships as well as 21 of the 22 NCAA top-10 squads. Coach...


Swimmers need to know they are more than just a number - Jeremy Boone

Jeremy Boone is the creator of Athlete by Design and author of 'Swim Your Best' as well as several other books. He is an internationally recognized performance coach, speaker, and consultant. Jeremy has been a performance coach since 1992 and has traveled to six different countries to work with a wide variety of athletes from football players, swimmers to soccer players and more. Jeremy is also a well-known speaker/presenter and has had the privilege of speaking at...


There's only two ways to get faster - get thinner or get more power - Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford is the current head coach for the Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics. Paul has remained at his post for the Ford aquatics since 2014. Prior to joining the Ford Aquatics, Coach Stafford spent his time with the Terrapins Swim Team. Paul co-founded the Terrapins Swim Team with his colleague Ray Mitchell in 1989. With nearly 3 decades of swim experience, Paul assisted many athletes to reach their full potential. Stafford has also begun the process of creating a hand and wrist brace to...


You only limited by what you think you're limited by - Tom Rushton

Tom Rushton is the current mid-distance coach at Energy Standard and has been at his post since May 2017. In past years, Tom spent 4 years as a club coach in western Canada, 2 years at the University of British Columbia as an age-group coach and 4.5 years in Montreal as an NTC coach. Under his care, 100% of his athletes from the coaching clubs became graduating athletes and went on to swim in universities. Coach Rushton also managed to coach a few of his athletes to the 2016 summer...


If you’re not thinking you’re not practicing – Jarrod Hunte

Jarrod Hunte is the current head coach for the Douglas County Stingrays. Jarrod, or better known as J-Rod, joined the DCS team after spending 4 successful years as the head coach for the Mako Swim Team in Valparaiso, Indiana. During his time with Mako, he guided swimmers to the Divisional, State, Zones and Sectionals championship meets as well as both Summer and Winter Junior mentorship. Prior to his time in Valparaiso, Coach J-Rod spent 3 years as the lead in the Age Group program for...


I used swimming to educate my students - Chuck Knoles

Chuck Knoles was a swim coach for 37 years, he coached at all levels including summer league, high school, US club coaching and NCAA Division I. A great chunk of Chuck's coaching experience originates from being the head coach at the University of Pittsburgh from 1991 through 2016. During his time at the University of Pittsburgh, he was named the Big Time East Coach of the Year 6 times in a row and he helped win the Big East Conference Championships 11 times in a row. Connect with...


How are you gonna make the most of today? - Jerry Cummiskey

Jerry Cummiskey has been an assistant coach with the Bryant University swimming and diving program for 4 years. Coach Cummiskey has helped the Bulldogs excel during championship season in each of his first two years in Smithfield. Jerry also helped the Bulldog men finish sixth and the Bulldog women finish third. In his first season, both the men and the women enjoyed historic success at the championships. Coach Jerry brings a wealth of coaching experience to the Bulldogs program that is...


Give every child an opportunity and don't give up on anyone - Kathy McKee

Kathy McKee is the current Associate Head Coach for SwimMAC Carolina. Prior to her return to SwimMAC, Kathy spent 5 years with the Chapel Hill swim team. Kathy also started her career in swimming with Chapel Hill. After her initial experience with Chapel Hill, Kathy spent 17 years as the Head Age Group Coach at Dynamo Swim Club in Atlanta. Here, she helped one swimmer break two American records and two swimmers to the Olympic swim team in 1996. Coach McKee has earned the coach of the year...


Times eventually become irrelevant - Dave Rollins

Dave Rollins is the current head coach for the Florida Gulf Coast University. Dave came to FGCU after spending three seasons as an assistant coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Dave Rollins joined Florida Golf Coast with coaching experience at the club, high school, and collegiate levels. Coach Rollins also has a personal swimming career - he is a former NCAA champion, nine-time All-American, US national finalist and an Olympic Trials participant. After his swimming career end, he joined...


