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Food culture turns 50, recovering from crashes and a Roman pepper pot

Changes in food culture over half a century, recovering from tech crashes, a murder case re-opened, and using smart devices to target mental health.

Duration: 01:50:00

Animal hoarders, anti-matter and vocal cords, and workplace rudeness

We uncover the lack of real knowledge over what drives animal hoarding, and do you know how your vocal cords produce low and high notes? Bernie Hobbs talks about how computer modelling of our cords means we could replace damaged ones with new ones grown in the lab.

Duration: 01:50:00

32 years of Temperament, Lowdown Hokum Orchestra, sounds of science, WA footy finals

RN Afternoons tracks some of the positives out of a 32 year study into the development of more than a thousand children, we're also heading into space with Erica Vowles, into WA for the footy finals, share some secrets for podcasting stardom and talk science with Bernie Hobbs.

Duration: 01:49:55

Tobacco FOI, English language facebook, womens' sport and distracted minds

Spring has sprung, which means the magpie is on the wing, pollen is awakening the allergies, and the wattle doth bloom. Also how do you feel about Big Tobacco using FOI to access health data on smoking, we take a drone flight over the rivers flowing into the Great Barrier Reef, discover why an English language Facebook page has more than 3 million likes, ask how women's sport get the profile it deserves, and why our distracted minds are complete mush.

Duration: 01:50:17

Tasmanian convicts revealed, hazelnut drought, scary noises and Lead Beaters possum

A world shortage of hazelnuts, the inner mind of an ice addict, the health profiles of Tasmanian convicts and a Senegalese keeper of mythic songs and stories. Just another regular afternoon here on RN.

Duration: 01:49:43

RN Afternoons Monday 22nd June

Fresh back from the Dark Mofo winter festival in Tasmania and RN Afternoons has tourism on its mind. There are hundreds of thousands of people who travel the globe in search of an experience, even if it's completely fictional because they are on a literary tour to places both real and imagined. First Dog on the Moon blows hard on the wind farm commissioner, Pixar films examines childrens' emotions with Inside Out, and Earshot takes us inside the head of the performance artist whose work we...

Duration: 01:49:39