We work hard and crack jokes at practice - Dan Flack

Dan Flack is recognized by the American Swimming Coaches Association as a Level V coach, the highest level attainable. Level five is composed of the top 2-5% of coaches in the USA. In his fifth year as the Director of both the Baylor School and club programs, Coach Flack has enjoyed remarkable success. Dan has been selected as Assistant Coach by United States Swimming for the US National Junior Team for the 2011 World Junior Swimming Championships. Coach Flack coached 5 different swimmers...


How fast would fast be, if you didn't know what fast was? - Chuck Warner

Chuck Warner is the founder, President, and CEO of ARETE Aquatic Services. Chuck's swimming service began in the summer of 2012 and has been helping families and children by teaching how to swim, creating magnificent swim camps & clinics, working with 'masters swimming' and tri-athletes as well as creating seminars and authoring books. Chuck Warner has been coaching swim athletes for more than 40 years. Chuck's swim team have won seven National Y team Championships, three NCAA Championship...


"What's your legacy" is what I ask every swimmer - Dana Kirk

Dana Kirk is the head coach and founder of PASA-DKS which is an affiliate of Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics. She founded the swimming club in 2008 and since this time, the team has grown to over 200 swimmers ranging from 4 to 18 years old. Prior to beginning her own swim club, Dana coached with the Greenmeadow's summer league, leading them to their first championship in over 25 years. Over the past 7 years, she has produced many top level age group swimmers in Pacific Swimming as well as...


Everything counts - Paul Yetter

Paul Yetter is the current Head Senior Coach for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Coach Yetter accepted the position for Head Senior Coach at NBAC in November of 2016. Prior to his career at NBAC, Paul was the Head Coach of T2 Aquatics from starting in 2010 and ending just before his start at NBAC. Coach Yetter is a 7-time member of USA Swimming's National Team Coaching Staff and he has represented the USA as an assistant coach at the 2008 Olympic Games, 2007 Japan Open, the 2006 Pan...


I love watching a swimmer's face after they get something for the first time - Crystal Keelan

Crystal Keelan has been the head age group coach at PCAC since Fall of 2012. Crystal Keelan was a competitive swimmer from age 7 through graduation from her college. She began her coaching career as an assistant summer coach for the Northampton Swim Team from the year of 2000 to 2004. After leaving Northampton Swim Team, Coach Keelan became an assistant under Dawn Pachence from 2004 to 2007. In 2011, Crystal took over the Lower Moreland Lightning team as the head coach for the summer...


When should a swimmer strength train?

Strength training is a valuable part of a swimmer's arsenal. However, when should a swimmer strength train? It is a debated topic amongst coaches and athletes. Let's hear what RITTER Performance Coach, Bo Hickey has to say on the topic. SURGE TRAINING SYSTEM - the most complete dryland and strength training resource for coaches and swimmers. FREE Trial of SURGE+ Strength Training Membership for Swimmers Connect with Bo: - RITTER Website - Facebook - Instagram - Email If you enjoyed...


Dryland and Strength Training Resources for Swimmers and Coaches

This episode features a few past guests from the podcast talking about how dryland and strength training has impacted their swimmers or overall team's performance. If you don't currently have a great resource to use for yourself or your team when it comes to dryland you're in luck as we've just revamped one of our most popular resources out there - SURGE TRAINING SYSTEM. Check out the best resource for swimmers and coaches on dryland and strength training - SURGE TRAINING SYSTEM FREE...


Excellence without arrogance is the goal of who we look for - Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts is the head coach for the Navy Academy. This coming Fall (2017) will mark 18 years of participation in the academy's swim program and his 15th season as head coach. In previous seasons, the Navy has tallied 162 swimming event crowns and a combined winning for 71 event titles at the Patriot League. In the last eight seasons, Navy has also won seven ECAC Championship crowns, one of the seasons involved the honor of Bill being named the ECAC Coach of the Year. Under Coach...


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